Peach Iced Tea and Job Huntin’… The MMP

Ok, so I promised I would not get all TMIy with the MMP. Apparently there are certain people who feel it would offend their delicate sensibilities. As If! However, since I am a gentleman of my word, no TMIness shall find its way into this MMP OP.

As most of y’all know, I am amongst the unemployed at present. Thus I job hunt. I hate it. I know I will find a job to my liking and even if I decide to just take sump’n for the time being and continue to look it won’t be so bad. Heck, everybody’s done some type of work at one time or another that while not exciting paid the bills til a better prospect came along. I have before, so I know it won’t kill me. Now, that does not mean I’ll be askin’ folks if they want fries with that cause, I ain’t that desperate! Still, this job huntin’ stuff is no fun. I’m lookin’ around, finding things I think I’ll like or know I’m qualified for and apply. And wait. Last week I had three interviews. Nuttin’ exciting about any of ‘em but then again I could stand any one of ‘em. A couple of jobs I have applied for and would like to get, I’ve answered back additional info on they’ve asked for. Those I’m keepin’ my fingers crossed that I get interview calls. Still, I hate this. One of the great things though is the amount of support I have. I have good support from all the cool kids which is always nice, cause y’all are the bestest. I also have a wonderful network of friends and family who are keepin’ their eyes and ears open for prospects for me, which I really do appreciate. It will happen. I know it. This is just a kinda update on how that’s goin’ for me right now.

Peach iced tea is a wonderful thing! It is my latest addiction. It is made by Smucker’s[sup]TM[/sup] of all things! Instant iced teas have never been a favorite of mine but dang this stuff is good! I found it at Big Lots (what? I only shop at the classiest stores.) and bought a can of it. I made a pitcher of it and after quaffing that first glass hightailed it back to the store to buy more. I now possess twelve cans of it, which is all they had. For those of you not in the know, Big Lots is this weird discount store that buys closeout stuff from other stores and sells it for cheap. One never knows what to expect when one goes there. It all depends on what’s come in that week and changes week to week, sometimes day to day. Anywho, I like goin’ there and lookin’ for stuff cause, well ya never know. I’ll probably never find this iced tea there again but for now I have a goodly supply. Of course knowin’ me, once I’m out I’ll lose my addiction for this and find another addiction to take its place.

Happy Monday Y’all!

I am doing an ‘in the meantime’ type job. And I, too, think Peach Iced Tea is mighty fine.

Great OP, 00Ursinus, and the lack of TMI is just right for this time in the morning. I’ve just arrived at my “in the meantime” job and I’m quite looking forward to the next three days 'cos my line manager is on holiday until Thursday. Not that it means I’ll be spending all day on the Dope, of course…I’s got lots to do. She’s not left me a lot of stuff apart from a new web page she wants set up. So that’s my project for, I dunno, maybe tomorrow. I’ve got other things to do today, like filling out an application for another job on campus.

Peach Iced Tea sounds good too, I think I could manage some of that if only I could find some over here!

I love closeout stores! Got some neat stuff in several of them, when I lived in Miami. They’re like the mother of all dollar stores, with much more varied (and therefore interesting) stock.

There are some of them Over Here, but they’re not officially closeout stores. They’re stores that have had the “going out of business” sign for months, or even years, but which keep buying more inventory from places that are really going out of business. Their stock is limited to whatever they used to sell, though: if it was a furniture store you won’t be buying umbrellas.

One of my favorite stores Back Home spent three years with the “going out of business” sign. It’s really, really closed now; the bank office that’s right across the street is moving there.

The sun is out! All weekend the sky was white, instead of its proper blue. This morning the mist was scary-thick. But now the sun has realized it’s Monday and come out. I have to look up the weather forecast before I speak with Mom tonight; they’ll be coming to Chocolateland on Wednesday. They’re spending Thursday in Zurich, I’ll be joining them Friday and then we come to Basel. They go back to Zurich on Tuesday and then fly Back Home on Wednesday. Yes, I’m having fun with the caps key, why do you ask?

I’m off work Friday, Monday and Tuesday. When Germanboss jokes about making me come in (there’s Stuff going on) I tell him he’ll have to discuss it with Mom.

Thank you, Swampy for restraint in the TMI department! And happy MMP to you and all.

We’ve been quaffing the peach iced tea brand of Crystal Light and it’s pretty decent; I’ve never seen one made by Smuckers, though, so you may indeed have been wise to stock up on that. Sometimes companies make good product, but don’t promote it well, and sounds like that might be what happened with that peach iced tea.

