ok, what is the proper punishment for a strying spouse

You can’t kill them, it’s against the law, You can’t remove body parts, the law thing again. Divorce just doesen’t seem bad enough, it only lets them be free to play.
I want to know about pay backs, not so much for the person they cheat with, but the married person who cheats, and has more than than once.

sweet innocent little old grandma type person

ooops, should have been straying. Sorry

sweet innocent little old grandma type person

Run for the Senate.

That’s good comedy!

I’ve wondered about this myself. It seems that, in this age, a cheating spouse could bring home any myriad of diseases and, possibly, kill you. Condoms aren’t 100% so, I believe, as long as they’re sleeping around and lying about it, they’re putting you at risk. Divorce definitely is not bad enough however, if your cheating spouse brings home AIDS, they already have a death sentence. On the other hand, if they give it to you, they, in essence, killed you too. What’s the proper punishment? Cold comfort for the atheists, but I think you have to let your faith take over in this case. While I don’t believe in “heaven” or “hell”, I do believe in karma (ie what goes around, comes around).

I don’t know what would be a better course of action. Perhaps someone else has a better answer.

HHHHMMMMMMMM, you guys are much too tame, how about starting with poison ivy rubbed in his shorts and go from there, I need really nasty ideas, but nothing that will get me arrested. I have never been to jail and don’t want to go now. The women have gotten theirs and I had nothing to do with it, but he has gotten away with it and I’m pissed. On top of everything he refuses to use a condom EVER. So this has put my very life in danger.

sweet innocent little old grandma type person

Oh, I thought this was more of a theorhetical conversation than a call for revenge ideas. My mistake :). There are alot of sites concerning revenge on the web. We were looking thru some of them a few weeks ago as a coworker was looking for some ideas. I went to Yahoo and looked up “revenge.” There’s plenty out there.

t.g.: anything you do other than divorce as a punishment could get you arrested.

However, you are on the right track. Prove he infected you and you might be able to have him arrested for assault.

Take out a full page ad announcing their willingness to help Bikers, crack heads, whatever with their “problems”. Be creative! Offer loans! Offer them as a sex therapist!

Send a big red envelope with something like herpes test results on it to their work.

Send a box of fresh panties/boxers to their work with “perishable open immediately” on it so the receptionist opens it up and shares it with the office staff.

And, of course, these are just jokes. Actually doing them is just bad karma. But it’s fun to think about isn’t it?

Well, the first thing to do, of course, is to cut him off (metaphorically speaking) so as to prevent infection. Meanwhile, I will try to find the posts on the AOL/SDMB to which LTControls posted regarding revenge. (I will never deliberately anger that lady.)


  1. Find out WHY. Problems can possibly be fixed.
  2. See if she/he learned anything new that can be brought into the bedroom, livingroom, shower, kitchen, backyard, back of bus…sorry, reminiscing. Anyhoo, find out what was different about the other person, then find out just how adaptable you can be.

walk away.

Nothing you can do will ever make you feel you are “even”, and we all have quite enough enemies already.

Pack up his/her shit and put it on the lawn. Change the locks. Don’t speak to him/her at all unless absolutely neccesary, and then as little as possible. Get the best, most evil lawyer you can find (even if you can’t afford it). Get the house, the car, the kids (if applicable), and as much money as possible.

If this had been an isolated incedent, you might have worked it out (but you would still never feel “even”). But, as an old proverb says, “fool me once, shame on you. twice, shame on me.” No person deserves to be treated with such disregard, and you should NOT allow youself to be.

For what it’s worth, it may take years, but one night he/she will wake up at 3am and realize how much pain he has caused. That one moment will do more deep, personal damage to him/her than anything you could ever hope to accomplish through “revenge”.

Or, if you’re really looking for revenge, tape a few shrimp underneath the front passenger-side seat in his car.

Living well is the best revenge!

He’s worthless! Leave him and find someone who will make you happy. If you can do it with some of his money, so much the better.

I guess I’m in the vast minority here, but whenever my husband has gone out with someone else, we usually gossip about the juicy details afterward. Of course, we also don’t disallow eachother from having other relationships.
(I don’t think that cheating is ok though. Honesty and consent are what make up a good relationship)

PS anyone wanting to tell me how evil I am for having an open marriage, or tell me how my marriage isn’t “real” or tell me that I’m a slut (ha!)…well… Please write out your complaints and address them to “OpalCat, C/o I Don’t Care, PO Box 0000, USA” and drop them in the mail. I’ll be sure to give them all the consideration they deserve.)

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Well, I certainly wouldn’t call this cheating. The element of betrayal is missing.

So what would you do if someone so close to you betrayed you?

Find out WHY!

why ? which time why, last time was because it was offered, he thought it would be fun and liked the idea of 2 women wanting him, thats why, I mean if a man offered you a turn at his w, would you turn him down, well my big dummy didn’t. I only found out 6 months after it started because the woman and my husband were caught playing w/o inviting her h to play too.
As for an open marriage, it’s just not for me, I don’t share willingly anyway. I tried it years ago, didn’t like it.

sweet innocent little old grandma type person

I’ve always told hubby he is free to have an affair, only she has to do his laundry. Nothing pops the romance bubble like a pile of stinky clothes that returns week after week.

cheat on him, or tell him you did.
Tell him you are pregnant, or might have herpes.
Freak him out…but you will have to leave him someday.Good Luck.