Lost 1.18 "Numbers"

It’s that time again, folks. This week’s episode should be one that advances the plot considerably, and then we get a “break” for a week or so with repeats.

Does anyone who knows about tonight’s plot want to bet that:

Hurley’s lottery numbers contain “8” and “15”?

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Does anyone know if the new Star Wars trailer will be shown in a commercial? I heard it’s going to be shown in “The OC”, but it seems like “Lost” would be a better venue.

According to AICN, the next new episode after tonight is April 13. So 6 re-runs.


I am going to miss it tonight and my VCR is broken sob

Figures too, Hurley is my favorite character!

What am I gunna do? sniffle

Geez. I might have to actually “get a life” on Wednesday nights for the next 6 weeks. :slight_smile:

John Mace, does your spoiler contain details that I should recognize? Or have I gone stupid again?

rockle, from what I gather

Hurley’s flashback is that he won the lottery.

815 was the flight number they were all on, as well as the number on the safe deposit box that Kate “liberated” during her bank robbery. It seems to have some significance in the story. Or maybe it’s just that one of the writers was born on Aug 15, and likes to use his birthday in the script. :slight_smile:

There aren’t any spoilers in that box, but since it refers to what I wrote in the spoiler box in the OP, those who want to know absolutely nothing about tonight’s episode shouldn’t read it.

For those who aren’t sure what John Mace’s spoiler has to do with anything …

The Lostaways were on Oceanic flight 815. Hence the numbers.


He’s finds his winning numbers on one of CFL’s maps. That’s what gets him wroked into a frenzy about going to find her.

815 is the number of the flight all the castaways were on, I believe.

So tonight’s ep is Hurley-centric? That’s cool. Everyone on the island has a skeleton in their closet, either literally or figuratively. I’m looking forward to finding out what his is.

I’m a little disappointed that:

Hurley is wealthy because he won a lotto? Bummer. I was hoping he was some kind of internet genius or something.

Anyhoo, has anyone noticed if Hurley has been losing weight? I know the character would have to be losing weight by now, but is the actor? I’d be really pissed to find out the producers are making him maintain that weight just for the role, and I’d love to see him get skinny over the course of the show.

I hope they’re planning on showing the Sun and first Kate episdoes. I’ve never seen them.

and more speculation…

Possibly the other numbers are 9, 22 (the plane crashed on September 22) and/or 48 (possibly 49, how many originally survived the crash?).

Thanks, y’all. I watch the show and pay more attention to the dialogue than the, you know, details. If I worried about the details I’d NEVER get any sleep. So, thanks for the heads(es?) up.

I wondered that myself. Except for a passing comment early on that he’s had to tighten his belt a notch, I haven’t noticed him losing weight. I think it would be cool if he did over time. Very authentic.

I think he’s lost a little weight, but as he said, he’s a big guy. It’s gonna be a while before you want to give him a piggy back ride.

Can I just cuddle up with him, then? I think Hurley is my favorite…duuuuude.

I think that it would be great if he lost weight as well, but if he doesn’t I don’t think that we should assume that it is because the producers asked him not to, he may be where he usually is and finds it difficult to lose.

Hurley: we at the SD have a question for you, dude. You’ve been on the island for, like… over a month now… and, well, we were like wondering… how come you have’t lost any wieght, man?

Well, 8 and 15 were definitely on there – and apparently more matching numbers from the French Woman map.

Nice faint THUD


But why would Crazy French Lady have his lottery numbers…?

God I love this show!