Mist and Murk in the MMP!

Morning all! It is indeed a misty and murky morning where I live, the weather app says 46F, it’s damp and dismal out there. Definitely a bonus to be working from home, I made the effort to get properly dressed and then decided it was a day for wearing my favourite fluffy socks. Breakfast has been had (Marmite mushrooms on toast) and a steaming mug of tea.

The hamsters ruined my original post too. How’s your morning?

Good morning all. 37 degrees here in Tejas this morning, working on my second cup of coffee.

I’ve been looking forward to this week for over 4 months. The medicants are hopefully gathering bones to rattle and tea leaves to consult as they prepare to render their final verdict. If all aligns, I will finally be released from my home-bound purgatory and allowed to drive/travel/lift and in general act like a normal guy again (albeit an old one).

I shall celebrate this momentous week with a breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and anything else I can find that’s suffused with sodium, glucose, lard, or any other stuff we’re supposed to limit. Diet be damned today! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN I was a slugabed until almost seven a.m.! :open_mouth: 'Tis 52 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 53 (yep, one whole degree!) and cloudy for the day. We have a FREEZE WARNING in effect for tonight. Looks like some more to the norm colder weather shall settle in these parts. The big item on today’s agenda is to spiff da cave. Sup shall be pot roast with N.O.T. and baby carrots, baby lima beans, and cornbread muffins. A good sup on a somewhat coolish and windy day. Oh, and I have hauled the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig trash can all the way down to the road for pickup today. The trash powers that be (TTPTB) say to have it out by seven a.m. at the latest, but they never come around here until noon or after.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

ETA: Pulley happy gettin’ released day!

I also slugged-about under the covers till a tad after 7, tho I woke around 4 and alternated tablet use with dozing and weird dreams. The rain has started in earnest - I can always tell by the size of the puddle in the driveway, and it’s a big 'un! But the critters have been tended to, FCD is showering, and I’m caffeinating. Breakfast in a couple of hours.

Today’s agenda included calling to get my car in for an oil change, calling to get us in for COVID tests, and a follow-up appointment for Higgs. Since I changed sheets yesterday, there will be some laundry today, and I’d like to start cleaning the closet downstairs - we’ve talked about how we’re going to organize the basement, and readying the closet is step one.

So it’s a busy one ahead! Happy Moanday!!

During our last episode, nettie was frettin’ a bit about her trip, and O.W. had us clutching our pearls and shouting with joy & encouragement.

What will this week bring our Mumpers? Will swampy spiff da cave? And what’s everyone’s laundry status: not done yet, really needs to be done, or way behind?

Tune in for a special Cyber Monday episode of … The M.M.P. right here on the Straight Dope!

This made me literally LOL!!! I’m so glad you decided to join us in our little sandbox here!

As for updates, my car goes to the shop tomorrow. I’m about to shower and put on adult clothing. FCD is going to find out when Higgs’ appointment is and I get to take her. Film at 11.


Trash truck already came & went. Based on the corner I’m on, I’m pretty sure I am their very first stop o’the morning.

It’s a very chilly day in the Mitten State today, and the eastern portion is supposed to get quite a bit of snow. The Oracles claim there will only be light flurries in my area.

Need to shower and put on pants (and a coat!) then hop over for those canned goods - er, oatmeal boxes - for the donation drive. I bet there’ll be a LOT of cans to schlep in today, as it’s the last day & potheads have a penchant for doing things last minute. Like I’m doing!

I think imma get myself a coffee and a doughnut on the way. I almost never have either, and there’s a Timmy Horton drive-thru about a minute from here.

Thank you sincerely. I started playing in your sandbox when I desperately needed to lean onto some kind of social support & was looking for a routine, positive moment I could count on every day.

So I’m glad it’s not so much of a one-way-street as it feels sometimes.

Is it really a holiday without a trip to the ER? My tale of woe, as told by overlyverbose. If you’re grossed out easily, stop here.

