I gave up boys for a year yesterday.

I’ve had it. I’m sick of boys. I’m boycotting them (hardy har har).

It is my plan to go one full year without being romantically involved with anyone. Hopefully in this year I’ll bring up my grades and stop being a brainless ditzy spaz. However, my own personal boycott probably won’t have any effect on my quite deserted love life.

I just had to share this- all my other friends go “ewwwwww. What are you going to do without boys for a year?”

(sniffing air)

“Odd. I believe I smell a woman slowly growing desperate and horny.”

One year isn’t so difficult. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how long I haven’t been romantically involved with anyone–and it’s only partially by choice. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

It’s called being on hiatus, and it’s a very peaceful place to be. Welcome to hiatusville!

That’s nuthin’—boys gave up me about 20 years ago!

I once gave up boys for a year, too. It ended up being a very good thing. I had a chance to get my head on straight, and when I did get into a relationship afterwards it was much better than the ones before my hiatus.

Good luck ! Hope it works out well for you too. :slight_smile:

You should give up boys for the rest of your life…instead try men. :wink:

Askia! Down boy! Down! Jail-bait!

PinkNailFile, wise decision. Wish I had been smart enough to do the same at that age. Males will always be there, but those damn grades get no do-overs twenty years later when you actually want to go back to college with a respectable GPA.

When you decide to re-enter the fray, might I suggest you avoid boys altogether and look for men.


Good friends and a loving relationship with the bathtub faucet are all a girl needs, or so I’ve been told. Being obsessed with finding a guy is a good way to generate sorrow in your life.

Like Excalibre said, the only things a girl really needs are cool girlfriends, a good relationship with the bathtub, and a cup of hot chocolate now and then. And maybe a couple of pictures of your favourite male celebrities to fill your lonely nights (I’m shallow like that…)

I’m trying to figure out the faucet logistics and failing miserably. But I’m thinking of buying stock in Duracell. :slight_smile:

Well, you can get one of those handheld massaging showerheads if you want to make it easier on yourself . . .

I just looked at your Profile, and that funny sig about SuperFlamingoGirl…heh!..how’re you doing?

Oh, right.

Hey. Super Flamingo Girl is too cool. She’s my super hero alter ego.
Thanks for the support, guys. It’s exactly what i needed. and dare_devil, I hear ya on the pictures… :smiley:

A year … starting yesterday … that makes 364 days without boys … that’s 8,736 hours without boys … 209,664 seconds without boys … just watch a clock for ten seconds. Now imagine doing that 20,966 times. That’s how long it’ll be before you’re dating again, or whatever you kids call it.

But wait … it gets worse. You like Christmas, don’t you? All those great presents, all that holiday cheer? Have you ever noticed how as Christmas approaches, time seems to get slower and slower? It’s like you start out watching a squirrel bounding across the lawn. It’ll get to the other side in no time. Then about halfway through, it turns into a duck. Waddling, but still, you can see the end in sight … then about two thirds of the way the duck turns into a june bug. A lot slower, but june bugs are fast … for bugs … then about a yard away from the edge, the june bug turns into a snail … then a very old snail … then a very tired old snail … then a very drunk, tired old snail …

So I have to ask … do you want this on your conscience? Because you gave up boys, a very tired, drunk old snail is having to crawl across a yard at top speed!!! What kind of person are you?

When I was 16 I made up my mind to give up girls for a year. I really did make up my mind.

Then two weeks later school started and there was this new girl…

Yeah, so, guys are weak. I know you’ll do better than I did. :wink:

Ain’t jailbait unless you’re caught.

Askia hit on a gi-irl !
Askia hit on a gi-irl !

Hey, Pinkie, Sure, it’s helpful to YOU to do without boys, but what about them, huh? What’re they gonna do without YOU!? Ok. Never mind. We all know what they’ll do.

Gonna have to disagree with this one - bait’s bait whether you catch something or not. Let’s assume that jail is the fish and PinkNailFile is the worm on a hook: whether or not you land a fish or land in in jail doesn’t detract from the worm’s baitliness. Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll wind up in prison.

Out of all the things that would make me feel bad for not dating, I think the one thing that would make me go back is that poor drunk snail. I want that on a shirt.

Maybe I’ll pick it up and walk it across the lawn. No! I’ll adopt it! I have a new pet. It’s name is… is… wait. CHARLIE. My snail’s new name is Charlie.