Peach Iced Tea and Job Huntin’… The MMP

Good morning.

I also enjoy peach tea, but these days I’m slowly becoming a Tea Snob[sup]TM[/sup]. I especially like some of the blends from Teavana; most of their white teas with fruit infusions are great, as they actually have little pieces of dried fruit mixed in with the loose tea. Expensive yet tasty. I also am tempted to put a Zojirushi hot water dispenser on a future wedding registry; there’s not much chance that I’d drop $200 on a fancy hot water dispenser on my own these days.

This past weekend, I was able to see a family friend that we hadn’t heard from in a while. It was good to sit and chat for a while, but it nearly made me late to my regular volunteer hours at the museum library. At the end of my shift, I stayed behind for 20 minutes to watch a program in Japanese (which I don’t speak/understand) on resist dyeing techniques. It was pretty neat to watch, as I didn’t need the voiceover to understand what was going on.

Swampus, if you like citrus shower gel, you’ll probably like some of the Lush range. I’ve got some Happy Hippy which is made with pink grapefruits and has a fantastic citrus smell. There used to be one called Back for Breakfast which was like orange and lemon marmalade but I don’t think they do that on it’s own any more. Oh, it’s just an excuse to buy gift boxes!

Great OP, Swampster! I hear ya 'bout the job hunt. I hate it. Besides the general worry about what you’ll end up with and when and where you’ll end up with it, and the general feeling of instability and uncertainty, there’s the tedious work involved – faxing resumes, (hopefully) taking potential employer calls, (hopefully) getting interviews, then actually doing the interviews (a chapter in itself), and then repeating the process when they don’t pan out or you’re not sure you’ll hear from them again, yadda yadda. It’s more stressful than anything, but the stress just amps up the overall annoyance and frustration levels. Three jobs ago I lost my job in mid-January, and it took me two and a half months to find a job. With no savings to speak of and my previous job having paid way too little (I took it for the IT experience), those two and a half months were lean indeed, and the job search became more and more frustrating at time passed. Fortunately I lucked into a good job after that (that turned into crap – corporate BS), and then tripped an fell into an even better job directly resulting from the experience I gained with my previous job. It’s all very Zen. I like my current job, and it looks pretty long-term for me (cross fingers, toss salt, knock on wood, etc.) so, thank Og, no job searches in my immediate (or hopefully distant) future that I won’t undertake deliberately.

Never tried peach iced tea, and had no idea Smuckers made anything other than jams and preserves (which are quite decent). I like ordinary lemon iced tea though. I have tended to avoid the flavoured stuff because most of the ones I’ve tried taste chemical-y and have a nasty aftertaste. Lipton make a great instant iced tea though – the one that comes in those small packets that you dump into a bottle of water and shake. I was surprised they were as good as they are, though they are far from the best I’ve had. Peach iced tea sounds interesting though.

I wish we had Big Lots here. We do have XS Cargo, which is also a closeout chain store (albeit much smaller), but the stores aren’t that big and the selection of merchandise tends towards the skimpy side. A lot of it is unknown foreign or dollar-store-type brands of fantastically cheap quality, and most of the rest is known but also cheap brands (i.e. electronics by GE, Memorex, etc.). They don’t carry food or anything either, mostly just furniture, consumer electronics and a few household items (vaccuums, fans, lamps, that sort of thing.) They have a few gems there once in a while though, so it’s worth checking their flier from time to time. There’s also Factory Direct, but I won’t speak of them. I worked for them for a few months as a tech. I have nothing good to say.

On the work-front up here, we’re done with inventory for another year. Once again we finished ahead of schedule, which is good. We all took off around 2:30pm on Saturday, so at least a few extra hours of the weekend were salvaged. I slept off the long work week on Sunday – though I was awakened early by the mother-in-law. She likes doing that, calling early. She knows damn well we’ll still be sleeping at 9am, but being older she seems to feel that her age entitles her to expect everyone else to work around her schedule. <grumble, grumble> Still, what extra sleep I did get has left me feeling pretty good this morning – surprising for a Monday. Doubly surprising for a Monday after a one-point-one-day weekend. It’s a short week, to boot, so I’m a happy office drone. Except it’s busy this morning. I guess closing for that day and a half has backed up a lot more calls than I thought it would. Oh well – busy is good. Makes the day go quicker, keeps me employed. :slight_smile:

My dad’s coming over this evening. I don’t know how in the name of Og’s holy buttocks he manages it, but he seems to manage to cock up things that I personally set up for him and that should, by any estimation, be foolproof. I set up his PVR/capture card a couple of weeks ago and configured it to get TV and radio and be able to capture from the camcorder we bought him for Christmas. Everything tested just dandy. Somehow, when he caps from the camcorder now, it’s recording “squished” (his word). How? How does he manage it? The man has supernatural powers of electronic buggery, and he has no conscious control over them.

Morning all. I’m here and caffinating. More later after my eyes have opened fully.

I find that a lot of instant teas or other instant drinks are either too sweet or too chemical-y for my taste as well; however, there are a few of them that are much better than the ready-made stuff of the same brand.

Big Lots can be great or it can be awful. If there’s one nearby when I move, I’ll more than likely check it out to see if there’s any stuff that I’ll need for setting up house. Most of the stuff that I’ve found that’s useful that they regularly carry are storage bins and the like. I’ll probably get garbage cans from there for the house, as they almost always have them. I’m not so sure as to whether anything else they have will be useful.

Morning, folks.

I only drink iced tea at home, or at certain people’s houses. Restaurants never make it strong enough for me. The only exception is at Olive Garden. Their peach iced tea is always good and they give you actual peaches in it.