Thanksgiving was kind of a bust. My mom has been exhausted since her surgery, declining bit by bit. Finally on Friday, I gave my mini lecture about how we’d have to talk to her doc at her appointment, which was supposed to be today. It isn’t normal for her to have to rest just between her condo and her car, and it wasn’t getting any better and she needs to be in decent shape once she starts radiation. She agreed and as we’re sitting there, chatting. a huge waft of something foul washed over us. We looked all over her condo, trying to figure out what died in the walls and where. But…the smell seemed to be following us. You probably know where this is going.

Yep, her neck had sprung a leak. And not a good one, not normal drainage - it was the most horrific, smelly, pussy brown drainage I’d ever seen and looked like someone had left a very leaky faucet on, only in the side of her neck. She held a hand over it and tried to tell me we’d also talk to the doc about that Monday. No effing way - it’s not normal to leak like that after surgery, dammit. I made her put on some clothes and we went to the ER.

Fast forward to today and she’s ensconced back in the hospital, in stable condition, having received enough antibiotics to tranq a horse, as well as a couple of units of blood (it serves double duty - apparently some people can’t make red blood cells properly after a particularly bad infection; it’ll also let us know if there’s internal bleeding somewhere). Her surgical site has abscessed, a really, really common side effect of the type of surgery she had, of which I had zero idea.

Anyway, I’m so glad we went. The only downside now is that she’s going to come home with a feeding tube and she really likes others to take care of her, which means she’ll insist I need to stay with her 24/7 until she has it removed. However, the doc has already told her she needs to learn how to manage herself and does not require round the clock care. But…that fun conversation is a relatively small price to pay, and it’s understandable she’s freaked out.

So there you are. I guess it’s not so much a tale of woe (since everything worked out more or less) but more a tale of things gone raunchy.

Got myself TWO donuts at Timmy H. plus a biscuit sammich in lieu of coffee. I really, really wanted tea. I have a steel travel thermos.

So now I’m sitting in the Wal-Mart parking lot, with my hot tea from home, having a breakfast picnic in my car.

It’s cozy and quiet in here - out there, they’re blaring music and the Salvation Army guy is ringing and there are occasional but rather impressive gusts of wind that just feels like it’s bringing snow, yanno?

Now there’s a sentence you don’t see often. Especially not in what came across as a relatively casual tone.

Talky, not a great weekend, but good on you for being there and not letting her ignore it, which could have ended badly. Hope it all goes better.

Shoe, you and nettie and talky and herald and quietly and Boo and OW and others my feeble mind can’t recall have helped revitalize the MMP since we lost several ‘old-time’ posters. It makes for a lot of reading sometimes, but it increases my list of friends greatly. Stick around (somewhere between ‘as long as I need to’ and ‘until the entropic heat death of the universe’). Oh, and you can keep the snow.

FCM, I had a COVID test in August and was thinking about getting another one post-T’giving (brother’s family is responsible, but Sis-in-Law thinks ‘it’s just the flu’…so when they are at church…). Medicare pays for one, you need a Drs. note to get others, will have to see how hard that is to get.

swampy, what’s freezing down there, about 45F?? When I lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE (summer temperature highs were 112F every day for 5 months), the rare times in went below 55F was reason for the Arab population to put on the heavy jackets.

pullin, hope the verdict is all in your favor.

Boo fae, not misty or murky but the cloud cover is solid and looks to be that way all day today. Morning let me sleep in to 8:15am (425 miles of driving wears me down).

Supposed to have highs around 50F and a couple nights below 32F, so the heater will get a workout now through March, but still little chance of snow (which is good because folks in N. Ali-bama haven’t a clue). Oh, and Logan’s Roadhouse has re-introducted their Meatloaf dinner, Hurrah!!

All y’all have a good week now.

The traveler was actually nellie. :slight_smile:

As for me, I’m calling out today. Feeling better than I did over the weekend, but still could really use another recovery day. Do need to get around to some laundry and other mini-cave sanitation.

Both of my old Rokus are too old to work, so I just ordered a new one and tossed the old ones. Dang, technology dies fast!!

No vet for Higgs today - yay! So back to the basement with me to continue cleaning. Rah!

You sometimes put on children’s clothing?

Me too. Ain’t it grand?!

