Lets DO ChiefScott !!!!!!

What I mean is lets all mail him a postcard!

I got his address (he posted it, so its ok for you to see it!

Lets make all his shipmates jealous, cuz we love the big putz!

JOC S. S. Kalbach
USS Eisenhower (CVN-69)
FPO AE 09532-2830
Who loves ya?

Count me in!

Keep an eye out for mine Chief! It’ll be a good one!

Don’t forget to perfume you letters heavily and put “kissy marks” on the envelope/postcard.

Write in as racy a style as you can manage, but use innuendo and sly references rather than anatomically blatant descriptions. It’ll make him seem like a great lover and baffle his shipmates without tempting them to steal the letters for their own entertainment.


Chief, I think you’re gonna need to clear some room in your rack for your mail!

I’ll send him a card, and I’ll include a picture. He’ll be the envy of all the guys. ha! :rolleyes:

Is it ok for me to send him a postcard with heavy perfume and kissy marks, even though I’m totally straight?

Especially if you are straight. but you musn’t forget, lots and lots of smiliey faces, no wait, I did that once, and Chiefie almost nuked the whole west coast in retailation

Ooohhh, I’m in :slight_smile:

I’m gonna go out after work and find a post card with a smilie on it <eg>

Doing Chief???


Oh definitely count me in too. I may even put a little surprise in the envelope.

The misspelled title of this thread was driving me nuts; it’s been fixed.

I before C, except after E. Hey, that’s weird.

But UncleBeer, are you going to send him a postcard with a bunch of smilies and kissy marks on it?

Speaking of sending postcards. . . .

Hiya UncleBeer. :wink:

Can they be obscene ?

Ayesha, the better question would be, “Is it possible for you guys to not be obscene?”

::ducking and running::

Oh yeah, and I’ll definitely send one. He once called me a dickwad and a fuckstick. So obviously he’s hot for my bod.

Now, normally I don’t swing that way. But that sweet way he has of talking… ahhhhhhh… it just sets my heart all a-flutter.

Ok, it’ll be in the mail tomorrow. Don’t know how suggestive it will be though, cause my husband may see it.

Sure, I’ll DO Chief Scott.
Oh…you mean send him MAIL! I guess I should read the OP instead of just the subject. Sure, I’ll send him a postcard.

Silver - I like your style. :wink:

And Ayesha…we were thinking about sending him NON obscene postcards??? This man’s been at sea for 6 months! We HAVE to send obscene ones!