Great OP, bear! Ugh! Job hunting bites! I hope you find something real soon. Oh, and as for having to pee…hope everything comes out alright. :wink:

Peach tea is the crack of all iced teas. I predict it will be a long time before you “get over” it. I’ve been drinking the Crystal Light variety for a while now. I like it cause I can just add it to my bottled water. And it’s not “too” sweet. I’ve tried the Lipton variety and did NOT like it.

And I luuuurves me some Big Lots. It is the BEST place to pick up tchachkis for the house.

Beautiful weekend at the Anachi house. We could use some rain, though.

Saturday Mr. Anachi and I bought some tile for the back porch floor. Right now it’s just slab but it will soon have a lovely faux herringbone brick motif. Then I bought him a jig saw for his birthday. I even let him pick it out cause I’m nice like that, dammit! :smiley:

Last night we watched Planet Earth in HD. Too cool! Anybody else watching that?


Ewwww, it’s Monday. I hate Mondays. Well, I guess this one’s okay, except for having to go to class. And having to do laundry. And having to buy textbooks. And having to start reading.

I take it back. This Monday sucks. Fortunately, I have two (count 'em 2) new video games that I purchased yesterday on the cheap to entertain me afterwards: Geist and Eternal Darkness. They’re Gamecube games, and both of them seem to be quite good so far. In the spirit of that first game, I bring you today’s pun:

00swampus, good MMP! I approve. Although, I’m not a tea drinker. And I’m not on the job hunt. But I wish you luck!

Darn–I meant to watch Planet Earth last night. It was the desert/ice one, wasn’t it?

My daughter is back from France–sick. :frowning: She has a bad head cold, not helped by the altitude change and the dry air on the plane. Poor baby is upstairs asleep. She had a lovely time, btw.

Job searching sucks. No other word for it. I finally found one (I start in June) so that I can quit the [del]hellhole[/del] place I’m in now. Actually my new job is in the same place, but under a whole different department. Yay!
I love iced tea, but I’m not into flavored iced teas. I did become addicted to raspberry iced tea for one summer (now I can’t even smell the stuff).

Swampy, You’d like my favorite perfume then. (it’s considered unisex) It’s Calyx, by Prescriptives. It’s so yummy.

Ugh. Job hunting. That’s what I was supposed to do today. I suppose I’d best go do it. le sigh I’ll catch up later. :frowning:

That’s the problem. Porch swing is a given, so they don’t feel a need to list it.

Job hunting does bite. I’m currently in the market for another job, even though I have one - these people just don’t pay me enough. But a serious job-search is almost a job in itself.

My Geekiest Moment Of The Week:

After shaking my bottle of Arthur’s POMtastic Smoothie and unscrewing the cap, I noticed that there are fractals underneath it. Four foamy bubbles in a separated quad formation, each encircled by smaller bubbles, with remainder being filled in by yet smaller bubbles.

I wonder if Benoît Mandelbrot came to a similar realization after looking under his milk cap…

Ah…can I order one with a cup holder? That’s the perk that will get the ink on the contract.

But won’t that lead to spillage?

No…the cup holder will be mounted to a floating thingamajig that will always be level. No sloppin’ on the porch with THIS job!

I’m just trying to think whether to work that into the resume, or bring it up at the interviews.

Oh, right, the prank. Read the link first.

Last week I did the prank outlined in the above link. Today I heard about the repercussions.
We’ll call my coworker Kristy and her husband George, for ease of communication.

So…Kristy took my paper home. When she got home, George had already bought Friday’s paper but hadn’t read it yet, so she quietly substituted mine.

A little later, he picked up the paper and marched off into the bathroom, as usual. She says she heard:

then rustle rustle rustle
then flipflipflipflip (presumably of him turning the pages)

So he comes out when he’s all done (or whatever), steaming mad. “Did you see this? I just bought this paper at lunch and look what someone’s done to it? Jeez, I leave something out for five minutes.”
She doesn’t say anything but sympathize, she’s very good at that. He storms off. Five minutes later he comes back over to her.
“You didn’t react right to that. What’s up?”
She finally can’t hold it in anymore and tells him.
He says “Well, I’m glad you guys can have so much fun at MY expense!”
Hee hee! He’s a good sport, though, and is not mad, but love envisioning his rage at some mysterious person cutting up his paper.

Hello folks! Great OP, Swampy. I am home from work today for reasons that are much too TMI-ey to say here.

The weekend was somewhat busy, but nice overall. Friday night we went to a friend’s house for dinner and movies, Saturday some friends were supposed to come over, but they got sidelined by something, so the hubby and I ended up gaming and then watching Blood Diamond. I thought the movie was pretty darn good; very disturbing; but good.

Yesterday evening, my mom came over. Her list of woes was long…sigh.

At any rate, she had decided to try and apply for disability through Social Security. She will be 70 in November and is still working. Her lymphodema has gotten worse, if that’s even possible. The therapist that she was seeing for it, told my mother there wasn’t anything else she could for my mom. :dubious:

There are many other things going on with her, but as I said, the list is very long.

I printed off some fact sheets, worksheets, and forms from the Social Security website for my mother. I told her to make an appointment with them and they’d go through all the forms with her.

I really hope she gets approved. I know the process will take a long time; but she is really in bad shape.

The kids are home for spring break. They are currently sleeping. I should roust their hineys out of bed and make them do some chores. I’ll let them sleep until noon at the latest, then they are going to some long overdue chores like cleaning their rooms and the bonus room.

I guess I’ll cruise around the Dope for awhile. It’s so pleasant to be able to post here during the day. I miss doing that.