House 10/21

“Lucky Thirteen”: Thirteen’s date (a woman) has a seizure, and possibly a hidden agenda as well.

I watched the trailer and was left feeling with a sense of déjà vu. I am almost positive that there was an episode of ER that began in much the same way. I think the doctor there may have been Pratt, but it was years ago, so I’m not sure. It even featured the same sort of

“What’s her name? I don’t know.”

exchange seen in the trailer.

I know that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter (although I suppose it might speak to a lack of imagination amongst the House writers), but it was bugging me. Anyone know what the heck I’m talking about?

More on topic, I read that the private eye will be back tonight. Happiness!

Watching now, and that opening scene was nice, but it was all Thirteen-- that other chick is not only fugly, she can’t act for shit either.

Hooray for the PI being back! Maybe that means we’ll see Cuddy…

Thirteen can’t act for shit either. They were meant for each other.

Well, that was pretty tedious. The only high point was when Wilson was pulling House’s leg. Oh, and when I thought Thirteen was fired for good. Two high points. One paid off, the other didn’t.

:confused::confused: Once again, I am confounded by the Thirteen hate. I don’t see how she’s any more annoying than any other character, and I definitely don’t see a problem with her acting ability. I’m not saying she’s amazing (how could I when she’s constantly standing next to Hugh Laurie?), but I’ve never been distracted from enjoying the show by anything she’s done. Maybe I’m missing something, because an awful lot of people here would very much like her to DIAF.

Anyway, more random thoughts from this episode:

  1. Um, are they trying to position Foreman and Thirteen as possible… love interests? Please no. That is not cute.

  2. Why was House so thunderstruck by the revelation that Cuddy was adopting and Wilson was vouching for her? What the hell difference would it make to him? Even assuming that he’s got feelings for her (which I do, because come on, they’ve been dancing around each other for five seasons now), what would it matter?

  3. Thank you, pervy House writers, for being as pervy as me. Girls + girls = YAY.

  4. PI guy, I heart you. I will totally watch your dumb spin-off.

PS-- OMG THE PROMO. screams fangirlishly

Because he can’t monopolize her attention anymore. Maybe he wanted her to have his child.

13 is fine but her and Foreman will not work. A lesbian who will die soon and Foreman knows it. House and Cuddy I could see. Or Wilson and Cutty.

LOL, I don’t think she is a lesbian, especially not after this episode… the fact that she’s still cruising women at the end leaves the impression that women are really just sexual relief to her (at least right now), but the fact that she confided in Foreman combined with the fact that Foreman’s worrying about being boring just makes me think they’re going to try to give her some “real connection” with him before she dies. I hope not, but Foreman’s never had a love interest that I can remember, which just makes it even more likely…

Yeah, I think they’re going there. Sigh. The only other love interest for Foreman I can remember was the drug rep he was dating but I can’t remember what happened with that.

Good question. Any theories?

My husband, upon seeing that, said, “I bet he was just leaning down to pick something up and for half a second it looks like they’re going to kiss, but it’s not going to happen.” I’m afraid he’s going to turn out to be right.

Ugh. That’s so grasping and stupid that I can’t even begin. I kind of bought Cameron and Chase, because, ok, they were actually engaged IRL, but now this? What, are they just going to pair everyone off? Once again: UGH.

None whatsoever. I am baffled by his bafflement. What, is he jealous? Of a BABY?? :confused:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo gasp OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo. :mad:

It’s not just about the baby. It’s about Wilson, too. Not only did she decide to adopt a baby (and I think from his interfering with her selection of a sperm donor he assumed she’d eventually realize he had the genes she wanted) she got Wilson to be a character reference for her, not him. He’s effectively been cut out of the process all over the place and that hurts.

Minus disappointment over the rejected dna contribution, I think he would have reacted just as badly if Wilson had been the one adopting with Cuddy as his character reference.

Do you really think it would be anything else?

Me too. And Rubystreak, your husband is wrong. Confirmed.

I just think House is disappointed with Cuddy for giving in to her maternal, nurturing side when she could be playing with the boys.
Yes, I too loved it when Wilson was dicking around with House. He had him convinced he’d fallen in love with a prostitute, helping her through law school, but the “works” in his trash . . . HAHAHAHA

I love that Wilson was obeying traffic signals in Grand Theft Auto.

I am also confused by all the Thirteen hate. Although I disagree that she’s a terrible actor, doesn’t the fact that she spawns so much audience emotion make her a more interesting character than, say, Foreman? (to whom the label “boring” seems apropos)

Speaking for myself, I “hate” her in the sense that I’m annoyed by the degree to which she takes time away from an otherwise interesting television program. With her monopolizing the show last night, I had to fight to desire to switch off the TV and go read a book.

Lipstick Lesbian action is about as pervy as white bread. I’m waiting for some hot guy + guy action but I doubt they’ll have the balls to go there.

My tape switched off near the end. The last thing I saw was Wilson walking into a room with a lot of stuffed animals or something. Anyone willing to recap how much and what I missed?

A point I don’t understand: Cuddy was considering IVF/artificial insemination. She was really studying the different factors of a potential father. It was important to her. Then she just suddenly decides to adopt, taking essentially a random match of genetic material? It doesn’t follow. They are just looking for a way to tie Cuddy into a story with a baby born with complications. I think the newborn will die, or the birth mom will decide to keep and they’ll use that as an excuse to push the House/Cuddy relationship angle.

Also, FTR, I didn’t think that Spencer, the girl that 13 hooked up with, was “fugly”. She wasn’t hot, either. Just okay/average. Seemed to maybe have a nice body but they didn’t show enough of the important bits. She was only the same size as 13, so if you think 13 is emaciated I guess the same would go for her.

I think Cuddy tried the IVF, but it didn’t take. I think House threw that back in her face as she’s not meant to be a mother.

I knew what Churgen’s (sp?) was from watching *Mystery Diagnosis *on Discovery Channel! And who has that link to the doctor who recaps the House episodes from a medical standpoint? I find those very interesting.

Thank you! It was driving me nuts! According to the synopsis I found, the woman he brought in had a seizure at his place, and when he was asked her name after bringing her to the hospital, he didn’t know it. Apparently that episode was aired in October 1996, so perhaps the House writers didn’t think anyone would remember. Come to think of it, I would probably have assumed 12 years would be enough for people to forget, too.

Of course, the difference between the ER script and the House script is that, on ER, the incident served as a wake-up call for Dr. Ross. On House, it looks like it did nothing to change Thirteen’s downward spiral. I think I preferred the outcome on ER, because the idea of having to watch Thirteen continue to self-destruct does not appeal. Long-term angst is not very entertaining to me.