Your mom is so fortunate to have you. I’ll save you the lecture about taking care of yourself first so you can take care of her but do let me know if a nudge is needed.
Otherwise {{{{{{{{ talky & talkymadre }}}}}}}

Yes, 'tis I. We’re easily confused, owing to the fact we’re identical twins separated at birth. :slight_smile: We’ve talked about changing my name so we’re not as easily confused, but I don’t think it went anywhere. Glad you’re feeling better, and also glad you’re taking another recovery day.

I’m no longer fretting about my trip since the hotel said I could stay there. Well, not the hotel, itself. That’d be creepy, and with my luck, I’d get a cranky room. (“Oh, for heaven’s sake, pick up your damned shoes!”) I am also very, very tired. I awoke at FCM time (4:30, even though today she arose later) with some kind of stomach bug and wasn’t able to get back to sleep. I didn’t fall asleep until about 1 a.m. because I kept mentally checking my packing list, which is unlike me. Anyway, yaaaawwwwn. Maybe I’ll sleep on the train. Anyway, all packed up and waiting for it to be Uber time.

wordy, glad you talked Mary Leaky into an ER trip. I’m amazed they didn’t warn you about the possibility of abscess since it’s so common.

swampy, so you have to have the biiiiiiiiiiig trash bin at the curb by 7, but it can’t go out the night before? I am now imagining people on your street marching their bins out in synch and with military precision.

shoe, I’m happy that you treated yourself. You deserve it.

pullin, where are you getting released from? Sorry, I know I should know. Too many plot threads here on the Very Special Cyber Monday episode of the MMP.

Hugs all around, just 'cause it’s Monday and you’re all so darn huggable.

Count on it. Mumperland will have to pay to have me hauled away.

I suspect my iPad with the Monday MMP of the day on my screen will be what they have to pry out of my cold dead hands, with the last feeble wisp of my spirit whimpering “noooo, not yet, I need more”.

San Francisco’s weather continues to be unseasonably warm and dry. Bad news drought-wise (yep, California’s still in a drought, though it’s not quite as severe as it was a few years ago, so you don’t hear about it so much), and it also means all the dum-dums who don’t know enough to stay home during the very worst of the pandemic will be flocking to the zoo again. Dammit.

I refrain from naming my favorite MMPers, lest I hurt anybody’s feelings. As a relative noob here, I doubt I’m on anybody’s list. Also, my life is kind of boring. Perhaps I’ll try to have more medical, household, and family emergencies so as to be more entertaining. Or perhaps not.

Talky, the human body is a disgusting miracle, ain’t it?

Hold on Buster! You’d on my list of favorites.

Keep telling me about your life. 1. It isn’t as boring as you think and 2. Boring isn’t always bad.

Afternoon all. Well, I say afternoon- it’s only 4.30 but it’s already nearly dark. We had glorious sun for a bit this morning, otherwise it’s been murky and damp here too. Very mild though- too mild, the bees are confused and burning up loads of energy looking for flowers that aren’t there, so I’m going to have to give them a bit of extra food- hopefully on Wednesday if it’s dry enough.

Not too overly stressful at irk today, but Moandays are normally a fairly quiet day, I knock off early even; it’s the end of the week that’s the worst. We do seem to be determined to do everything in the least efficient manner possible though, so it can still manage to be exceedingly frustrating. Oh well.

Speaking of irk, please cross any available digits that something I applied for comes through- I was all hopeful despite the current job market, 'cos it’s very niche, short-term* but works with my vague plans and my qualifications are a really good match- plus the recruity person called me right away after applying- but I just discovered my notice period is twice the length I thought it was, meaning it’d be after the desired start date. We shall see; can’t do much else. It would mean a mad panic house move, giving the bees away (I’d start again with a local colony if I settled) and assorted chaos, but it’d be interesting, y’know?

-* my current pittance is so low that even the 3 months initial contract at the possible place would bring in more than the 7 months I would otherwise be doing before I quit, and there may be more’n that available. My wages are an unliveable joke right now, and are only likely to get worse after March, when half the courses end.

It’s cold, it’s snowing, I’m trapped in Time Entry Deadline Hell, and I am not amused. I hate lawyers. That is all.

Awwww! I wasn’t fishing. Really. :sunglasses: