More Jokes

[Well, I’m from Indiana, and we’re big on corn here.]

It must be hard for people learning to spell in English. For example, there is one silent K in “knight”, four silent K’s in “knickknack”

And three silent K’s in “Republican”.

I saw a microbiologist in person today…

He was much bigger in real life

Never kick a volcano

You might Krakatoa

My dad was addicted to ladders

He kept using them to get high.

I did a really good data analytics project on car sales and types with really interesting plots. It was so good I think it made me famous.
People kept asking me for my auto graph

80 year old man goes into a Catholic confessional booth.

He says “Father, I’ve been making love to a beautiful 25 year old woman twice a day for the past 3 weeks.”

The priest says, “why are you telling ME this, Mr. Johnson? I happen to know you’re Presbyterian.”

“Hey, I’m telling everybody!”

I was reading a great book about an immortal dog the other day

It was impossible to put down

Who is a deep fried rodent’s favourite actor?

Chris Pratt

Why is Spider-Man so good at making comebacks?

Because with great power comes, great response-ability.