House 10/1

Too lazy to check for the TV listing blurb, but the promos indicate House needling Bi-13 about the relative sexiness of another gal.

And whither Wilson? I don’t know yet…

I can’t wait to see how House reacts to the PI’s attraction to Cuddy. Also looking forward to 13/anyone. :smiley:

I’m looking forward to 13’s attraction to somebody on *another show *to get her the hell out of there.

Noooooo, Cuddy! Don’t be charmed by him! You love House. You totally want his babies.

P.S. why does everyone hate 13? :confused:

sorry, I started a House thread when I didn’t see yours.

Anyway, I’m kinda in love with this new PI character…

Don’t know why the big hate for 13. But hey, I’m the only one who misses Chase, apparently.

Well, I would totally date the PI over House, but I’m not Cuddy, who is obviously crazy about House. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh, I feel bad for Foreman lately… he’s like a ghost in the background, an afterthought. House didn’t even bother to have the PI check him out. How insulting. :frowning:

A lacrosse cheerleader? AHAHAHAHAH

I love the new PI too…he is a breath of fresh air in this show that (IMO) has become a bit stale…

Wilson who?

I like that the PI thinks so much like House. He has the same convoluted thinking processes. Also doesn’t care about anyone’s privacy even if it isn’t a case. Love how he was in House’s apt. a couple of times snooping around when House got home. House didn’t even seem to care. I guess there’s nothing in his life he’s trying to keep secret.

Don’t like how all the team members put up with him investigating them and then blabbing all their business all over the place. There’s just no way they would put up with it.

Cuddy was so cute when she was flirting with PI guy in the bar.

Is Chase the only surgeon who will work on House’s cases now? He’s the only surgeon I’ve seen so far.

13 got a lot less hot this season.

I totally heart the PI.

Okay, so this is actually the first episode of this show I’ve ever watched. What were the grave indiscretions or whatever House was talking to that other doctor about, the one whose wife the PI had investigated? Sorry, I’m new. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t hate 13 either. I’m mostly indifferent to the new ducklings. On the other hand, I love Chase. I miss him too :frowning:

I don’t like Cuddy flirting with the PI. Just two episodes ago she was curled up in a chair watching over House, and now she has eyes for a nosey PI?

Speaking of the PI, does he remind anyone else of David Faustino? A lot?

IMO 13 is too skinny and not at all attractive.

Love and miss Chase as well.

Thirteen’s been mostly innocuous so far this season (first episode aside), but my hate for her stems from last season when the writers were trying way too hard to convince me that I should be giving a damn about her. She was the most bland of all the applicants and I would have gotten more joy out of seeing Steve the rat make another appearance than I did from the ongoing B-plot saga of the Girl With No Name. No, I don’t find her clever, pretty or mysterious, Mr. Shore, sorry. No, not even now that she’s bisexual. No, not even now that she might be dying. Can we please move on to the other characters now?

Taub used to be a plastic surgeon, and was having affairs with his patients. He left his practice to save his marriage, and now is one of House’s underlings. House’s PI’s investigation made it look as though his wife was hiding something from him (she was – a secret bank account) and House was trying to make Taub think his wife was also having an affair. It turned out she was saving up to buy him an expensive sports car as a surprise. However, it got Taub thinking, and he realizes that his marriage is not as stable as he was presenting it to be.

I’m not sure that the bank account was actually for the car. She said it was for the car, she bought the car, but the look on Taub’s face made me think that maybe that wasn’t the car he was pining for. Who knows - maybe she bought the car at the last minute when she was busted?

I don’t feel much of anything for 13. Kutner seems to be taking Foreman’s place as duckling prodigy, leaving Foreman without much to do.


Add another “yes” vote for the cute PI. I like the potential new plot implications he could add. Love the blues riff at the end too.

Thirteen needs a muffin. She was always thin but now looks like she’s competing with whats-her-name for the bulimic of the year award.

I thought it was great that all House could get on Kumar was that he crawled 20 miles.

I think the look was guilt, because he feels like a lying, cheating bastard who doesn’t deserve an $83,000 car.

I didn’t understand Taub’s attempt to equate his own situation with that of the POTW, who had been lying to his girlfriend about not selling his paintings. That doesn’t seem to be in the same league as sleeping with a bunch of your patients behind your wife’s back.

StGermain, I’m absolutely with you. If she was hiding the bank statements in the drawer, the drawer is where she’d be hiding the paperwork for the car. Therefore, there was no paperwork. I think she had to run out and buy the car when Taub busted her for the bank account.

Also, “That’s why I won’t let Cameron get a cat.” Seems like Chase and Cameron are living together.