Misread thread titles

NFL week eight ways to Subway

Smapti tries to lead the UK

Why not, everyone else has.

Macchu Pikachu, altitude sickness, and medication

Peeing potatoes in the army

How do cut ponies fade so fast?

Those poor ponies…

I read that one as “How do cut pennies fade so fast?”

Proposed: Dildos will NOT overturn same sex marriage, constipation, et al

Throat-cutting straight razor with electric cord

But is it UL-approved?

Did you all change all of your socks in the MMP?

Remember to do it every spring and fall!

The vast majority of plastic people put into recycling bins is headed to landfills

I thought Frank Zappa’s dream became true…

Do any women whatsoever think martinis are sexy?

correct post

An actual thread title in FQ:

Why do reading classes get dirty so quickly?

Perhaps a typo that will be fixed, but I’m imagining a sedate reading class in a library that suddenly and inexplicably turns into a wild orgy.

It’s already past the edit time out.

I struggle constantly with typos because reading text has become so difficult. Proof reading is error prone.

No worries, I thought the typo was delightful! :slight_smile:

I guess it depends on what people are reading. :joy:

I did ask the mod to fix the title.

And hey, reading classes getting dirty quickly just means the instructor and learner both are agreed on “getting to the good part”.

Experiences with Olympics?

Nope, none other than watching the games on TV.

Choosing the complete works of Anaïs Nin to study was probably not the best choice.

Can someone explain efforts to crap insulin.

… the penis of southern engineering

Is “southern engineering” some kind of euphemism?