My first pitting - James McCormick

What a prize dick - a man who made £50,000,000 from putting peoples lives in danger.


The morally reprehensible are amazing.

He should be sentenced to cross a minefield equipped with one of his own “detectors.”

Reading the description, I find it had to believe that people were fooled into buying these things.

Here’s an idea…how about we pit the stupid fuckers who BOUGHT them, too??

Which probably really means that $40m of US budges was spent.

Or we can pit Iraqi officals who knew that the devices didn’t work, thereby putting their own people in danger:

That’s kinda what I’m thinking too.

I mean, no doubt this McCormick asshole is a piece of shit, but I’m willing to bet even he was surprised that anybody believed him.

They should extradite him to an Iraqi court.

People tend to believe what they want to believe - this is how most con tricks work.

This is a pretty slippery slope; it opens the door for lawsuits from millions of duped consumers who purchased X-ray Specs from the back of a comic book.

While I agree with this pitting, I must say: recreational outrage.

Yes, people who bought them are probably suckers, but that doesn’t exonerate him. He’s still up for Dogshit of the Year award in my books.

If you want to be snarky about it, yeah, maybe.

But as a British ex-civil servant who worked in central London throughout the IRA bombing campaign, I maintain a kind of vague interest in people on the receiving end of planted explosives and certainly would not have liked our security wielding useless crap like that when I was.

I say caveat emptor. I admire the guy. I can’t see anything but some false advertising claims here, and the rule for those is the fines should amount to a tiny portion of the profits. Anybody who believed these things worked was in no more danger than they are every day from their own stupidity. Fer cryin’ out loud chiropracters are allowed to treat cancer and Scientology doesn’t pay taxes, this is hardly worth noticing.

Funneling tax money to people and companies for shit that doesn’t make us any safer is the whole reason the military exists. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

Straining the boundaries of irony here, I hope.

I admire his chutzpah, otherwise … meh.

Why would countries buy these bomb detectors when dowsing sticks are practically free?

And can you at least use them to find explosive golf balls?

Signs point to yes

Which would explain why so many golfers were arrested and executed in Iraq last year.

“This’ll lead you right to Duff Killigan’s hideout, Kim.”
“You rock, Wade!”

I’m from Langport, too. I am ashamed. What a fucker.