Lost 2.18: "Dave"

A friend of mine met Jorge Garcia at the Pogues show in NYC a few weeks ago and said he was quite, quite large (but that his girlfriend was prett hot). Anyway, they have to continue to justify the actor’s largeness, so the food will keep on coming, no? It’s a pretty big coincidence that the food drop would happen right as Hurley is letting go of his secret stash.

Pseudo-Gale is not doing well making up new alibis. Good scene with Sayid.

Another reference to “Him”.

So what is Mr. Eko making? A Starbucks? :smiley:

Yeah, that was pretty selfish.

Or his alternate personality.

Who thinks Dave is imaginary, and has been the whole time?

If Dave is real, I will give credit to the Lost writers for a great misdirection.

BTW, I think Sayid was channelling Jack Bauer… (Jack’s interrogation of Collette).

I’m thinking more strongly now that Dave is Hurley’s imaginary friend. I bet the Polaroid shot will come out with just Hurley in it at the end. Maybe a little schizophrenia. (Unless they are tricking us into believing that…)

I think Eko is building a church, or a little temple.

If there’s only one person in that Polaroid, then you’ll be right.

Way too many people were enjoying Sawyer getting his ass kicked by Deep Dish, aka Sta-Puft, aka…

Everyone laughing and enjoying watching Sawyer get beat up. Priceless.

So Hurley has an eating problem. I get that. Why in the hell would he destroy perfectly good food??? On my island, that would be a freaking capital offense.

Hey, you’re right! He beat Sawyer up! :smiley:

“Don’t make me hungry. You won’t like me when I’m hungry!”

Yawn That wasn’t even remotely commercial break-worthy.

Ok, you know, I’m actually upset by the imaginary friend / schizo delusion cop-out. It’s not like the writers to set things up so transparently. A Polaroid revealing Dave’s non-existence? Meh.

They have 20 minutes to redeem themselves, or I’ll be a very grumpy viewer.

Well, on my island, spoiler-boxing a totally innocuous comment gets you at least 3 months of community service. Now go pick some mangos for the rest of the group. :wink:

I’m always glad to see Hurley getting more screen time. That’s all I can say for now…

Heh – Hurley’s imaginary friend is convincing him that his current life is imaginary. That’s good. :smiley:

I totally agree. Add that to the whole “you’ve never left the hospital” bit that was also done on Buffy and a variation on The X-Files. I hope they aren’t starting to resort to these tired cliches. :frowning:

How about Total Recall?

Now Hurley just needs to shoot Sharon Stone to prove that his current life is real. :wink:

“God doesn’t know. He can’t see this island any better than the rest of the world can.”

Interesting thing to say.

He never pressed the button. The Penguins of Mass Destruction have been released!