How long has Shagnasty been a dishonest dickhead?

That is actually a serious question.

I’m familiar with this poster’s name. From memory he has been around as long as I have. But I can’t recall him pulling the kind of shit he has over in this thread.

Never mind where you stand on the actual topic being debated. It’s the blatant dishonest weaseling that he’s engaging in. Consider this exchange:

That’s not just me, is it? That really is blatantly dishonest weaseling, right? He *volounteeers *to take a challenge to define what a “Black” phenotype is. His response never mentions a single phenotypic trait, and when called on it he responds with “What do phenotypic characteristics have to do with anything”.
And then there is his other ridiculous and dishonest claim. I provided a list of Black people that comprises Haile Selassie, Tiger Woods, Ernie Dingo and Barack Obama. And his response is “The only example you gave of a true black person was Nelson Mandela”.

According to Shagnasty, Barack Obama, Haile Selassie, Ernie Dingo and Tiger Woods are not true Black people.

Barack Obama thinks that he is Black. The NAACP thinks that Barack Obama is Black. Reuters thinks that Barack Obama is Black. CNN thinks that Barack Obama is Black. Fox news thinks that Barack Obama is Black. Stormfront thinks that Barack Obama is Black. The Black Panthers think that Barack Obama is Black. But Shagnasty knows they are all wrong. Shagnasty know that he isn’t Black.

So, serious question. Is Shagnasty just having a bad day, or has he always been like this? I honestly can’t remember him posting anything so stupid and dishonest and before today. Then he posts two fucking retarded, ignorant statements in a single thread. Then he engages in the most ridiculous weaseling shenanigans to support it.

So, comments are welcome. Has Shagnasty always been a dishonest dickhead like this and I’ve missed it, or is this a new trick?

Yes, he is a lying, racist duckfuck. Take this thread, where explanation after explanation is given to counter the racists psuedo-science, and where we repeatedly point out that racists keep trying to pretend that we’re making some sort of “genetic equality” argument (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean) so that they can argue against a strawman. After we’ve pointed out that this is a strawman of the racists own making, Shagnasty comes in to post this:

And he also posts this racist psuedo-scientific claptrap:

These are from page 5 of the thread.

He doesn’t understand at all anything about genetics, he has no interest in learning about, but by god, is he going to rush in to lecture us all about it so he can spout off a bunch of racist nonsense.

But, but … how can he be racist when he loved his Mammy!

How old is he?

I’ve known him as a racism apologist for a while. But we did make progress in that he now gets offended if you call his live-in nanny “Mammy,” saying the term is racist.

Obama is fairer than most Filipinos. But Pinoys are brown.

WRT the question, as long as I remember. Same with the OP.

Reported for a move to GQ.

He also has some odious views on marriage and relationships as well. This thread has some trenchant examples.

Whoops, I accidentally bumped your “I’m a stinky ass dude” thread over in MPSIMS.
I’m so sorry. It’s not safe to go back into that forum for a week now.

He’s superman and beats up armed thugs who are too scary that other victims refuse to testify, grew up with crowds of murderers, went to the one high school in the universe with organized circle jerks, can have nine hours of continuous fast paced sex with a woman who was wet the entire time, enjoys telling about the time he sexually assaulted he’s friends girlfriend enough that he cuts and pastes it, and whatever else.

But that’s all legit, right?

It’s a fundamental belief for Americans, both black identified and white identified, that black is a fixed condition, and that we can spot it on sight. This isn’t true, but it is one of the foundational beliefs of our culture.

A spirited, if absurd defense of this belief is entirely what you should expect.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with what he said in that thread.

Oh, he’s that guy. Yep, racist and an idiot.

WTF does that have to do with anything? More importantly, which ones have the best karate stare?

Well, no wonder he is a dickhead, his armpits smell like vaginas…

Of course, one hopes that after 10 years he at least solved that issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Drat, ninja’d!

He also threatened to bring legal action against me once when I mentioned something about one of his relatives that he himself had mentioned on the boards.

As near as I can tell, he’s a pathological liar of the sort I’ve only met once or twice in my life. And that’s the most charitable interpretation I can give of his claims on this board.

He also likes to brag about how smart he is, something that smart people are totally known for doing :).

yep, he does.

My mother is incredibly talented as a motivational speaker. She has two two published books and speaks in 48 U.S. states and all the continents except for Antarctica. She is on tour and planes touring about 180 days a year yet somehow she is jealous of both me and my stepfather who is smarter than she is and we both take subtle jabs at her. She is really, really insecure about it. My stepfather is a college professor and I think I am smarter than he his and he acknowledges it. Oddly enough, my 84 year old grandfather functions like a 50 year old and he is brilliant. My mother’s brother is also brilliant but he has terrible social skills so no one acknowledges him. I guess I am #1 intellectually and academically even most though most people in my family are superstars in what they do. My two younger brothers get really pissed when I shoot them down on any type of nonsense however.

Careful now, he’s gonna PM you with threats of legal action!

Edit: Yikes, okay, I misremembered. He didn’t threaten me with legal action, he just threatened to take me to the admins if I mentioned his family again. My apologies–I just reread the PM in question.

I’m gonna be contrarian here…I think he is an honest dickhead!

Actually, he doesn’t bother me much most of the time…but then again by most people’s opinion here I am also probably a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, phobophobic asshole as well…

PS… a guy that carries a vagina under each arm can’t be all bad…