Mafia: Evil Dead - DAY/NIGHT NINE


A few students sit on the porch, looking fearfully into the woods.

Hey, what time is it?

I think it’s… wow. It’s, uh, almost noon.

Why is it still dark?

We hear frantic GIGGLING from a corner of the porch. Quick cut to NATLAW, huddled in a semi-fetal position, eyes wide.

The sun! They put out the sun! Those Deadite freaks… they’re too powerful. Sun… sun… what did those bastards do with the SUN???

He lunges to his feet, lurching off the porch and toward the waiting woods.

Natlaw? Wait, no, don’t run into the woo -


We hear thick, gurgling sounds, which quickly fade into silence. The two remaining students look at one another.

Natlaw, a Beta Redshirt, has been killed.


Hey, guys.

Hey, it’s star of the stage and screen, James Spader! What can we do for you, James Spader?

Just wanted to apologize for the lighting situation. The film’s lighting director went on a three-day bender and forgot to reset the “Day” lighting scheme, so we’ve been waiting for him to sober up enough to manage it.

Oh, so the Deadites didn’t extinguish the sun?

JAMES SPADER shakes his head sadly. Fade to Black.

Thus begins Day Nine, which will end in three days, give or take, at 7:00PM on Thursday evening, February 5. Enjoy!

Yay for the introduction of Mr Spader to the opening scene.

Boo for losing natlaw.

So pede … what happened to the mostly-dead-killing mason? Have you been gambitting again?

And on that note I’m off to bed.


Why did they do that?

Pedescribe, whuzzup with your 1/5th-dead-killing buddy?

Okay, so by this point it’s obvious that I lied.

Now, you may be asking yourselves (and me), “Pede, what the hell possess you to lie as a townsperson whenever you play?”. But hear me out, okay? I will admit at first that my statement (the one that went "No. No, I will not) was done only for selfish reasons. At first, I had decided that the annoyance of keeping playing despite the fact that I expected to be dead two days ago…and yesterday was too much, and was originally planning on claiming the 1/5ized vaporization for myself, thus getting the scum to target me. But then I realized:

Hey! That’s selfish and stupid! If you want to stop playing that badly, just get yourself modkilled. Well, I didn’t want to stop that badly, so I decided to buck up and keep paying attention. But now I had to justify this statement I made that had no moorings in anything resembling hard facts. So I invented the wild tale of the 4th mason in order to keep the scum killing in the unconfirmed pool, leaving one less person who we don’t know the alignment of today. And it totally worked, too.

Truth is, there is no fourth mason. I’m actually the Sorority President. I lied earlier to obfuscate our numbers to pull some sort of gambit like this. Now that the gambit’s over, there’s no point in hiding anymore.

Now then, back to business.

Clearly, the ‘NKed Beta redshirts vaporize the 1/5ized players’ theory isn’t accurate. Okay, new guess. What if the 1/5ized players don’t count toward any win condition? I know, I know dark cookies said, but technically, if the 1/5ized townies don’t count toward the win con, that means they count less toward the town win con than suspected, which might be what the original statement meant. However DarkCookies got her information, it’s clear it was cryptic, meaning that could be what storyteller meant.

If that’s true, it means there’s probably exactly one Deadite left, and lynching him or her would be a win. So for now, I’m going to follow the crowd and

Vote Brewha

until I get a better lead.

pedescribe, Mason
Hockey Monkey, Mason

Almost Human, Backup Doc
Nanook of the North Shore
special ed
Total Lost (not scum)

hawkeyeop, Alpha Redshirt (Vanilla)
Mhaye, Demon Moose, (Scum Investigator)
macey, The Prince of Blades (Scum Strongman)
JSexton, aka Evil Ash, a Scum Special
Millit the Frail, The Bit Part Demon (Scum Protector)
Pleonast, the Sorority Treasurer (Mason)
NAF1138, Vincent, the Dog Who Knows Things (Investigative)
Diggitcamara, The Inquisitive Fool (Special)
Thing Fish, The Religious Figure Having a Crisis of Faith (Investigative)
CometotheDarkSideWeHaveCookies, Ash (Special)
Chucara, Beta Redshirt (Vanilla)
Natlaw, Beta Redshirt (Vanilla)
Hal Briston, Alpha Redshirt (Vanilla)
Dotchan, Alpha Redshirt (Vanilla)
bufftabby, The Skanky Vampire Demon (Scum Roleblocker)
peekercpa, Predator (Third-Party Serial Killer)
Blaster Master, Freddy Krueger (Third-Party Serial Killer)

End of Day One:

macey (9) - brewha, hawkeyeop, hockey monkey, special ed, dotchan, JSexton, pedescribe, Rapier42, Millit the Frail
Thing Fish (4) - total lost, peekercpa, Pleonast, Chucara
Chucara (2) - NAF1138, Diggitcamara
Pleonast (1) - Thing Fish
peekercpa (1) - Natlaw
CometotheDarkSideWeHaveCookies (1) - bufftabby
Blaster Master (1) - Cookies
Rapier42 (1) - amrussell
No Vote (7) - MHaye, Blaster Master, Nanook of the North, Zeriel, Hal Briston, Almost Human, macey

End of Day Two:

Peekercpa (6) - Nanook, Brewha, Blaster Master, Special Ed, Rapier42, Mhaye
Dotchan (4) - Amrussell, Total Lost, Hockey Monkey, Natlaw
Hawkeyeop (2) - Pedescribe, Almost Human
Chucara (2) - NAF1138, Diggitcamara
Blaster Master (2) - Peekercpa, Chucara
Diggit (1) - Millit
Cookies (1) - Hawkeyeop
No Vote - Dunno

End of Day Three:

