Lost 2.16: "The Whole Truth"

I was wondering how you could see the eye color from that picture. Then I discovered that you can click the picture 2 times and it gets huge.

Nothing gets by me. No sir. :wink:

BTW, if anyone wants to check out “Zeke” from still photos from the pilot episode, here it is. What do you guys think-- is that him?

Frankly, I don’t think it means anything even if it is. We know that Ethan was working with Zeke, and we know Ethan was there from the beginning. So what if Zeke was there, too? It’s an interesting piece of trivia, but doesn’t tell us anything new.

No, you’re not. Everyone on the SDMB does a regular search on your username so we can review your latest posts and scrutinize them for factual errors, violations of board policy, and anything else we can use in the campaign to ruin your life, steal your stuff, and strand you on a desert island with a bunch of people who would be really really hot except that they probably don’t smell so great and besides they all behave incredibly stupidly on a depressingly regular basis. So from that perspective, this post was fantastic. :wink:

Nah, I think that’s a random older dude. I think the hairline’s different. But if it is Zeke, then props to him for at least taking the trouble to fake an injury, which I can’t recall either Ethan or Goodman bothering to do.

According to an interview with Daniel Dae Kim, in tonight’s episode:

There’s a long scene with him and Sun in bed where he has his shirt off. Ladies, you may commence drooling now.

Does anyone have a picture of Zeke from the Claire flashback episode for comparison?

Sorry, forgot to give a link for that article:

Interview with Daniel Dae Kim in yesterday’s USA Today

I am good at facial recognition. I would say no it’s not but those pictures are kind of blurry.

From John’s link the one on the right is from the Claire episode. The blurry pictures on the left are from episode 1.

Sorry for the triple post. To me Blurry Armholding Man looks a lot older than Mr Gainey. Looks like the eyebrows are white. And he’s balder.


http://www.thetailsection.com/gallery/displayimage-15-191.htmlIt is him!.

Well that’s the ugliest link I’ve ever seen that still works. :smiley:

You may completely and totally disregard my last 3 posts. That’ll teach me to stop inhaling the white-out. :smack: :smack: :smack:

Yeah, you should switch to Marks-A-Lot. Much better!

I’m with you. Plus there doesn’t seem to be much point in it, as John Mace said.

Oh dear, oh dear. Lost is up against American Idol tonight. Whatever shall I do? I don’t have one o’ them fancy DVR contraptions. :confused:

Oh right, the results shows are useless anyway! Tune in to Lost, switch over to AI from 9:25 to 9:30, then back to Lost. Problem solved!

BTW, that’s just a blow-up of the “clear” picture in the link I gave. You have to compare to the “blurry” ones. What would be best would be to find that clip from a DVD and do a freez frame-- you should get a much sharper image than any of those still photos. I just linked to that as an FYI. I’m not interested enough to spend the time comparing to a DVD (which I’d have to borrow from someone anyway).

— scribbling furiously at bottom of list —

I have not looked at a single word posted here yet, but one thing on my mind lately is: Where is Desmond? Never mind Alex or Waaaaallllt. I just want to know what became of Hatch Guy.

I think he made it off the island and landed on ‘24’.