It's Saturday...what's for lunch?

Rather than the normal sandwich/chips/milk routine I usually do on the weekends, I decided to do an hors doeuvre platter.

We have Ritz crackers, sliced apples, Hickory Farms summer sausage, black and green olives, kosher pickles (I accidentally picked up Texas Pete hot pickles, so I’ll be the only one plowing through that jar), and the cheese from the deli section of the store, not the dairy section, a nice Jarlsburg and a lovely aged Cheddar, sliced into cubes.

Since it’s college football game day, and Ivylad has no less than four games to watch (three at the same time) the platters will do us well into dinner time.

How do pickles come to be designated kosher or non-kosher? IME they are veggies in vinegar - do they differ in your part of the world?

The Master Speaks

We’re going to the local craft market and then to an Irish pub to drink and eat our afternoon away.

Heck, it’s 10:15 and I’m just having breakfast! (Diced potatoes and onions fried in bacon grease, with bacon mixed in, topped with two eggs, salt, pepper, and Tabasco.) Lunch will probably be a burger patty, probably with sliced jalapeños on it. Dinner? I have a couple of bangers and a couple of brats in the fridge. Either of those or one of each, I suspect.

Dayum! That man thinks of everything!

So pickles ain’t just pickles huh? Would it be ok to eat ‘non kosher’ pickles if you could prove that the emulsifier was from cow products and you weren’t going to have any dairy products with it? IANA-expert (obviously) but would that circumstance make it a kosher food?

I had noodles for lunch btw washed down with sparkling apple juice. :slight_smile:

That’s why he’s The Master. :wink:

I am not Jewish, so I really can’t answer your question. I don’t think I’ve ever seen non-kosher dills, but maybe I’m just not seeing them.

I haven’t eaten at all yet, just coffee.

So maybe I’ll make myself an omelette and some toast. That’s always good to eat on a Saturday as a bit of brunch.

It’s leftover pizza and salad, some peach sauce, and whatever I can find to drink.

There’s a luau here tonight, but that’s being catered. Num!

I was REALLY hungry. Thawed out some lasagna I had in the freezer and zapped 1/2 a plantain as well. Haven’t been grocery shopping since I got back from Chicago on Thursday, so pickings are kinda slim. Really need another non-starchy veg. I’m thinking I’ll have a nice big salad for dinner to make up for this.


Hm, nothing I guess. I haven’t eaten breakfast either; just had some coffee.

Tonight’s dinner should be good though; we’re going to try a new restaurant which has all kinds of good food.

A sesame bagel with cream cheese and tomato slices, a giant skim latte, and a school book spread out over the table of my local coffee shop. I love saturdays.

Roast beef spread (leftover roast that’s minced and mixed with diced dill pickles and celery and fresh dill and garlic mayo) on crackers for me, the boy’s eating leftover bbq pork on a bun of some sort and the man’s went to work with some soup he’ll heat up for lunch.

Salad greens with a wee can of Thai-peanut tuna on top. Contemplating trying a butter chicken recipe out for dinner.

Well, it is late for lunch. But I lazed around all day and am just getting to it.

I’m making some fried potatoes and I think maybe some scrambled eggs. But I may decide on tuna salad. Or just fried potatoes. (I’ve made too many anyway.) I’ve fried them up with onions and garlic. Yum!

I’m going to have a late lunch, also. After getting my hair cut, I’ll be stopping at Philly’s Finest for a Cobb salad with honey mustard dressing. Where’s that drooly smiley?

We did a road trip specifically so that I could try the creation known as a “lobster roll”. Hubby had been boasting about having these at lunch, since “The Old Port Lobster Shack” is near where he works in Redwood City. It was utterly awesome: chunks of lobster in a big toasted top-loading hot dog bun, melted butter, and a squeeze of lemon. I’ve been on a diet, and I get one delicious calorie-laden meal like this a week. It was worth every calorie. --burp–

Pasta with cream sauce and chopped up bacon with sauteed kale on the side.

After a quick breakfast of yogurt so I could run errands and get back home before the TN-FL kickoff, I was hungry when I got home. A quick lunch of a little tuna salad eaten with whole wheat crackers & a kosher dill spear was lunch. Just a few minutes ago, I had some roasted chickpeas as an afternoon snack. Very tasty.