Is this the right forum...

…to say hi?


Welcome! To thew SDMB!

We hope you survive the experience! :slight_smile:

Now, how do you feel about…goats? Or squid? :cool:

Welcome! I hope you make the leap to membershiphood (yeah, it could be a word). Keep your head low and watch for felchers.

Hello JHR1. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

But if he keeps his head low, we won’t know what he thinks like! Oh wait…

Well, keep your head low but only for typing :cool: and be careful with the animals.

(Anybody seen the goat? Last time I saw it, it was trying to climb the squid)

Do the felchers have anything to do with the goats and squid? :nervous smiley:

Welcome! Enjoy your stay? Would you care for a margarita? Take it, you’re gonna need it…oh yeah - try not to step on the cats. They do get underfoot!

Uh oh… I feel myself in a thicket of in-jokes. Is there a clique I could join?

Thanks for the welcome though.

You already joined.

Welcome, JHR1! :slight_smile:

The good news is – the jokes aren’t that funny.

Or is that the bad news – I’m so confused…


In the “About This Message Board” forum, one of the Sticky threads at the top contains a quick guide to many of the inside jokes, as well as some actually useful information.

The squid & goat thing is fairly recent. Maybe I can find a link for you.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell him about that until he * pays!*

All Hail Mighty Lonk!

Depends - do you prefer goats or squid, and would you prefer Jell-O or pudding? Your answers will tell us which clique you belong in.

Sorry, I can’t link to squid & goat. Apparently, the thread was started by a “sock puppet,” that is, a banned poster who came back under a new name. When that happens, all traces of the sock are incinerated, and the ashes scattered at the lowest tide mark, where the sea covers it twice in twenty-four hours. Then the name of the sock is solemnly spoken for the last time by TubaDiva into a cryogenic chamber. The frozen name is moved, with tongs, to the bottom of a carboy of liquid nitrogen, where it stays until the letters crumble into dust.

It’s a serious matter.

You forgot the Miracle Whip.

Shhh! We’re trying to keep those freaks a secret for now!
No sense scaring him off before he pays up.

Why is it, JHR1, that the google ads are for ending porn addiction? Is there something you want to tell us? Really, it’s ok…you’re safe here…you’re among friends…nothing to worry about…really…tell us everything…

Sweetie – yours are for porn addiction – mine are for brain-boosting and IQ-goosing.

Make of that what you will.