Jesus, talk about cleavage

I just saw a advertisement for britney spears in this funky shiny elvis costume on HBO, and my god, I mean I really don’t understand how that damn thing didn’t slip off her tits when she was dancing around. I know its HBO but seriously, think of those lucky guys that got to see the “accidents” on the stage :stuck_out_tongue:

Lo, here on this mount I do say to you Blessed Be The Cleavage.

Blessed are those who wear an A-cup, for they suffer no back pain.

Blessed are those who wear a B-cup, for their size is abundently available in stores.

Blessed are those who wear a C-cup, for they are gifted with the perfect handful.

Blessed are those who wear a D-cup, for they bounce in attractive ways.

Go forth and be happy in the knowledge that the cleavage shall inherit the earth.

As a friends (Northern) mother used to say:

“By 'eck, her dumplings are boiling over”

Cleavage is good, back stress is not :smiley:

Cleavage is good, giving yourself two black eyes when you run for a bus…

Not so much.



Remember though: Britney Spears = WHOLESOME, because she’s still a virgin! She is family* entertainment all the way.

*Manson family

I now look forward to the beginning of the trailers at Regal cinemas. The Pepsi-shilling Britney Spears cleavage collage is so much better than the cute little Pepsi kid in cowboy clothes.

It’s amazing the things you can do with double-sided tape, though I’m sure peeling it off is not the most pleasant experience in the world.

If you think pepsi commercials show cleavage, get hbo and watch that ad for the “upcoming” concert on hbo, they did this shit with the madona* concert, I still watched it though, for obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue:
*I can’t remember how to spell famous womens’ names, but I can remember their snazzy outfits.

Yea, verily, Francesca doth rock. :smiley:

Did somebody say “Link”? “Ask, and you shall receive.” (I hope, as I can only play the Windows Media 56 link).

See the TV teaser. From For those of you with media-challenged computers, it looks like it’s just a variation on J-Lo’s green Grammy dress, slit down the front, but in a white vinyl Elvis jumpsuit. And I agree with the OP 100%. Britney must’ve borrowed J-Lo’s tube of SuperGlue.

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[goes to sit in the Amen Corner]

I see more cleavage than that at the beach. Way more. What’s the big deal with her cleavage anyway? It isn’t all that interesting. The only thing interesting about her is that she started a fad for girls to show their BB & abs.

Today’s Vomitous Mass is brought to you by the Official Britney Spears Website, and the Official Bio of Her Britney-ness:

And thanks be unto Francesca for teaching and ministering unto the masses so that they may better understand the wonder that is cleavage.

Though I know she should deem me unworthy, still do I number myself among those who anticipate and long for that glorious day when the beautiful sight of Fancesca’s cleavage shall be shewn throughout the length and breast…er, breadth of the land.

Blessed be Francesca and praise unto her cleavage.

Verily, let all the people say, “Dude, get a load of those.

Francesca, you rock. Thanks. And thanks to Rye for such an…interesting topic. :wink:

All I have to say is there’s bouncing and then there’s bouncing. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

<poking fun at myself> Personally, I try not to bounce too much, as I would not only risk black eyes, but endangering any oglers that may stray too close. :rolleyes:

As my daughter, Bluebear would say: “Titney Tears ain’t all that hot. She’s stupid. And if I get compared to that twit one more time, someone’s going to get hurt!”
[sub]<what can you expect from a bunch of teenage boys, especially when you’re almost the only blonde in the whole school, dear. Just be glad that so far you apparently didn’t inherit my boobs!>[/sub]
[sub]All Smilies magically disabled in the event ChiefScott deigns to peruse this post.[/sub]

What, we’re just s’posed to take your word for this?!? No, I’m afraid that really won’t be sufficient.

I must insist on a full demonstration. Rest assured, I’m fully qualified to judge the appropriate level of ‘bounce’.

Bouncin’s what Tygrs like best!

Yeah, Jesus talks about cleavage all the time.

His brothers Juan and Jorje, however, are ass-and-leg men.

well, you never know until you try…

blink Oh, my. I walked right into that one, didn’t I? Blush Ok, I’ll do my breast…er…best.

batting my eyes in a hopefully alluring manner Now, dear, what sort of demonstration did you have in mind? Public? Private? With or without clothing and/or bra? And, I’ll have to see your…‘credentials’ first. :wink:

I always thought that Tygrs were more interested in doing the bouncing, rather than watching. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cap’n Yoaz, good one. giggles

No, no, no, miamouse. :eek: Trust me, you do not want to do that. Shudders

Well, you can walk in to this one if I can walk into those two…

No need, I can handle that for you. :smiley:

Like it’s possible for you to do otherwise… :slight_smile:

I really think I’m going to have to take “D: All of the above.”

<Cleavon Little> 'scuse me while I whip this out… </C.L.>

I like to watch…

…first. :wink: