If there was ever a photo in need of an explanatory caption, this is it

I can’t even begin to imagine how a human body could do this. It needs a caption explaining what’s going on!

I was just trying to get a leg up, but I should have quit while I was a head.

The focus on allegations of steroid abuse has shifted from China’s swim team to that of it’s gymnastics today as one of it’s participants showed up with a foot for a head.

It was soon realized that jumping rope with razor wire might not be a good olympic sport.

And Salvadore Dali takes the gold!

Vina in Star Trek episode, “The Cage”: *They rebuilt me. Everything works. But they had never seen a human. They had no guide for putting me back together. *

“We have spring-loaded the chicken so that it will prepare itself upon release.”

Remember that scene in Men In Black where Tommy Lee Jones zaps the alien shopkeeper in the face, temporarily melting his head down to a squiggle? For some reason, I’m reminded of that here.

First goddamn week of winter.

It’s like something from a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade gone horribly awry.

Bungee Flossing–it’s not for amateurs any more.

It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin purple people eater …

Did anyone else think of Milo’s early attempts to clone Bill the Cat?

When I was a little boy, I heard grown-ups talking about “toe-heads.” So that’s what they meant! :smiley:

Does your breath remind people of feet?
Then use new Mr. Schoals Tootpaste!

“I don’t really care; so long as the baby’s got ten fingers and ten toes, I’ll be hap… Good lord…”

Eraserhead’s baby all grown up.

“… and my favorite sports are gymnastics and… soccer.”

“… determined to join in the reindeer games, Rudolph shed his human skin, mid-leap. The watching crowd screamed with one voice as the first hoof appeared through the neck opening…”

“Cos you gotta have feet, a-feet, a-feet…”

The newspaper headline;

*Tragedy struck at a Cirque du Solei proformance… *