Lost 1.7 "The Moth" (Non-hidden SPOILERS)

Greetings, castaways. Ready for another hour of trickery, obfuscation and legerdemain from Abrams & Co.?

It’s Charlie’s flashback week, Dominic Monaghan fans. What might we see? I’m hoping for DriveSHAFT live, a look at the “what happened to the band” Locke alluded to last week and, of course, days of smack and groupies. Everyone else’s backstory has had some kind of twisty revelation so far, but Charlie and his addiction seem pretty straightforward. I hope the writers follow tradition and give me at least one “jigga-WHAT?” moment this week.

Back on island time, Charlie’s starting withdrawal and all its pleasant side effects, and uh-oh! Something’s gonna happen to Ja-ack! Let’s keep an eye open for more on the status of the island’s two tribes, the identities of the cave mummies and Jeebus Christ are we ever going to talk more about the Thing in the Jungle and the Anomalous Polar Bear?!

Hopefully, Claire, Boone and Shannon will be back to round out the cast this week after their silence last time. Sometimes Shannon makes the most sense of anyone on the show (I’m taking bets on how long it takes for her to sleep with Sawyer.) and Claire has the potential to be a stabalizing force for Charlie right now. We didn’t see which camp she wound up with at the end of “House of the Rising Sun;” common sense dictates that she’d follow Jack and his medical expertise back to the spring, but week seven is probably a little late for common sense to rear its head among these people.

Buckle in for Sweeps, folks. Who knows what’s in store!

Still no Will, Holly, or Rick. No Sleestacks, either.

I wonder if the French woman is hot or not.

Does Dominic wear a kaiser helmet in any of the scenes?

The French woman

Is played by Mira “Delenn” Furlan, who is hot IMHo, or at least was hot on B5


I want TWO of those moments!

I have never seen anyone coming off drugs - how long does it take to break free of the cravings?

No, but I hear Jeff Probst will be showing up and might make them stand on poles in exchange for “Immunity” or something. Whatever that means. :wink:

After the tension of the last few weeks, I really do feel like getting Lost on this or any other island!

Be back soon…

The way they’re playing this up, I certainly hope Sawyer is the next victim of the one-eyed one-horned flying purple people-eater. However, every show needs its antagonist, so I doubt they’ll be getting rid of him any time soon.

So…, the moth metaphor isn’t about a “Like a moth to the flame,” but about the metamorphisis, the struggle to change into something better, the need to go some other way. Hmmm…
The big brother back story is interesting. Seems he was both the cause of Charlie’s habit, and an example of changing for “the better.” Provided one believes that Mother Chirch is included in what’s bettee.

Why yes, I AM spelling phoneticly.

We’re supposed to believe that Sawyer set off the third rocket, right?


Well, someone had to. He’ll use it as leverage somehow.

Next week’s previews show Saayid,so we know that blow didn’t kill him.

The last bit with Charlie and Locke, even tho I knew exactly what he was going to do, it still worked. I really loveded their facial expresssions, Chas and Locke.

A request please:

Whoever starts the threads, put “SPOILERS” in the title please. That way we don’t have to resort to those stupid boxes, but can just air out everything, quoting and answering willy nilly, like the ENT threads.


It was so they could all enjoy the mystical power of the heroin!


Yeah, when Pippin first smiled all big like that, I thought he had taken a hit from the smoke! :smiley:


Due to DVR screw ups from the 9:01 finish time, I will never get to see the preview for next week. Will someone pretty please post a description of it? Thank you!

So, who coldcocked Sayyid?

Somebody blonde (pregger girl?) needs an inhaler, but sleazeboy has them all. He demands a pricefor them of a kiss from Kate. Jack and Saayid seem to want to beat the inhalers out of him instead. Sound effect of a gurgling throat at the very end of preview.

[Hurley] Dude! This boar is freaking fantastic! What’d you do to it? [/Hurley]

Aww, how can you not love Charlie? I knew what he was going to do, but I still loved seeing him do it.

Okay so who conked out Sayid? If Sawyer set off the rocket how could he have gotten to Sayid so fast to knock him out? Could it have been … (spoilering it in case some people don’t want to speculate)

[SPOILER] Locke? Everyone else was at the caves helping Jack but as far as we know Locke was still field dressing (is that the term?) his boar … or was he?

Or could it have been the French woman? 16 years alone on an island she might be a little twirls finger around ear. Maybe she just happened to be around and didn’t want to be found?

Who else could it have been? Sawyer would have had to run pretty far and fast to get to Sayid and he’d have likely been making so much noise to do so he wouldn’t have been sneaking up on him. If Sawyer was the one who set off the rocket.

All the other main characters were accounted for, except Claire and I think we can rule out the 8 months pregnant woman being able to sneak around the jungle and take a soldier by surprise. We didn’t see Rose but I doubt it was her either.

Maybe it’s just another survivor we have yet to meet who doesn’t want to get off the island for one reason or another?

I liked Sun standing up to Jin for a change. Good girl, Jin’s just going to have to get with the times.

Where are they hiding the pregnant lady?

I always forget everything I want to say after I start typing. I’ll be back … of course.

Scot? Steve?

Probably the woman from the transmission.