Name my new finches!

Thanks to, I’m now the proud owner of two zebra finches! This cute little pair adds a nifty song to my apartment, and induces jealousy from my two cockatiels.
But they are nameless! The previous owner had too many to give them proper monikers.
I know there are some imaginative Dopers who relish the opportunity to showcase their creativity, so here’s your chance. :slight_smile:
Since they are a bonded pair, I’m thinking of matching names. Salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard, Romeo and Juliet, and so on.
I will pick a winner from this thread, I promise!

Abelard and Heloise? Scylla and Charybdis? Trilby and Svengali?

I got nothin. :wink:

Best wishes with your new pets!

Which is which?

Kate and Spencer, esp. if the white one is the male (Spencer Tracy’s eventual white mane, vs. Katherine Hepburn’s red).

Aren’t they fun? My two are named Bogie and Bacall. They beep and play all day and have seed spitting contests for distance.

How about Grendel and Big Momma?

Heckly and Jeckle

I know it was a different kind of bird but the names go well together.

Or you can dig into BASIC and call them

Peek and Poke.

Harry & Lloyd.

This only works if you have read the book, but one of my favorite books as a kid was The Finch’s Fabulous Furnace which is about a family who moves into a new house to discover it is heated by a small, but active, volcano in the basement. So if I had finches, I would name them after famous volcanos, like Loa and Kea (Hawaii), Rainier and Shasta (West Coast) or Fuji and Etna (no geographic relation, but I like how they sound together).

Congrats on your new feathered friends!

:smack: Jem and Scout. I can’t believe it took me this long to think of that!

Kang and Kodos.

So far I like Peek & Poke; that’s pretty much what they do! But I also like **delphica’s ** volcano idea…it is not only unique, but there’s a story behind it as well.

**The Scrivener ** - the female is the white one, the male is the one with flashy plumage. Otherwise, a great idea!

I’d name one Jennifer, after Jennifer Finch from L7. Which would lead me to name the other one after another member of L7, maybe Suzi or Donita.

Scout and Jem.

Peter and Elise.

Milo & Otis. Hee & Haw. Fiddle & Faddle. Dib & Dab.

Jerry and Elaine.
George and Martha.
Thomas and Sally.
Daredevil and Elektra.
Clark and Lois.
Bob and Helen.
Paris and Helen.
Zeus and Hera.
Franklin and Eleanor.
Hercules and Megara.

No more creative names? OK, I’ll give it some thought today and decide which of the submissions match my cute birds’ personalities!

Thanks to all who helped out!!

I had three at one time. They made me laugh so I called them The Marx Brothers.

Which ones did you leave out?

Poor Zeppo & Gummo - nobody remembers them. sniff

Rocco’s lunch and Devo’s lunch.
(this from Rocco and Devo, two of our cats.)

Actually, I couldn’t decide on which names to choose, so they were just collectively “The Marx Brothers.” No individual names. They were very cool.