Still thinking good thoughts for you on the job hunt, Swampy (btw, how -do- you guys keep track of all the various nicknames?! lol). I’m up early this am, already caffeinating and getting ready to get ready (lol) for work.

Did anyone see The Tudors on Showtime last night, btw? Whoa, whoever knew that Henry VIII was so buff! I really liked Jonathan Rhyss-Myers (sp?) as Elvis in that bio pic a couple of years ago; Randy Quaid played Col. Parker, who called Elvis an “ungrateful hillbilly!” At any rate, the costumes and such are quite wonderful and the acting is great too; just don’t know how historically accurate it is. But lots of buffness!

Swampy, How selfish is that!? Buying all the peach iced tea! Well, you deserve it. It will keep you focused on the job hunt. Good luck on that BTW.

We got our income tax back this week. Usually I’m the voice of reason, while hubby wants to spend it like our last name is Hilton. It isn’t. Surprisingly, this time he is saying we should pay off the credit cards instead of buying him a new computer for his birthday, which is what I wanted to do. So, I’m saying good buy to my good friends Visa AmEx and MC. They will sleep in the safe for a while. It will be nice to have a little money left at the end of the month.

Even though it is Monday, I’m now going (back) to bed for Sunday. I was asleep, but had a bad dream. This takes my mind off the nightmares. Now I’m sleepy again.


I don’t like instant tea, but I have a Mister Coffee Iced Ted Pot, so I can just pop out some fresh brewed whenever I feel like it. It’s raining today, so I think I’ll clean, so I can really goof off the rest of vacation.

BooFae, You could always make hot tea with peach flavored tea/tea bags and ice it down.

Swampy, as you know, I’m not an MMPer – but I saw the thread title and read the OP – sorry to hear you’re out of a job – hope everything is okay.

I believe he was a pretty active guy. He was big into dancing and started the process of raising hemlines on dresses so that women could properly move (according to my dance teacher in high school.)

Good morning! Nice OP, swampy. I hereby order one of the jobs that’s not an “in the meantime” job to call and hire you. Now!!!

We don’t necessarily keep nicknames straight, tarra. Usually, they’re not too hard to figure out from context.

I’ve had peach iced tea several times. One of the nurseries that I go to in the summer serves it to all their customers. Don’t know which brand, but it’s good.

I should have been up quite a while ago. But I didn’t feel like it. I need to make today’s lunch and get myself to work.

Happy Monday, everyone!!!


Mornin’! Peach iced tea? No, I’m sorry…that’s not gonna work for me. Peaches are only allowed in cobbler, ice cream, and on my pancakes. Liquified peaches freak me out a little. But I am interested in another cup o’ coffee!

The job…hmmmm…I work for a catholic hospital system and I don’t know if I get Good Friday off or not. Mr. K is off so it would be nice if we could have a day off together, but I have a feeling that’s not going to happen.

I’m waiting for delivery of a 42" TV that my son bought us. I hope it comes today!

Have a good Monday, all!

Hey Twicks, I have another question for your mag, if you’re interested. “How do I get rid of a serious infestation of carpenter bees?”

So far, I sorted a lumber pile they were in, and burned all the pieces with the tell-tale holes (the frantic buzzing and flying, flaming bees was quite kewl), and I went through 2 cans of Raid Wasp and Hornet spraying the holes I couldn’t put in a burn pile. So far, I cut the population down by about half.

A Monday Morning Harrumph to everyone else. Iced tea sucks, and it’s a good way to ruin peaches/peach flavoring. I may be Southern by choice, but I’ll never drink iced tea in any form, nor will I chew tobacco. That much Hoosier lives on in this transplanted bod.

Morning all. Peach iced tea is yummy.

Swampy, every job I’ve ever had is an “in the meantime” job. I live knowing that one day the job market will have an opening for the one job that I am eminently qualified for: Beer-chocolate-pizza-videogame tester at the starting salary of $250,000, with bennies and a 3 day work week. One day of fishing per week is required.

Until that happens, every job is just a filler. . .

Me, too. My “real job” will involve a porch swing. Somehow that never shows up on my Monster search.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my gig as an engineer is there just to support my addiction to red lights and sirens.

Bolding Mine.

