Maryselisis and Penthouse

Incredibly the Gonzalez nightmare is not yet over. MetroSource News Wire is reporting that Penthouse magazine will be offering a large sum of money to Maryselisis to remove her clothes and pose. WTF ?? What the hell is going on these days anyway ?? I mean Darva, now this chick ? I, for one, doubt she will accept - even still why do these publishers feel every young(ish) attractive female that wanders into the public eye through some random news story should get naked for us ?

On the other hand, why not? It’s not like they hold a gun to her head or anything. And she’s got a nice ass…

I dunno, maybe that’s exactly what they’re planning on doing. Maryselisis, naked, hiding in a closet as a burly SWAT guy points a gun at her. Or, considering this is a porn magazine, maybe he could point something else at her…

As long as she’s not screaming and crying, sure thing! When she’s happy, she’s a hottie.

You mean when her medication has kicked in?

Sure, if the medication is Spanish Fly. Grrrowl!

I will be the first to admit that I would do Maryselisis in a heartbeat. In fact, I’m fantasizing about her right now.

Oooooh, baby.

I try and avoid fantasising about anyone with a name that sounds like a fungus.

Ouch! The mere FACT that they offered, even if she tells them to buzz off, will end up casting a bad light on her. I mean, there are idiots who will say this is just more evidence of how Elian was used as a pawn, how the relatives are getting famous (perhaps, soon, rich) off of the whole ugly episode. The fact that Marisleysis didn’t solicit the offer will not matter to many.

I s’pose I should be outraged or sympathetic, but I have little patience for melodrama (unless I am the star) so I burned out on HER right quick.

Take it OFF! Take it OFF! Take it OFF!

Shit, I’d buy it.

Darn right, vandal. It would come in handy for this thread.

In a spirit of scientific inquiry, does anyone know where to find a picture of this paragon of pulchritude, so I can personally decide whether or not the epithet of “hottie” should be applied to Ms. Maryslesis?

Cranky sed:

True, and it’s a shame. The American public has no idea how many women have been asked to take their clothes off for a camera. Hell, Larry Flynt even asked Barbara Bush to strip down.

Eeeeeesh . . .

When I see those pictures of that Darva bitch in my Playboy, I’m canceling my sub, articles or no articles.

Speaking as an Entertainment Tonight challenged person, what is a “Darva”?

She’s the woman from “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-millionaire”, the one that realized she didn’t want to get married 5 minutes after she did. I got the issue with her in it a few days ago. She looks good on the cover, but IMHO she looks pretty nasty in the pictorial. I’m still tryin to figure out what the hell Rick was thinking.

Just for you, Arnold:

In This one, Elian is posing with Mariselysis in a way that I would like to attempt.

Unfortunately, most of the pics are gone now that she’s not a celeb no more.

(Trying to visualise someone calledd Mr. Cynical in that pose… sorry, can’t do it.)

Thank you for finding a picture for me. She is pretty. But not as pretty as my fiancée (you know that once you’ve been hooked you’ve got to watch your back all the time. Consider this CYA disclaimer to be implied ever time I praise the beauty of someone on the SDMB.)

Yeah, Arnold, I doubt she could hold me up anyway. I’m relatively large.

And I understand your predicament. However, rest assured, once you’re married, and you learn to live without sex, you can comment on any woman you choose.

Man…I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t know what Marylsy…Marales…Mariseyl…whatever the fuck her name is…what she looks like.

Oh, no. It gets even more degenerent. Playboy is in negotiations with 3 of the 4 remaining “Survivors” females. There is actually an on-line vote as to “who you would most like to see naked”. Will this become a pop-culture event ? Will you know a womans career is over once she shows her gap in a porn mag ?

So if this scary stuff continues then . . . I guess it will be about 9 months 'til the Britney mag.