Joe_Cool, you are a liar and a bigot

I have had my absolute limit with the festering pustule of Christian hypocrisy called Joe_Cool. In thisthread, Joe_Cool posted

Further on, when challenged on the gross insensitivity of his comment, he posted

What a fucking liar Joe_Cool is! He knew exactly the meaning he intended to convey, yet when busted, he lacks the balls to apologize or stand by his words. What a gutless worm.

He’s a hypocrite. He condemns people for not meekly taking abuse from His4Ever, yet when he is challenged, he posts the most hateful, vile drivel in the thread. Oh, but he’s a Christian, so it’s all right, he’s forgiven. How convenient never to have to take responsiblity for one’s words. One can be as hateful, as dishonest, as racist as one pleases, but it’s OK because you can always have Jesus take the rap.

Why don’t you shove that Bible up your ass, for all the good it does you? You are a bad person and a very poor advertisement for Christian faith. You are a whited sepulchre, pretending to be holy and virtuous when all you do is use Jesus as a shield for your nasty, evil comments. Sure, I’m being really awful in thsi Pit thread, but I don’t pretend that my heart has been regenerated by god, and I take responsibility for my actions. Hell, I even aplogize when I’m wrong. You haven’t apologized even when you were shown that Jack Chick is a liar. Hypocrite!

Moreover, Joe_Cool is a bigot. In thisthread, he posted

That’s called racism, asshole! You are a foul, disgusting excuse for a human being. You’re garbage wrapped in human skin, and if there is a God, She is going to kick the living shit out of you for your associating Her with your hate, your bigotry,and your lies.
I’m so pissed off that I want to swear, but I don’t want to subject innocent people to the white-hot, actinic radiation of my profanity. Don’t look unless you are prepared to enter the abyss. you have been warned.

Suck the rancid, feculent, pus-filled maggots from a dead monkey’s shit-smeared ass, you disgusting pile of dog vomit!

Still, JerseyDiamond loves him, so possibly there’s some aspect of Joe_Cool’s personality that isn’t utterly reprehensible and loathsome.

Maybe he likes dogs.

As one of those who Mr. Cool accuses of being a “verbal rapist” for being rude to His4Ever, let me just say I am unmoved. She can still fuck off as far as I’m concerned. And Joe, you, sir, can still bite me.

And that’s a mitigating factor? That only heaps more fuel to the fire in my estimation. That’s the equivalent of saying His4Ever thinks he’s a Good Christian.

The working title for my last post in that thread (exposing his lie that Palestinians in Paterson, NJ took to the streets in celebration on 9/11) was “Liar? Bigot? Why choose?”

I was going to ask gobear how could expect less from JerseyDiamond’s fiance, but Homebrew sort of beat me to it.

Well, I was thinking more that Joe_Cool must have some element in him that is lovable, but, yeah, Eva Braun as a girlfriend really is no credit to him.

Ten bucks says he comes in here and whines to the mods about how this is proof that the SDMB (and society in general, for that matter), thinks it’s okay to bash Christianity.

I thought this thread was about the 'Joe Cool Snoopy.

[sub]I’m leaving now, quit pushing.[/sub]

Joe_Cool, when you do make it in here, maybe you can clarify something for me:

Now I know the purpose of this thread is to rip you a new asshole, not to continue the debate, but I’ll post it here anyway just in case I want to use the word “fuck”. Now then, the above are your words, not mine. You have admitted that words don’t have to mean the same thing every time you say them, that meaning can depend on context. Now, with that in mind, I ask you: Is it totally beyond the realm of possibility that, since the Bible is made of WORDS, that your interpretation of what those words mean, as well as your girlfriend’s and His4ever, might not be the only interpretation that exists?!?!? And if there is only one “correct” interpretation of the words that make up the Bible, is it entirely inconceivable that yours might not be that special correct one?!?! Don’t weasel, just give a sincere answer to this question, and I’ll be so happy.

another bash-the-bigot-fundie thread?

this is getting so passe…

Aw, well…some of us still love 'em.

