Lies are oppressive

With the exception of my close friends, I have told major lies to people. Not little white lies, tar black lies. I do it so much, I have no trouble in getting people to believe me. The biggest key to successfully pull off deception is to believe your own lies. Check. Whatever the motives I have for lying, I am reaping the benefits (like avoiding drama with certain people, yes there is actually a side of me that hates drama). But there is a downside, it gives you a weird feeling of oppression. Like being in constant hiding or constantly running away. A profound sense of loneliness, no one knowing the REAL you.

I’m really really sick of having to make up things.

I wish I can tell my parents that I’m gay. I wish I can tell them that I’m not working three jobs. I just need some space from them, telling them I’m always working is a good excuse.

I wish I can tell some of regulars at the bars and the casinos I hang out at the, yes, I do have a car and I drive, and I just feel uncomfortable giving certain people rides home.

I wish I could really tell certain people what I do for a living. I’m just too embarrassed to say so. Also, there’s something else I’m seriously pursuing, that I’m also keeping quiet about. I just don’t want to deal with people telling me that I might fail.

I’m really close to telling the people who can’t handle the truth coming from me, to just go and fuck themselves.
Lately I wonder if dealing with the consequences from the telling the truth will be easier than dealing with feelings I get when I hide from the the truth.

Yes, just owning your shit, whatever it’s colour, is indeed, easier and less oppressive, than living in a world of lies.

It’s such a shame that this is secret, hidden information. Oughtn’t the sages, over the centuries, to have addressed the issues surrounding authenticity and self? Garsh you’d think that there’d be books to fill a library, written on the topic!

I’m sure you headed down the path to ‘Supreme’ liar because it was amusing to deceive and take people in. Oh the laughs you’ve surely had!

Lying doesn’t happen by accident, Sunshine. If you don’t like it, stop doing it.

They know.

They know.

They know.

They may not know, but they wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m sure you have.

Yes, but why change horses when you can keep beating the dead one.

What do you do for a living that is so terrible?

No shit, D2 is thirty something right? Your parents know, unless you’ve been really putting a big production into the lie like with actors and everything.

Flower thief. It’s a tougher life than it sounds.

Sure, but nothing to be ashamed of.

She made one comment about being an “independent contractor that could be found on craigslist” that stuck in my head.

As to the OP, there’s a great saying: You are as sick as your secrets.

That was my last job.

I deliver pizzas. Not TOO much of a bad thing in itself, but awful if you have a college degree and there’s people who are high school drop outs that make more money than me

Well I understand why you tell people you’re a flower thief instead.

“Mom? Dad? It’s hard to tell you this but I thought you should know. I deliver pizzas. Well, most of the time. Sometimes I stop off the road to pick flowers and sell to people. If I think no one’s around, just drop trou and get myself off or maybe just go to the bathroom. Sometimes both. That doesn’t always work as well as planned and sometimes they complain to my boss. It’s why I pack heat. As soon as I lay it down on the table next to him, he doesn’t say a word. It’s kinda weird, you know?”


“Just kidding you two. I’m gay! Whew, bet that’s a relief, huh?”

Funny, I usually tell people I’m a florist. I’m not joking.

Gosh, and we were all led to believe you have a grad degree. I’m sure everyone here at the Dope is truly shocked (SHOCKED, I tell you!) that you’ve been misrepresenting yourself… :rolleyes:

“I’ve been lying to you the whole time you’ve known me. I’m going to try telling the truth now, and if you can’t handle that then go fuck yourself.”

Solid plan.

Are we really going to do this again? Seriously?

Sound of monocle breaking

Do what?

Come clean. That “friend” in the “shining the bright spotlight into people’s houses at 3am is FUN!” thread was you, wasn’t it?

What if this is a lie? She’s lying about lying, which (according to Labyrinth) means she’s telling the truth.

The moral of the thread: *never *doubt the wisdom of David Bowie’s bulge.

TriPolar You really made me laugh there. The only person the liar really fools is themself.