Please Join Me for the Pitting of LinusK

Our dear friend LinusK has been revealing an alarming trend in his thinking of late, rather like watching a flower unfolding. But the clues were there, if we only knew to look for them. Join me on a short journey of discovery on the birth of an anti-feminist.

First there was this, an innocuous seeming thread on [thread=760066]Men Going Their Own Way[/thread].

Oh, LK said

Sure, it looks relatively sane, but it’s the first drop of water on the eroding rock of sanity that is LK’s mind. If you look closely, LK sympathizes with MGTOW. See they’re the boys who run and climb and explore and break things, but that only really becomes clear later. So let’s plunge on.

Next we have a thread on [thread=760530] What does feminism mean to you?[/thread]
Ooh, ooh. I’ll play. I’d love to contribute some heartfelt thoughts on feminism. Lots of us did. Should have noticed that LK specified,

Because in retrospect, that was telling. Feminists, you see, in LK’s world, fit some definition as yet only vaguely specified, in a way that feels queasily like “women”. Feminists are BAD.

Getting back to that thread, although LK asked about the meaning of feminism what the thread quickly became was probing on issues that are frequently raised by, let’s just say it, MRA groups: issues like custody. But the bell hasn’t quite been rung yet. Questions are merely being asked.

Then in quick succession we get:
[thread=761268]Are women as likely to rape as men?[/thread] a penetrating review of data that suggests women violently sexually assault as many men and men violently sexually assault women, so something. We’re all even now? Yay? Just what the fuck.

And, [thread=761408]10 hours of street harassment[/thread], wherein LK has to bump the thread multiple times to even get it moving and then tries to hold the position that the woman in question is not getting hassled. Whatevs.

Which bring us to the denouement. Evolution complete, [LinusK] sheds his chrysalis of creepy and emerges as a full fledged woman-hating whacko with this thread, the simply titled, but long and rambling: [thread=762527]Anti-Feminism[/thread]

A few highlights, if I may, to illustrate the crazy. I am NOT de-bunking the whole shitload. It’s hella long. But there’s definitely a nasty scent of misygony. Our boy does NOT like the women. Thinks they are users.

Emphasis mine. Right… women are all a bunch of free-loading hussies taking advantage of men who are programmed to take care of them by the “patriarchy”.
And, of course, feminism is not about equality.

I got nothing to add on that one, other than what is he on about.

There’s a long bit in the middle you can go read for yourselves and he closes with the Titanic.

Yes, survival rates on the Titanic indicate something, apparently, about feminism. I guess. NOT CLEAR. Damnitall feminism is a failure. Or a success. Or patriarchy is a success. That’s right female lives have more value, so women should just sit down and shut up already. I think I’ve translated it.

Bear in mind that this last thread is also a witnessing thread. There is no debate. Feel free to go, read, and contribute. You’ll be kicking in your cites, stats, and contributions all alone, or at least without meaningful response from LinusK.

TL;DR LinusK is a full-fledged member of the He-Man, Woman Haters Club. I hope by starting this thread he’ll bring his “anti-feminism” shtick here, where we can treat it with the reverence it deserves.

This is my favorite exchange with him:

He seems a very narrow-minded and blinkered chap, stuck with his own fantasies about the real world.

He makes claims that are trivially demolished, such as that Feminists don’t care about prison rape where men are the victims. Feminist organizations have worked to reduce all forms of rape, and this is easily shown by a minute’s worth of searching. This joker doesn’t bother with even that much due diligence.

The old saying “You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into” desperately applies here. I guess there’s some merit in debating his claims if you are worried they might influence some reader–and kudos to those who’ve taken the time to do that–but honestly nothing he says is worth more than snark and derision. He simply won’t acknowledge any counter argument.

I realize that lots of folks like to argue for the hell of it, but I vote for snark and derision all around. There’s no particular reason to dignify his nonsense with a serious response.

The constant litany of “feminists don’t talk about X” does grate on me, I’ll admit. He’s already trotted it out in a couple of threads and been shown to be wrong. I’m sure he’ll trot it out again and again and again.

I was hoping we could just move that other discussion over here so we could deride him properly. What is the etiquette on posting a Pit link in someone’s thread? I don’t want to be rude. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t yet figured out what he means by lack of accountability. Nor where all the raving feminists on the Titanic came from. Hell, if it hadn’t sunk the ERA would have passed in 1913.

Some guys make me ashamed to be male sometimes.

Just a bitter, one note song.

Deserves our pity. Nothing more!

His nasty monomania doesn’t reflect on you or any other man.

It’s the basement-dweller’s version of “but she’s not as brave as these troops!”

People like that tend not to understand that just because something is important to them doesn’t mean it’s important to everyone else.

Of course not, each man should be judged by their own individual nasty monomania.

Quoted for truth. I used to (like last week :p) get all het up about idiotic nonsense like this, but decided that there’s literally no way we can completely staunch the never-ending flow of idiocy from people that valiantly wish to remain so. So, I let them and hope that serve as a beacon to others of what not to do or become. In that vein, he seems to be a shining example.

But what do I know? I’m just a no-account (with props to their patron saint, Rush) feminazi after all.

Well, common practice, AIUI, is to create a link to the pit thread, and put it into a post that reads something like:

I haven’t seen anyone get modded for something like that.

DISCLAIMER: I also don’t spend THAT much time in GD these days, so if I’m behind the times, I’d appreciate someone letting the OP know if this is still kosher.

SOP, as always, KD. ETA: Which might be redundant.

Pity or pitting? 'Cuz I have better things to waste my pity on.

Well, he does have “remarkable” ideas about economics.

Damnit, I missed the economics!

I think in the feminism thread, he made some good points. Which is difficult for me to say, because i find his debating style unbearable in general.
That’s not to say i agreed with everything said; he would several times sandwich a big generalization or matter-of-fact assertion between reasonable statements.
But it’s a step up from usual LinusK threads.

What bothered me in the feminist thread was that many feminists rightly answered his questions. Their positions on child custody, rape, harassment, etc.

Then he turns his back to those answers and creates another thread ignoring the responses given in the first. No, those responses in that thread didn’t come, it seems, from feminists (according to him). The only real feminists are those he criticizes in his last thread. And he ignores the claims of people who self define as feminists yet don’t agree with the supposed tenets he establishes.

Just his version of the no true scotsman’s falacy: since his definition of feminist is “a rabid bitch”, anybody who is not a rabid bitch does not meet his definition of feminist.