A pit thread all my own? And I didn’t get you anything…Gosh, I’m so embarrassed!


I’m sure if this wasn’t so hysterical, I’d be upset, but to be honest, I’m more entertained than insulted. Keep 'em coming, this is good!

Right with ya, happyheathen.

By the way, why is it that some people think they’re so frickin’ clever to refer to god as “she” and “her”, like gobear does in his OP? Does he think that’s a really original and witty way to attack a Christian? I can almost visualize him writing it in male pronouns originally and then thinking “haha, I should change that to female pronouns just to piss off Joe_Cool, I bet that will really get his goat!” Well, I guess I should just bow down to the power of gobear’s mighty wit.

Get the frick over yourself, gobear. You act like H4E’s posts were a crime against humanity. She was just another person with another opinion. If you want to say it was ill-informed, stubborn, wrongheaded, or ignorant…well, that’s what this board is for. That isn’t what you did.

Sorry if I show a little sympathy for some person who, no matter how I disagreed with her, did not deserve the vitriolic personal hatred she received at the hands of many on this board, gobear one of the foremost in my recollection. You frickin’ baited her into giving opinions on the homosexuality issue, even after she said it wasn’t a central issue for her and admitted she wasn’t well suited to that sort of argument, because you craved the conflict. You called her the most violent, disgusting, insulting things in the book and probably loved every minute of it…and now you are chomping at the bit to do it all over again against Joe_Cool.

H4E’s flaw was not being truly articulable in discussion, perhaps Joe_Cool’s flaw is not understanding inconsistencies within his own position. My own flaw is that I’m often too blunt about stating my opinion. We all have flaws, yourself included gobear. Frankly, I’d rather have a hundred the likes of those two than even one of you. For all their flaws, for all that most people here consider them misguided or outright wrong, I at least think those two are trying to contribute something to this board. Their words are motivated by a genuine intention, wrong or right. You, on the other hand, are the most hateful, rage-filled person I have ever encountered. All you do is make personal insults and tear people down.

H4E and Joe_Cool are not microcosms for every pithy little argument you ever had in real life with some fundie Christian. They’re not just punching bags, here for you to take out your pent-up rage and obsession with those people you think are slighting you in life. They’re real frickin’ people, and they deserve to be treated as such. If you think they aren’t treating you the right way, then point it out and show you can be the bigger man by being respectful. Instead you just spew seething hatred in vile, digusting globs.

gobear, for once in your life, do something constructive: cool off, deal with your personal issues, take a hiatus from threads about that topic, come back and let cooler heads prevail. Otherwise, I’d rather you just shut the fuck up.

Apparently you missed the part where Joe_Cool lied, smearing the Arab citizens of Paterson, NJ, accusing them of cheering 9/11. You also clearly missed the many lies Joe_Cool has told about gay people, and his gross distortions of Biblical teachings. If you wish to cuddle with racists and liars, you do so. We wil know you for what you are.

That’s it, RexDart. Cozy on up to the liars and bigots. They’ll love you for who you are.

After reading over the thread again…

gobear, hasn’t the concept of race been pretty thoroughly debunked? How can you then call me a racist if there is no such thing as race? And I wasn’t aware that there was ever thought to be a “Palestinian” race, I thought it was just negroid, caucasoid, and mongoloid. You sure do seem to have a selective memory when it suits you.

I should apologize for Jack Chick’s lies? What is this, that collective guilt thing? Last time I checked I wasn’t Jack Chick, and if you had bothered to actually read the thread that got you so fired up, you’d see that I don’t read Jack Chick, either. Apologize? Not likely.

Shouldn’t I be a nationalist or antinationalist or something? And that was an admirable move, the way you creatively <snipped> the actual meaning from my quotation like that. You, sir, are a truly skilled debater.

