Obama misquotes Foxx


Dumbass Obama claims that Fred Sanford’s dearly departed is named Wheezy. Totally misunderstanding the landscape of 1970s television.

I hope this costs him the election.

He sure changed my vote.

He must think black people are interchangable. I hate racists.

He’d been going so well, too. Damn.


Which part?

Someone his age really should be able to get his '70s pop-culture references right, but he’s too much of an elitist to watch a show about a junkyard in Watts. No, he liked the one about the business owner who lived in a dee-luxe apartment on the East Side.

I’ll still vote for him because of his stance on the war and health care and stuff though, but man, he let me down.

ETA: nevermind.

How would you like five across your lips, ya big dummy?

Nice one. :slight_smile:

Ah, I knew this thread was a parody but I didn’t know of what: McCain misquotes Hemingway - The BBQ Pit - Straight Dope Message Board

Actually, they’d moved on up to the East Side.

To a deeee-luxe apartment in the sky (eye-eye…)

When come back, bring a piece of the pie-hi-hi.

Both are true, but it’s complex, and you are sworn never to repeat it after this thread.
Louise “Wheezy” Mills Jefferson… was Elizabeth Williams Sanford. She could no longer take the smell of junk, Fred’s Depression era singalongs with Skillet and Grady and Bubba, she wanted to make something of herself and when she turned to her sister Esther for support all she got was lectures on how she was going to burn in hell.

So Elizabeth Sanford she left St. Louis for NYC with nothing but four hundred dollars given to her by loan-shark former lover Big Money Gripp and left St. Louis for NYC.

The night she left Fred told Lamont “Your mama died. Got hit by a big ol’ ugly white woman driving an airstream, she’s deader’n’ hell. Owed me six dollars, said to take it out of your allowance. We’re having chicken necks and thighs for dinner so if you want something else get the hell out of here”. Lamont believed this, and in time so did Fred.

Meanwhile Elizabeth got to NYC. She decided if she was going to change identities anyway she might as well drop about 20 years off her age- that’s why the actress playing her was so much older than the actor playing George, and why they only managed one child. Taking the name Louise from the actress Lousie Brooks (in a fist fight), she married George Jefferson, telling him continual lies about her past, mainly that she’d never been married before, and that her sister, far from being a holy roller, was a hellion who went to Paris when she got pregnant, but she did push this husband harder (and he had more gumption anyway) and thus “moved on up”.

From time to time she missed Lamont, but as Lionel grew she didn’t think about him so much, other than to drop an anonymous postcard telling Big Money Gripp that Lamont was in fact his son. Since she never paid him back, she figured this was the least she could do.
Next week: How Mike Brady’s wife, the mother of his three sons, wound up living in the Chicago ghetto with her perenially unemployed husband James.

Sampiro, I love you so much.

All well and good, but what is that thread a parody of?

Mike D. also gets the line wrong when he says, “Make you do like Fred Sanford with ‘I’m comin’ Wheezy!'” in the Beastie Boys song, Shazam!

Could this mean Obama’s a Beastie fan?

This one. (Eddies in the space-time continuum?)

Well, he is now. It’s all starting to make sense.

A lot of Stevie Wonder. Some Marsalis, some Bobby McFerrin. About as hip as he gets. Thinks Zappa is a Latino congressman from California.

This is exactly what I was thinking of when I saw this thread.

The Beastie Boys made the same mistake… (and apologized for it in their liner notes).

So maybe Obama was just quoting the B-boys!