I was given a stern "talking to" this morning!

While my 12 year old son was drinking his morning hot beverage and reading the stock indexes (Mom the TSE is down! So is New York!) I jumped out at him saying

“En Garde!” with an 8 inch pepperoni stick destined for his lunch! I tried to hand him off another pepperoni stick from the pack so we could have an impromptu sword fight.

“That is not appropriate for the breakfast table Mom. And you shouldn’t play with your food.”

Fine. After he left I made forts with sheets*, and this afternoon I am making muck-pies**.

*Air dried sheets and blankets
**Going to pottery class

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

I guess he told you.

There is nothing I don’t love about your post! You sound like you two have a good relationship. It also sounds like something that would go on between my own son and me.

Childhood is lamentably brief, but immaturity can be forever. And should be.

I am picturing him in a conservative charcoal suit (but with a kicky necktie – your influence).

I love it! It gives me warm fuzzies thinking of my mom who would have done something like that too. :slight_smile:

Where do kids GET this shit?

I blame TV.

You weren’t playing with your food. You were playing with his food. Totally different.

Golly Gee,

I sure do wish my mother was more fun - like you.

In fact, I sure do wish she was even a little tiny bit of fun. But she wasn’t.

I won’t spoil your happiness (which seems to me to be well deserved) by telling you just how my mother treated me. Maybe in some other thread in the future sometime).

In the meantime, Good on you. So nice to create a fun time for your son. I’m guessing he will remember that kind of stuff - even when he’s old and gray.

If there is an after life, when he remembers these events, I would guess you might just hear him say, “I love you, Mom”.

They say it’s fun having an adult child. Mine’s entering puberty and she tells me off with, “Dad, stop acting like a ten-year old.”

I got a lecture from my son, for goosing the gas as he was trying to get in the passenger seat.

My son, who when he was little, used to run down the driveway and launch himself through the open side door of the car (conversion van) as I drove past at 5 mph…

The year I was 42 was fun – I could act my age and my shoe size!

My family once got into a discussion of the mechanics of throwing a pie in someone’s face. Which lead to my parents purchasing two mini-size pies and conducting a demonstration in our kitchen by throwing them into each others’ faces. Forty years later, it’s an indelible memory that still makes me smile.

One of my favorite quotes of all time: “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”

I try to remember that. Obviously so do others. Good on you.

My kids still remember the night I built a log cabin out of asparagus spears with a piece of chicken skin as a roof.

Well, let me ask you something then about pie throwing. I always figured many people would “try that stunt at home” and some would get seriously injured if the thrower didn’t understand they had to let go of the pie before it hits someone’s face. If you slam the pie into someone’s face with great force so that your hand makes contact with their face and drives their head back, wouldn’t it be easy to cause them a serious neck injury?

I was going to ask you if anyone got a neck injury. But since you remember the incident with fondness, I’m guessing no one would have gotten seriously injured?

Trips to the ER can be some of our best memories.

not really

Alex P. Keaton

If my son knew who APK was, he would grab a pepperoni stick and demand satisfaction.

My son is an avowed leftist. Sure, we are too, but even during the election campaign we only would wear one button. Not my son: a button for the party, a button for our local candidate, a button for our federal leader.

He got an A+ in social studies last term. :smiley:

My kids remember fondly the time I was possessed by the spirit of an angry gorilla. I was jumping around the living room with a banana and screeching, they were laughing. Then the gorilla threw the banana to the floor and it exploded, which caused the spirit to leave my body instantly. For some reason, this caused them to laugh even harder.