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morris owned a department store and was doing pretty good business and all of a sudden business slumped off cause a dollar store opened and being worried he went to his temple kneeled at the altar hey god its me max I need to win the lottery cause that store is starting to kill me thanks … he stood up and went home

Well the week came and went but business was worse because the dollar store expanded to selling clothing so morris goes to the temple and kneels and says hey god things are getting worse Now they’re selling clothes at prices I can’t match I really need to win the money this week please help

Once again nothing happens and they’re no customers as the store expanded to sell housewares and light furniture…morris is now facing bankruptcy so in a last-ditch effort, he goes to the temple visibly upset and says o god why have you forsaken me? m faithful to my wife I help out the charities… I don’t even cheat on my taxes he begins sobbing … please god I need to win that money

A voice from the heavens says "morris you honor me too much … but you gotta go buy a ticket first

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Way back when the West was full of towns that as yet had no names, John and his son were travelling westward with their friend Al.

Al had told John that his only goal in life was to have a town named after him. He had also told the boy, who was a very very polite young man who said, “Yes, Sir.”

One day Al was terribly ill and could not travel any more. He told John, "Just leave me here so I won’t slow you down. But be sure not to forget … Name A Town After Me. "

“Yeah, sure, Al. I won’t forget.”

Next morning as John and his boy trudged on westward Al shouted one more time, “Name a town after me!”

Then he heard the boy’s voice from the distance saying, “I’ll make sure he does it, Mr. Buquerque.”

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Did you hear about the Irish psychiatrist?

Instead of a couch, he had a Murphy bed.

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Two businessmen meet on the beach in Florida, both obviously recently retired. They bring each other up to date on their lives:

1st businessman: “My business was killing me. The suppliers were shipping shoddier and shoddier merchandise. The customers were always coming back with complaints. The taxes kept going up and up. The only thing that saved me was that the store caught on fire one night. I took the insurance money and retired.”

2nd businessman: “I was pretty much in the same situation. Then there was a torrential rain, and my business was flooded out. I also took the insurance money and retired.”

1st businessman: “Just between us ---- who do you contact to arrange for a flood?”

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Why do programmers always mix up Halloween and Christmas? Because** Oct 31 = Dec 25.

9 more here, explained:

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3 years ago I met the girl of my dreams, and asked her for a first date. Yesterday I asked her to marry me.

She said no both times.

What’s the difference between an airplane and the United States? The airplane’s right wing isn’t trying to crash it out of spite.

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Why did the programmer get stuck in the shower for 3 days?

He read the instructions on the shampoo label: “lather, rinse, repeat”.

The kid that used to bully me at school still takes my lunch money.

On the other hand, he makes great Subway sandwiches.

Give a man a duck, and he’ll eat for a night.

Teach a man to duck, and he’ll avoid low-flying objects.

Can older adults be circumcised?

Or is there a cut off date ?