Perfect Woman

Are these requirments too stringent? I’ve found two girls that have fit the bill.

Hot (heh, heh, heh)
Similiar interests

What do you look for? Feel free to be more specific.

This may belong in IMHO, but the question is if these requirments are too strict, not what you look for.

Ok, I know I asked what you look for, but that’s a secondary question.

You’re a little bit more picky than I, it sounds like. But if you’ve found two who fit the bill, they can’t be too bad.

Oh yeah, they don’t completely fit the bill. They miss a fairly key point:

Wanting to go out with me.

Y’know, that’s usually the one that hangs me up, too.

I’m still trying for “lives in the same state”, myself.

“a pulse” has always been a rather stringent requisite for me…

But I’m definitely holding out for that first girl who actually likes me back. :slight_smile:


Go figure…that’s the one I’m having problems with. :slight_smile:

Gee, Scott, you’re a sailor. I thought the requirements were 2 tits, a hole and a heartbeat. ;):slight_smile:

And you’re complaining…the same continent/time zone would be a good start…sigh…

And the heartbeat’s negotiable.

But we were talking about the perfect woman.

They ALL have these. The trick is to find one that is willing to share.

And for the last few years, I have been batting a great big ZERO (frown smilie left out)

Hi ChiefScott, nice to meet you.


Is that in order of importance? Looking for hot and innocent seems you got the old Madonna/Whore thing working. (No, not that Madonna) That may be putting a hold up on things depending on your definition of hot.

My perfect woman?
Similar interests
Innocence be damned! I want a woman who knows what she’s doing!

Hi Baby… :wink:

The big question, of course, is whether someone with a similair list would go out with you.

cheezit you putz!

Read my first post dildo breath.

Well Helloooooo, Silly Rabbit! How you doin?