Kirk, Spoke or McCoy?

Okay ladies, which one would you choose?

Rats. I know it’s obvious, but… I meant SPOCK, not SPOKE.

I’m a guy, but if I wasn’t I’d choose Bones.

Hope that doesn’t mess up the data you’re collecting.

Bones, obviously. C’mooon, you don’t think he got that nickname for no reason, do you? :smiley:


I choose Picard.

Hey, if I were a gal, I’d pick Bones too.

I don’t know what it means when it’s mostly guys who are chiming in about which of the “big three” they’d sleep with… but I’ll jump on the band wagon and pick McCoy also, if I were a woman, of course…
But you know why I think every guy who’s posted so far has picked him? 'Cause he’s the least threatening, and least sexual of them all.

And really, who would want to deal with love-'em-and-leave-'em Kirk or the hostility of a Vulcan in Pon Farr? Give me an alcoholic southern doctor any day! :smiley:

raises eyebrow


OK, if given the option, of course it would be Picard.

But since he’s not listed, I think it would have to be Spock. He’s the most intelligent, and I think the most handsome of the three.

And, he would normally be very aloof and unfeeling, which would intrigue me and make me try to get him to express himself to me and only me.

Then, once every 7 years I believe, he would become absolutely voraciously sexual and passionate and all of my hard work would pay off.

McCoy would work in a pinch. Never, ever, ever Kirk. Yuck.

Aww, come on. Somebody pick Spoke!

Spock, no question.

Dr. McCoy definitely, from ST-TOS
From ST-TNG Worf
From DS9 O’Brien, but he’s married.
From Voyager, well, celibacy might be just the thing.

What? No votes for Sam Beckett?

Kirk. Without a doubt.

Spock, while very sexy, is just a bit too emotionally unavailable, and that doesn’t bode well for the day-to-day relationship. Any man who wants me to respond logically ALL the time, and who can’t get deliriously happy on a beautiful spring day, is only good for a once-every-seven year fling.

McCoy is just too unimaginative and picky. And he’d be nagging me about my health all the time…probably takes his own pulse all the time…he’s sweet and faithful, but too bitter.

Ah, but Kirk. There’s a true romantic who works hard, has a sense of humor, a lot of courage, intelligence, a quick smile and a tender touch. Yes. he comes across as a love 'em and leave 'em type, but only because his heart has been broken, and he’s trying to protect himself. In the hands of the right woman, he will reveal his faithful heart…and he definitely enjoys a healthy sex life. So Kirk it is for me.

But I’d leave him at the altar for Picard.

Not Bones. He’s more likely to make you a mint julep.
When I was a wee tyke (really!), I was in love with Kirk. But when I got a little older, Spock’s intelligence did it for me. And let’s face it, the challenge of obtaining his love is a nice fantasy.

Then I dated a Spock. No thanks.

That opened my eyes to Bones’ fine qualities. Bones has a great sense of humor, he has the ability to be loving, and he has the depth of soul and heart that when he loves, he loves forever. I’ve had some nice daydreams about Bones.

Reminds me of my sweetie, rjk


Gotta love those ears and eyebrows. Super-sexy… and he’s only <em>half</em> Vulcan. I’m sure there’d be a way to get to him somehow. :wink:

Oh nuts. I gotta remember when I’m posting on an HTML board and a board with its own code. Sorry!

Plus think of all the funny stories he could tell!

Dang it, Osiris, he’s a doctor, not a comedian.

Let me think…


Nope. Sorry. Tough luck, spoke-.