I double dog dare you to hijack this thread

You are not man/woman enough to hijack THIS thread.

Nope this thread is almost Hijack-proof. I scoff at your ability to hijack this thread to discuss your cat, or why the Simpsons was clearly better back in the day.

In fact, I think your too scared to hijack this thread. Best go back to your mommy. Maybe go make some test posts.

[Mr. T] I pity the fool [/ Mr. T] who doesn’t dial 1-800 Collect-- I mean tries to hijack this thread.

Puts the thread down and walks away secure that no one dares hijack THIS thread.

Yes you are right, I do not dare hijack this thread. Hijacking is not a good way to avoid paying airfare to where you actually want to go to…

psst, psst, psst

Sorry I have just been informed that hijacking on the SDMB has a different meaning.

*excuse me, what does that mean again?

psst, psst, psst*

Ok, it means that I am to change subjects. Why would I do that I enjoy the subjects I have now.

deb2world, Queen


That would be you’re not your.

As in:

[Mr. T] you’re a foo’ if you think I am scared of you and yo’ threats, foo’ [/Mr T]

I have two Boston Terriers.
(Baboon slaps elf6c with a double hijack)

[Mr.T] In yo’ face, foo’ [/Mr. T]

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah baby!
a third slam dunk!


[emeril] BAM![/emeril]

[sub]I’m on the jazz, foo’![/sub]

Hmm that is strange, my thread was moved. Must have been a gust of wind. Let me put that thread back where it belongs. There, nice and safe from the thread hijackers.


My cat’s breath smells like dog food. Madcat.


So there she was, laying on the floor with this big knife sticking out of her chest. I went and got the shower curtain out of…

::looks up::


How about this?

I wonder why it’s such a nice day out, and I don’t feel motivated to do anything at all! I don’t even feel like going out later on to my friend’s hourse… sigh. Maybe I’ll just stay home and feel sorry for myself… yeah, that’s the ticket, all right. Or maybe not… I’ll see what happens.

Look, it’s not an excuse, but I’m not feeling well at all (read: it’s a monthly thing) and that’s why I happen to be a little snippy today, okay? Tough beans if you don’t like it! Yes, I may be a little unreasonable, but it’s all grist for the mill right now, let me tell you! No, I am not excusing myself, but please have a little understanding. Thank you.

I love my friends (in real life, on this board, on ICQ, Yahoo, etc.); they will get me through a lot! Memories of things we’ve done together, of things we’ve said to each other, etc., etc. Yes, I cherish and love you all! :slight_smile:

Now, I dare anyone to hijack this thread back to Mr. T! :smiley:

(just kidding)

Take this thread to Cuba!


Sister Coyote takes GREAT photographs!


Come on Mr T, I’m ready for you!

Actually I prefer using an Evans super-hazy on the snare side, I think their heads are thinner than anything made by Remo or Aquarian. For the batter side I prefer a coated Aquarian. Don’t forget to seat them with a hairdryer or crank them up three turns and let them sit 24 hours, then de-tune. I have a set of 16-count Puresound snare wires that I really, really like, with a much sharper attack.

Angel (5/6) reviews, thoughts and social discourse
Ok, I looked twice and did not see a thread for last night’s Angel episode. With my luck Minty just started his. . . .

Anyway, yet another strong episode. I liked how the plot did not follow the path of least resistance and thought that most of the developments were pretty interesting.

BUT, the Matrix rip-off effects were a bit out of place, and in part seemed to be done just to prove that they could. Another nit, is that young Conner’s fighting ability seems to vary greatly.

All in all, another great episode and [spoilers below]

The surprise return of Holtz and that preview of naughty Conner doing Holtz’s bidding. Maybe the father will kill the son after all. . . . But which “father” ?
HA! how ya like that!?!?! I Hijacked your thread with another one of your threads! Slick eh?

Say, I saw this supposed pilot Japanese show, Tokyo Breakfast. Does anyone know if this is real or not? Also, what the hell is up with Yatta? Do people actually like them? I also saw this video with these girls that were in pink space suits, and had some cartoon bunny friends, then they had to play rock-scissor-paper with some lady. Are all Japanese videos weird like that?

“Life is a rock…”

I’m planning to party this weekend. Anybody else got any big plans?

Drink beer.

I really need to trim my toenails. Plus my dogs need to be bathed. On the other hand, I’ve got plenty of toilet paper - the 12-packs were on sale.

OK, time to water the houseplants.