Flaming Bees… BAND NAME! Sorry I just couldn’t resist. <snerk> Flaming Bees <snerk>

Hey Twicks! I got Twicks to post in the MMP! That’s so jake! Thanks for the nice words sweetie. I’ll survive this. Like I said, most of us have been there done that a couple times in our lives.

welby I gotta say, you know how to dream big when it comes to the perfect job. :smiley:

doggio I’m not a fan of instant tea myself but this Smucker’s peach stuff is nummy!

picu yay on the payin’ off credit cards! I know, it was just selfish of me to buy up all the peach iced tea but I learned my lesson at Big Lots with some shower gel I really liked. I didn’t go back and get more when I should have and then it was gone. I haven’t found it anywhere ever again. It was a grapefruit scented gel that’s called Tropical Indulgence. I wish I could find it again cause it was nice. A very light grapefruity scent, it felt good to shower with and made the bathroom smell citrusy for a couple hours after a shower. Thus, now when I find sump’n I really like at Big Lots, I tend to stock up.

Herbs I haven’t tried the Crystal Light brand of peach iced tea. I might get a can of it just to try cause I know I can find that pretty much everywhere. I like their lemonade.

It’s so nice out this mornin’! Mid 60s and cloudy. We have more chance of rain today and I hope it does. It rained pretty much all night and I can see how it’s washed out a lot of the little pollen producin’ things on pine trees. YAY!!!

Ok, off to caffienate a bit more then purty up. I actually did go ahead and clean up the whole swampcave yesteday and last night. Oh, and because I know y’all will feel slighted if there’s not at least a little TMI, I gotta go pee. :stuck_out_tongue:

Morning, all. Great OP, Swampy. I know you’ll find the right job. I have a friend who had a t-shirt that said, “When God closes one door, I know he opens another…but man, these hallways are a bitch!” I know when Papa Tigs was laid off, even though it was really hard at the time, things ended up working out SO MUCH for the better. So I know it will for you, too!

There’s a kind of bottled peach tea that a friend introduced me to years ago. I wish I could remember the brand right now, but I’m drawing a blank, but it’s very common and really yummy. I was quite addicted to it for a while. But in the tea department, I’m only partially Southern, I guess – I’ll drink iced tea all day and night, but I only like it with lemon, not sugar. I just don’t like sweet tea, never have. It made it tough to live in Georgia, I can tell you, where sweet tea is not only the default choice, it’s often the only choice!

I’m off to therapy in a bit. I hope they’re impressed with my knee and leg; the sickly yellow bruising is now running the entire way down my shin. It’s quite spectacular. It’s not bright enough to show up well in a photo, I don’t think, or I’d show you all. At least it’s not hurting quite so much. I may still ask them to be nice to me, though. I can still bend it as far as I could so I haven’t lost any progress; I just don’t like inflicting pain on myself for some reason.

It’s supposed to get to 75° here today. I hope so – it would be nice to open up the house and get it nicely aired out again. I love open windows!

My ex-boyfriend drank instant peach iced tea (the Crystal Light stuff, or the store brand if he could get it, his choice not mine) all the time. Bleah. It’s not that I don’t like it, but sweet drinks tend to make me thirsty, and I don’t like them at all with food. Just the other night at a restaurant here I ordered iced tea, and when she didn’t ask me “Sweet or unsweet?” I asked her. Apparently I’m finally far enough north that you have to ask for the sweet stuff! Yay!

Job hunting bites. I’ve got an interview tomorrow, part-time retail, unexciting but it’s a pet store which means there’ll be critters around. I’m still waiting for a callback from the one I really want. Others will have to wait until I get back into town.

yawn I must caffienate some more.

VunderBob – cameo appearance to offer cyberhugs to swampy, only. (I hope he gets oodles o’ points for this.) No clue on the carpenter bees – keep after 'em with the Raid, I guess, and seal holes as best you can.

Good OP, Swampus. I hope you find sumpin’ you like soon, besides Peach Iced Tea. That sounds a little gross to me, sorry. I like my iced tea iced-tea-flavored and sweet.

I’m at work and I’m all caffeinated and breakfasted. Warning: Yoplait mango flavor is kinda ick. The mango bits have a weird texture. I ate it anyway, 'cuz I would get too hungry if I didn’t.

It’s so cool that I have this Friday off, I had last Friday off, and I have the next Friday off, too! Then I have to work a whole five days in a row, then I only have to come in Monday and Tuesday. April will be a good month! I know, I know, I’m barely back to work and already looking forward to time off. :smiley:

Flaming bees would be tres cool to see, Bobbio. Too bad you didn’t get a picture. Next time you set some bees on fire, be sure to make it a Kodak moment! But of course be careful.