MissBungle - what an unpleasant creature!

I’ve first become aware MissBungle in this thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=166323&pagenumber=2

I thought she was a little - um - unnecessarily unkind in expressing her preferences.

Then this a.m. I encountered this thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?postid=3097282#post3097282
where she saw fit to simply toss in a nice drive-by insult aimed at a poster and his daughter. Nothing especially outrageous, but again, just unnecessarily unpleasant.

Did a quick search and skimmed a few threads. Just wondering, in her brief tenure on these boards has MissBungle posted ANYTHING that is not mean, judgmental, and/or intolerant? Has she said anything positive? Encouraging?

Sure, it takes all kinds. Personally, I’d just as soon take her kind out with the rest of the trash.

Thank you, MissBungle, for reminding us of all of the ugliness in the world that often masquerades under a facade of normalcy.

I agree she acted a tad too provocatively in the first thread you linked. I think it’s part of the reason Czarcasm locked the thread.

The second one - eh. She may even have a point with her post. Sure, it’s a tad harsh, and it’s certainly not lending support to the OP. Then again, she doesn’t have to, if she disagrees.

I guess my estimate so far is “we’ll see”.

That thread is great! In one single page she confuses fact with opinion (the sky is blue, implants are wrong), and then actively declares her trolldom! Good stuff!

She was considerably rude to OpalCat in this thread, and she appears like a dog with a bone in the threads I’ve noticed her posts in. It’s just not pleasant.

I think she just wants a reaction. She kinda layed off me after I joked with her. I told her she needed some narcotics.

She doesn’t seem to be too interested in making friends here.

I’m not sure if she is looking for a reaction (that would imply the t-word, and I don’t think that’s it), or if she just likes to hear herself talk and is enjoying a confrontational persona.

Definately a rude person. You can express your opinions without insulting people.

Really. sniffs

I had a friend once who was just this normal, suburban Chicago twenty something with a boring temp job, but her goal in life seemed to be to make everyone scared or put off by her because then she could be deemed ‘evil’. Every single thing she did she would look at me or IM me and say “I just told someone that I think castrating men would be a fun hobby…isn’t that evil?” and then put her trademark “heh heh heh” after it.

When I finally got to know the kind of person she was, I found that she was being unpleasant and ‘evil’ and contradictory and mysterious because she felt that the truth was too boring.

Unfortunately she’d already stomped all over our friendship by that time and she lost a lot of friends while I knew her…

Don’t know what prompted me to post this…maybe it may help someone else to see the error of their ways.


A Pit thread for THIS?

Maybe I’m just old and crotchety (“maybe?”) but she seems, though a bit unpleasant, pretty fuckin’ benign.

Yes, she is rude and unpleasant and someone I’d never tolerate in person.

Hamy - you sally forth to obliterate the big targets with your impressive artillery.

I’ll set my less capable Pitsights on the more minor transgressions. Sort of a Mr. Politenessman ™ asitwere.

Can’t we all be friends? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Dinsdale, just so long as you don’t bonk anybody with that stainless steel hanky…

Holy shit, that was pretty uncalled for in my opinion! MissBungle’s comments, not your calling her on them, Ginger.

Hm. Haven’t really paid attention until this thread pointed it out, but she does seem to be a few ropes short of a suspension bridge…

she has had some problems with her own body image (didn’t she mention an eating disorder?), and has seemingly gone from self hatred to a wild swing in the opposite direction where she seems to believe a person has to accept and love EVERYTHING about themselves.

just MHO though.

hopefully it’s just a step on the road to recovery for her, and she’ll get past it.

i see nothing wrong with her advice here, in fact, it seems appropriate and wise. She is just more blunt at times it seems.

I’d say she’s acting like a real turd here. Although I agree the OP has some serious issues, those who are trying to be serious and trying to help the OP (who sounds like he wants help), are being knocked aside by her being “blunt.”

Oh My God y’all, like don’t judge me!

I was just going to start a pit thread on her if noone else had. I’m glad I didn’t have to. I’ve seen her rude and rather obnoxious in more than one thread, but I figured she was just having an off day…a few times. I’d search her for old, rude, posts, but it’s really not worth my time. Some of her comments just RIP on people judgementally, without thought, like OpalCat’s nose thread and Pure’s fetish thread, just to name two off the top of my head. I’m new so I don’t wanna get caught up in politics, but she seems as rude as possible, as often as possible.

Oh, wow. Like, OMG! I’m, like, so ROFLMAO! Like, you should totally stop being a pretentious bitch, okay?

Okay, I have nothing against you, or your posts. That just seemed like the right response to that.