Household jobs you really really hate

I’m sitting here thinking what is the one household job that I just loathe. The answer?


I just hate organizing the piles of paper work into the three filing cabinets we have.

I hate household filing with a mighty passion. Which is odd, because it is a big chunk of my current job, and I don’t mind it at all in the workplace. I just feel that in some cosmic I sense I shouldn’t have to organize papers in my own durn house; I shouldn’t have to throw away junk mail; six statements a year from my bank would be plenty - I really don’t need one a month plus a kazillion special announcements, etc.

That’s the way the ball crumbles, I guess. I have a ton of papers in my desk organized like a mob of protectionists. Each and every one of them could be extremely important to my financial future, but is probably just another well-disguised offer of a credit card I either would never use or would use to the point of impoverishing myself.

I hate vacuuming with loud vacuum cleaners. I don’t mind sweeping, mopping, or nice polite vacuum cleaners, but a household carpet cleaning device should not be as loud a turbojet.

I don’t mind doing the dishes, but I hate the way there always seems to be one dirty dish in the sink. I wash all the dishes, put them in the drainer, and admire my nice clean kitchen for about 14 seconds. Then I’ll get peckish, eat something off a plate, and it’s bye-bye spotless kitchen. Of course, I could just wash the durn thing, but I only get into the proper dish-washing state of mind about once a day…

I used to hate dusting until I met my englishman =)

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

Laundry and ironing. With two small children it is just endless. I like household jobs that stay done for a while, but right now, as soon as the laundry is nicely put away, somebody blows a diaper or spits up or get grape juice on her pants or whatever. Argh.

Some people claim to find a zen kind of satisfaction in ironing, but I just think it is a nuisance. I used to be really particular about going out with my clothes properly ironed, but now I just go wrinkly.

Did I miss a double entendre? I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

I don’t mind much of anything else, housework-wise but I hate vacuuming. And since I have a hairy black cat and a beige carpet, I have to vacuum a lot (sigh.) I could also do very nicely without having to scrub the kitchen floor. It’s old linoleum and about impossible to keep clean.


I meant Purple’s dusty Englishman about the double entendre, btw.


Ugh I’m with you on the filing… this morning I piled six months worth of paid bills into a box and stuck them in the closet until after Christmas. Hey… they are paid… who really is gonna look at them now anyways

I opened the door, and look who I found. Damn I’m good

I hate filing too. Especially since we have the world’s cheapest, flimsiest :slight_smile: filing cabinet.

Dusting sucks too. Luckily, El Hubbo doesn’t mind it.

What is it about vacuuming? I, too, hate doing it. I let it go until my floors are completely disgusting.

Cleaning the litter box is right up there, too. I hate doing that. I recently switched to those disposable boxes where I just throw the whole thing away. That makes it easier, but I’d still love to teach the buggers to just go outside. Hmmm… maybe if I bat them around a little…

Easy. I pretty much loathe them all equally.

Some drink at the fountain of knowledge…others just gargle.

I really hate doing laundry, which is odd, because it’s important enough to me that I have this elaborate method.

In general, I hate any and all housework. I make big, detailed lists of everything that needs to be done, hoping that when I look up, writing it all down would have made it so.

“…all the prettiest girls live in Des Moines…”
–Jack Kerouac, On the Road

vacuuming,dusting,washing-up…they can be great fun!!,i practice them all on my lovers body! :slight_smile:

Please forgive me i’m English!

Ummm let’s just say he has been known to dust off my desk a few times =)

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

gives a whole new meaning to Old English Furniture polish

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

–Washing windows, especially here in the L. A. area where the tap water is so hard
–Shampooing the carpet. This is not because operating the shampooer is hard (it isn’t) but finding a place to store the furniture is hard, as is the ennui of waiting long enough for the carpet to dry enough so you can put the furniture back.
–Keeping things clean enough so those damn ants don’t seize on food or grease.
–Polishing furniture when there are a lot of knick-knacks on it, as with the home of one of my customers.
–Gathering newspapers/fliers to discard, since I have to trudge out to the dumpster (about 1000 feet away); or gathering aluminum soda-pop cans, hauling them out to the shed, crushing them one at a time in the crusher, and bagging them so the damn bag doesn’t tip over, spilling the cans all over the driveway!

The last time I sacrificed myself and filed a mound of paper work, some dating to last year, it took me all afternoon and when hubby came into the room he didn’t he noticed that the top of the desk was visible for the first time in ages, he just opened up his briefcase and deposited about 6 months of paper work he’s been carting around with him. And it still sit there.

I like washing laundry and to avoid ironing, I hang dry just about everything. One or two good crisp snaps before hanging the shirt or pants on a hanger helps keep the wrinkles down a little bit.

I’m with Moosie, I hate 'em all. Maybe it’s best that we don’t become roommates, eh?

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I really hate doing the dishes but don’t object to getting my ashes hauled now and again.

Not a big fan of processing laundrey once it is dry (ie. folding, hanging, etc…I don’t even think I own an iron anymore)

Wanna know what I like? Cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming. An man, I really, really do like to vacuum. Don’t know why, maybe it’s the sound the machine makes.

I hate doing dishes, but currently have a dishwasher on loan.

Dishes. I cannot begin to describe the depth of my loathing for doing dishes.

When my husband (then boyfriend) moved in with me, he was only working one day a week, and I had a very low-paying job myself. I told him that I couldn’t afford for him to loaf around my house all day, but since he couldn’t chip in for the bills, he could keep my kitchen clean, and call it even. I haven’t washed a dish in five years. :slight_smile: