I'm gonna do some e (misleading thread titles)

I’m gonna do some e” would be about reading a book on the history the natural logarithmic base which is called e.

Share some more misleading thread title ideas!

I’m sure someone more clever than me could do something with this:


My wife hates me for beating her

Is it really my fault I’m a better chess player?

I have great tits!

Nesting in my garden.

That bitch is driving me crazy!

She just won’t stop barking.

So I finally got a little pussy.

The cutest little kitten ever!
And variations thereon.

On the X-Files forum, I once started a thread saying that Byers, Langly and Frohike were dead. They were my goldfish. The real characters got killed off not long after; obviously, I murdered them. :frowning:

The Game

What’s your favorite game?

Test results are back; I’m sick

Seriously, I did so badly on my math test that I feel ill. If I don’t find some way to pull my grades up, I’m going to have to repeat the course.

Garden question

What rock bands have played Madison Square Garden in New York?

Tell me about being a student at USC

I’ve been accepted at the University of Southern Colorado, but I want to know more about the school, preferably from those who have been (or are) students there.

A guy from the CIA tortured me

I tell you, the Culinary Institute of America has really gone downhill; that was the worst meal I ever tasted! It was sheer torture getting through it!

I’m dying

To see Cars 2 when it comes out in June. I loved the original!

one night stand

having a single night stand just doesn’t seem right. you need two for symmetry. don’t you think?

I got a flat this morning

It’s two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and in a good location.

I loves me my marshmallow peeps

I be black, but I am so glad I have white friends.

My baby died this morning

I love my car so much, I call it my baby. I needed a jump to get going!

I’m addicted to rape

Seriously, I just can’t get enough of oilseed rape (canola). It’s a culinary wonder!

I fucked six ducks on Saturday

…with my brand new shotgun.

My Fucking Neighbours

Bet the neighbours find their new address a lot less embarrassing than the old one!

I raped, slaughtered, and dismembered a girl scout last night.

Ha! I’ll bet you think I’m pulling a misleading thread title! It’s a double hook because this one’s real!
[sub]But seriously, if you guys know of a good hiding place for the body, that would be great[/sub]

I’m in love with a 12 year old

Undoubtably the finest single malt scotch I’ve ever tasted!

Did anyone near the Three Mile Island incident show any overt signs of radiation exposure?


Last week I completed 40 hours of Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training. If any of y’all need a hazardous waste site cleaned up, I am your man (after 24 hours of further site specific training).

I’m high as a kite

The damn thing got stuck in a tree, and it’s pretty far up here. Luckily I get wifi signal up here so I can post.

Mr. Beck, you could always hide the body in the same place as the one from 1990.