You know, gobear, you can bash me all you want - it’s meaningless to me. But the reprehensible way you talk about my fiancee really makes this business of being a Christian difficult. If you want to attack her views, that’s your business, but it takes a real piece of shit to spew out these personal attacks because you don’t like her religious beliefs. I’d like to say I’m above getting angry over such childish behavior, but sadly I’m not. You’re a very little man and I can’t believe I actually respected you at one point. I feel dirty.

Love your enemies. Don’t repay evil for evil.

So gobear, you gonna make it out to the Jersey dopefest next weekend? I’d really like to meet you face to face, instead of from behind the keyboard for a change (things are so different that way, aren’t they?), so that I can see just who the enemy is that I’m commanded to love.


Is it possible that there are other interpretations? Uh, is this a trick question? Of course there are other interpretations. That was the point of the thread. And yes, it’s possible that mine isn’t the special correct one. But mine is the (so far) end result of reading and studying the bible for a lot of years, and while it’s still subject to modification as long as I’m alive, I’m fairly confident that I have the gist of it down.
Otherwise, do you really think I would want to bring down this heap of garbage on my head?

BTW, thanks, Green Bean, you’re pretty swell too. :slight_smile: Ditto for RexDart. Thanks.

Upon preview, I see there have been more replies.

gobear said:

News Flash: I WAS THERE, and I saw it. I’m not accusing anything, I’m an f-ing eye witness. I lived five minutes from Paterson by car and 15 on foot. I walked through downtown every single day for 2 years. Smearing and lies? But I guess minty green and google trump my own two eyes. :rolleyes:

My lies about gay people? Let’s see…you first claim that gay people are downtrodden and oppressed, with no rights, then only days later posted again that gay people are happy, successful, and content. Which is it? But I’m the liar. (what lies did I tell about you, anyway?)

And finally, I did not distort biblical teaching about homosexuality. It’s all there in black and white. If you don’t accept the bible’s authority, wonderful for you. But don’t tell me it doesn’t say it.

Did that rabid dog get loose again, Joe?

Geez, he’s always wandering of the Rez. :smiley:

I would have given a ten yard penalty for the verbal rape thing, but seeing as he called your fiancee Eva Braun…

These two pieces of your post appear contradictory to me. The point of my question was precisely that it’s not as “black and white” as you seem to hold. Nevertheless, I appreciate your sincere response, thank you.

I saw the part about the Arab citizens. My particular stance on Arab-related issues is pretty upfront, I’ve mentioned any number of times that I support the liberation of the Palestinian people and a reconciliation between our government and the Arab penninsula. I find Joe_Cool’s position distasteful, and if he lies either unintentionally or stretched the facts with the intention of stirring up pro-Zionist anti-Arab sentiment, then call him on it. What you should not do is spout out a load of offensive, vulgar, disgusting, violent personal insults. This isn’t about the position held, as far as I’m concerned, this is about the way you are responding to it.

BTW, as an athiest watching these things with no vested interest, I must say that you’re jumping the gun to call what he says “gross distortions of Biblical teachings.” Those teachings seem to be hotly in dispute, so I hardly consider the matter settled. So, I’m supposed to side against Joe_Cool just because he’s made some factual errors and continues to hold a tenable, though contested and unpopular, viewpoint? So that’s supposed to justify your rage-filled rantings and vitriolic filth? Not for me it doesn’t, others can weigh those scales on a balance of their own design.

Cuddle? Do you see me lavishing praise and love upon those you call the “racists and liars”? All I’m doing is attacking what I consider to be an overzealous, hateful, vile assault against those people. If you proposed the death penalty for people who committed armed robbery, and I opposed that action, would I be endorsing armed robbery? Not at all. Was everyone who spoke out against McCarthyism a Communist? Not at all.

You will know me for what I am? I’m neither a Christian nor anti-Arab, so I share nothing in positions with Joe_Cool. I’m opposed to those positions. So what are you implying?