I am truly a Doper now; I've got a cyberstalker!!

I’ve now gotten seven emails from the same person concerning my posts on this board. Most are repeats, so I’ll just post the originals, as it were:


I could report these to the person’s ISP, but that’s not my style. I prefer “naming and shaming”.


So, Sua; where are all these scummy racist bigoted lies you posted? I did a careful search and I couldn’t find any, but I only went back 30 days…
Also, I presume you’ve given the emails to Tuba or Ed?

You mean, you haven’t gotten the one I sent called YOU LYING RACIST SCUM!!!

Damn. I need to check my server.


(Really, Sua, you–racist? Please. Some people need to get a life.)

xeno, it’s like this - I have been very careful to hide my racism, bigotry, homophobia, etc. when posting on this board. Ya see, I’m really the Imperial Wizard of the New York City KKK. My plan had been to make reasonable posts on this board, develop a reputation as an intelligent poster, then slowly show my true self. Then people would realize that it’s reasonable and intelligent to be a scummy racist bigoted liar.

But damn my cyberstalker for seeing through my brilliant plan!!

Yeah, and he/she is not a poster, at least not under the identification on the email.


Okay, I admit I’m dense sometimes, but I don’t perceive the name in your posts. Did I miss it?
And you should definately forward these to Ed or TubaDiva.

Dammit! I wanted to be Sua’s cyber stalker!

[sub]Fuck. Was that my out loud voice?[/sub]

2nd Law, I didn’t post the email address for fear of crossing a line. I’m not sure such a line exists, but better safe than sorry.


I’m with Falcon, I read the thread title and thought “aww crap, someone else beat me to it!” But thankfully, after reading the emails, I realize that the position of “amorous, perverted cyberstalker” is still available.

Race ya to the email, Falc!

Dude! I’m the Grand Dragon! Damned sheets, I never seem to recognize my friends at the rallies.

Wanna have a few beers after next Tuesday’s lynchings?

Oh. Oh dear. That was YOU? At Bed, Bath and Beyond? Buying the white sheets and pinking shears, and the three cans of Scotchguardbrand fabric protector? WOW !!!

**Sua stands tall before her people, and reads from her prepared text: **


Ooooooooooooooh yes, Sua, we know you. We know your kind. <wiping a bit of Dunkin’ Donut Double Mocha Coolatta from corner of soiled mouth>. And we watch. And wait… some day the K.K.K. of NYC will fall. Then and only then, will the Grand Funk of Dunk arise ! ARIIIIIIIIIIIISE !!! < falls to floor gurgling incomprehensibly > :stuck_out_tongue:


wait a tar-sheeted minute here. magdalene and I divied you up some time ago, or didn’t you notice?
::mutter, mutter, damned cyberstalkers always horning in where ya don’t want em::

(aside to Cartoon [sub] Sua’s male[/sub]

Oh. God. Duh. Sorry, Sua :smiley:

Just a guess, but this thread sticks out to me as being controversial, one that might have insulted someone: Those Israelis are meanies, they’re using their big guns. I wouldn’t consider the mid-east strife racial, per se, but I believe some arabs do.

This reference to shocking Sua’s mom seems rather pointless. After all, she must already know he’s a lawyer. How much more embarassing could it get? :)**


Zero hr: Yeah, but the fact that the mystery stalker is berating her in Spanish would seem to indicate that s/he felt that Sua had been dissing La Raza. I don’t know a whole lot of latinos who get that bent out of shape over Israel one way or the other. If it had been the Israeli thread, wouldn’t Arabic or Hebrew have been more appropriate (depending on which way this twisted little mind has been misinterpreting Sua’s posts.)

Maybe you met them in Latin American chat… don’t forget!

Only funny if you know Spanish

Yo Sua,

If you want, send 'em my way for a little “readucation”. I’ve had a rough week, and will next, so I could use to take some frustrations out on a moron . .
Posting on the 18th hour 43rd minute of my work shift. Don’t ask . . .

Sua is male folks.

And from what I’ve gathered over the past several months, he’s actually a decent guy. I don’t know how he ended up in his current profession, but we all know how crazy this world is. So he’s a not the sharpest crayone in the box - we love him anyways.

[sub]NY City is not the most condusive atmosphere to hold a clan meeting, eh?[/sub]

For the record, let me just say …


::Pats Tripler on the head:: Definitely a bad day, dude.

As for the Israeli thread, yeah, I knew that would be controversial when I posted it. I tried to make clear I wasn’t taking sides on who was right in the conflict, just talking about tactics, but I knew it would get misinterpreted. And, of course, as Nimune pointed out, why would a Hispanic person take such great offense (my cyberstalker’s eddress was Spanish, as well)?

One other point: Sua Sponte is Latin, folks. Ya know, that old dead language? At least in this context, it is genderless.
I weep for our educational system. :slight_smile:


No one messes with Sua Sponte. Except wring and me. We have the right to mess with his head and the right of prima noci (I probably misspelled that, kiss my ass, link me to an online Latin dictionary so I can look up what Sua Sponte means, or both).

Everyone clear on that? Or does wring need to send in some of her “clients” to make it clear?