Chucara (8) - Diggitcamara, Natlaw, Almost Human, Amrussell, Mhaye, Millit, Special Ed, Rapier
Blaster Master (1) - Chucara
Amrussell (1) - Pedescribe
Cookies (1) - Brewha
Almost Human (1) - Total Lost
No Vote - Dunno

End of Day Four:

Blaster Master (7) - Natlaw, Dotchan, Brewha, Millit the Frail, JSexton, Hockey Monkey, Mhaye
Hockey Monkey (1) - Almost Human
Hal Briston - Cookies, Amrussell, Pedescribe, Blam, Special Ed
Cookies - Hal
Mhaye - NAF

Day Five vote count:

Hal Briston (5) - Brewha, Nanook, Jsexton, Natlaw, Special Ed
Mhaye (4) - Hal Briston, Zeriel, Dotchan, Cookies
Brewha (2) - Amrussell, Total Lost
Almost Human (2) - Hockey Monkey, Pedescribe
Nanook (1) - Millit the Frail
JSexton (1) - Almost Human

Day Six vote count:

Mhaye (5) - Zeriel, Nanook, Pedescribe, Special Ed, Total Lost
Nanook (3) - Millit the Frail, Dotchan, Brewha
JSexton (3) - Almost Human, Amrussell, Natlaw
Special Ed (1) - Mhaye

Day Seven vote count:

JSexton (5) - Almost Human, Amrussell, Natlaw, Special Ed, Total Lost
Amrussell (4) - Rapier, Millit the Frail, Jsexton, Brewha
Special Ed (2) - Zeriel, Pedescribe
Almost Human (1) - Hockey Monkey
Nanook (1) - Dotchan
Natlaw (1) - Nanook

Day Eight vote count:

Millet the Frail (6) - Pedescribe, Almost Human, Nanook, Amrussell, Special Ed, Brewha
Special Ed (2) - Millit the Frail, Natlaw
Brewha (2) - Rapier42, Zeriel
Almost Human (1) - Hockey Monkey


Until you and Hockeymonkey are dead, and a 4th Mason pops a claim, because you just said he didn’t exist in order to keep scum from hunting him…

Seriously, Ped. Bad play. You shouldn’t oughta fuck around with Mason claims, they should be sacred. We need to always be able to trust a Mason, or whats the point?

There IS NO fourth mason. If anyone else claims mason, LYNCH THEM. No, seriously, LYNCH THEM.


Here’s my Role PM:

which, at this point, contains no information you don’t already know.

So, was the comment about the ‘two’ or ‘three’ non college student types in someone else’s mason PM?

I suppose I can go back and check. I’ve forgotten by now.

Yes. Yes it was.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome. You’re very welcome.
Anyway, the case on brewha is mostly based on voting patterns, is that correct? Namely that he attempts to save both MHaye and JSexton, while jumping on peeker? I’m not quite sure I have it right.

Wait, what?

You’re goingn to ‘follow the crowd’ based on a case that you don’t care to know?

First, what crowd?

2nd, I never defended or tried to save Jsexton - I’d be quite surprised if you could show me how anything I’ve done could be interpretted that way.
And as far as Mhaye, I did get concerned when the vote suddenly swung from Hal to him. That’s all I commented on.
So, why do you suppose you’re still alive Pede? I find that odd. If you and Hockey are masons, why haven’t either of you been NK’d? After pointlessly lying about the number of masons, I’m much less inclined to trust you unquestionably.

Pointlessly? My lie served a purpose–to get the scum to target within the unconfirmed pool, and, hopefully, a vanilla. I will grant that it was rather frivolous, but it was not pointless.

And I have no idea why I am still alive. I could offer some guesses if you wanted, but I have no concrete reasons.

And I do care to understand the case against you. I just don’t know it fully at the moment, that’s why I asked. As for the crowd, you and amrussel seem to be gaining the most suspicion at the moment, and I’m not suspicious of amrussel (but amrussel is NOT a mason!).

I went back–I looked at AH’s summary of the case–and I’m not convinced. There’s a lot of stuff that has both a pro-town and a pro-scum motivation, and a lot of stuff that only has a slight scum benefit when combined with several other of his posts, some of which are ultimately pro-town. So I’m going to

Unvote brewha

and urge others not to vote for him.

I wish I could stay as far away from Pede as possible as to avoid any errant lightning strikes, but I can’t. sigh Pede, I wish I could slap you with a big smelly trout. :stuck_out_tongue: There is no 4th mason, none of us can or could kill the mostly deads. As far as getting to scum to kill in the unconfirmed pool, I suppose it worked, but I really dislike masons compromising their integrity.

Soooooo, what are we gonna do about these kinda dead folks that are hanging around?

Really? It would surprise you that someone could look at the vote record above and NOT notice that Day Six, your vote lands on the only not-proven-scum player getting significant attention? And then Day Seven, you’re the vote that puts amrussel within one of JSexton?

You don’t have to have posted some huge treatise declaring his Towniness in order to have defended him.

I’ll be honest, post-by-post analysis doesn’t do much for me. I was initially suspicious of him when I actually took a look at his vote record, and his response to that has only made me more sure.

I will admit–his vote tallies are highly suspect.

But it’s not enough for a vote at the moment. I need to figure out if there’s anyone more suspicious first.

This here seals the deal for me–we already HAVE a dead mason, declared townie by the Moderator. If we have two other masons who’re just randomly letting Pleo and HM run all over town as a scum gambit for multiple days, then we’re officially in bizarro world anyway. You know he’s a mason, what’s not to trust? His gambit worked, wasn’t pointless, accomplished the mission and yay for it.

So what’s the point of this smudge?

Oh noes, I swear it was Day even though it was dark. Completely save to take a walk in the woods! I just ran in to prove that! I wasn’t afraid! I, I…

<whimpers>Go town!</whimpers>