I know she loves me,....

because she’s never happier than when I’m holding her

because the simplest of affection on my part gives her joy

because she never loses faith in me

because something deep inside tortures me when I do her wrong

because of the way she looks at me when I hold our daughter

because sometimes even in the smallest of things, unnoticed by others she finds such happiness.

This is one of them that I typically neglected for quite some time but in the end, in the final analysis,

I love her upstairs too

Wow…that’s beautiful! Some people really know how to make an entrance. Welcome to the SDMB.

And no, lads, he didn’t lose a bet. :wink:
(Say ‘hi’ to the newest Paddy on board!)

yes, but can she make coddle?


Well I must admit, this first post of mine has been a long time coming since she has been asking (nagging?) me to get involved in this for more than a year. I decided to do so and fulfill my valentine’s day obligations in one go :wink:

He who was formerly know by the more succint but less enigmatic “Twisty”

Ah well you see with me being vegetarian she is hardly obliged.

Since I seem unable to edit that “succint” please read “succinct” in its place unless “succint” has some meaning to you of course, never can tell with that northside accent :wink:

You can’t edit your posts here. So be careful what you say.
(Tweesty is his really nickname. Or McTwist.)

Welcome, my friend :slight_smile:

His really nickname?

I love you upstairs too, Annie.

But in a, you know, totally platonic way.

So, you love me somewhere on the landing?

I miss you, too, tons!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Great opening thread, B e m u s e d. Welcome to the boards :slight_smile: Hope to see more of you around…

Welcome, B e m u s e d, nice to see another contributor from Ireland. Welcome home.

And, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!”

Thanks on his behalf. He’s probably never going to come back sniff. It took him a whole year and a half almost to finally register and post.

I keep trying to get him really annoyed by threads in GD, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. He’d rather hang out in his geeky games MB’s. He doesn’t realize that this is the Land of Dorks.


Ask him what is take on wether a Star Destroyer/ enterprise battle would be.

Thanks to all for the welcomes. For the record I “hang out” on just the single geeky game MB, I’m afraid I’m rather limited in my nerdiness.

By the by “I love you upstairs too” is from our daughter Yasmin and is one of those things that while not making much sense will remain with you through the years, kind of like a wife now that I think of it :wink:

Can’t tell you that ToF but I can let you know the penetration value of a Panther at 500 m, good enough for you?

Does he think Heroes 4 is better than Heroes 3?
Which is his favourite town type? (in both games)

Was Civilisation 3 an improvement on Civ 2?
If so, which is his preferred winning strategy?

Is Baldur’s Gate better than Pool of Radiance 2?
Does he prefer a single or multiplayer party?

When I (eventually) visit Ireland and defile your lovely new home, be advised that I will be bringing my laptop.

Annie and I will chat, drink tea, sure, whatever. That will be the prelude to the head-to-head frag party.

Why bother with the laptop? We’ll just arrange a weekend of online gaming, fragging, and pizza spread across the globe.