Prayers and good thoughts needed....

As most of you probably know, I have a little 8 month old Chinese Crested dog named Gizmo. For the last couple of weeks, he has been sick. He has been throwing up and having diarhea (sp?). Two courses of antibiotics from the vet, and it still hasn’t gotten any better. Tonight, however, he has taken a turn for the worst.

After his dinner of chicken and rice (this is all he is allowed to eat… apparently it’s like when people eat crackers when they have sore tummys) he vomited almost immediatly. He would stop vomiting for around five to ten minutes, and then he would vomit again. He did this around 10 times. We rushed him to our 24 hour vet, who checked him over. Her prognosis isn’t good. He either has an obstruction in his bowels, which will have to be removed by surgery, a failing gland in his liver or pancreas, or an extremly serious infection in his bowels and stomach. She let him come home with us tonight, as his bloodpressure was good and he was hydrated, but she gave him a shot of Metomide (which will stop his vomiting.) and told us to watch out for him. She told us that, for tonight at least, it’s not life threatening, however, if he vomits or has diarhea even once again tonight, he has to be rushed back in. Tomorrow morning, he will go to our regular vet for an x ray, an ultrasound, and some testing of his stools and blood.

He is the light of my life… I can barely think right now. He has been so sick, and he’s so young. It’s just not fair at all. I hope and pray to God that He won’t decide that He needs Gizmo more than I do. I’ll never sleep tonight… even though he is sleeping very comfortably on my lap at the moment. I’m so afraid that I will wake up and he won’t.

Please pray for my baby… he really needs it now.

Prayers coming your way from the south!

I can empthize with you. I love my dog more then anything. She is there for me no matter what. She even got foul one time and bit me in the face and I had to get stiches. Everyone told me to get rid of her…but I didn’t. I love her.

Pets are like our children. Take good care of her and rest that God will too.


More Southern prayers headed to you and your sweet little puppy. I sincerely hope he gets better soon. Good thoughts are on their way to the both of you.

Obstructed bowel surgery is not that uncommon, so if that’s what your puppy needs, I hope it goes smoothly. Is this the dog you posted a picture of recently? He’s darling! I hope all goes well, whatever his problem may be.

Yes, Mama Tiger… this is the pup that I posted pics of recently. And he is a darling. Tonight, at the vet, while she was poking around in his bottom with her finger and cooing at him about what a brave boy he was, he turned around, looked into her face and licked her on the nose. I swear I saw a tear in her eye.

He’s sleeping rather comfortably at the moment. I’m praying that nothing goes wrong during the night.

Aww!! So sorry to hear your pup’s not feeling well. I hope he pulls through ok. They are some of the cutest, sweetest dogs I have ever met.

Rico and I had a very sick furbaby the beginning of this year. All the prayers and good thoughts from so many of you here helped us so much!

Prayers are coming your way from us. Duffy, Pearl and Ashleigh send kitty prayers for you and Gizmo.

Please keep us informed.

{{{ Captain Blunty Gizmo }}}

The Wayman Family

Here’s hoping your prized furball will be all right. It’s hard not to become rather attached to the little devils.

Best Wishes,


Thank you all for your kind words.

I ttok him to our vet this morning and the prognosis isn’t good. Gizmo’s at the vet right now, sedated, waiting for his xrays. I’m finding it hard to hold it together.

The vet said that it looks like Gizmo’s stomach has paracoped. This means his stomach has probably folded in on itself. He will probably need emergency surgery.

I don’t know what to do and how to act… I’m so upset i can barely talk.

I’ll keep you informed.

Captain Blunty, hang in there.

I don’t know what else to say. I am not great at knowing the right things to say to make it better. I’m pulling for you and Gizmo. I will continue to pray for you both.

{{{ Captain Blunty and Gizmo }}}


Prayers and healing-puppy-thoughts are headed your way, Captain Blunty. I know how devastating it can be to have an ill pet and feel like there’s nothing you can do to help. Give Gizmo lots of love for me. I’ll be keeping the both of you in my thoughts.

Calling all Hearts!
Sending prayers and hope for (((((Gizmo))))).
Please stay in touch and let us know how you and Gizmo are, Captain!

Aww. I had to rush my dog to the vet just the other day because she was having bloody diarrhea, so I have an idea of how scary this kind of thing is. My dog is fine now, so I’m definitely hoping your dog will be okay too! :slight_smile:

Gizmo is, at this moment, awaiting an ultrasound and some bloodwork at the vet hospital. The vet wasn’t very hopeful, but we are doing what we can to stay upbeat and hope for the best.

It’s lonely in this house without him already. As the vet was carrying him away, he reached his paw out to touch my arm. It was like he was saying, “It’s ok, Mommy.”

Thank you for your prayers. I hope they help him to pull through. They are helping me a great deal.

Cap, thinking good thoughts for you and your little Gizmo. They really don’t ask much of us, do they? And they give us so much unconditional love!

I hope he pulls through!


Here’s hoping for the best possible outcome for your little buddy. I had a cat that had a similar problem. He came through it, just fine.

Captain Blunty, I hope your friend Gizmo makes a strong recovery. My thoughts are with you. I really hope you have encouraging news soon.

Well, I want to tell you all, your encouraging prayers worked!

He’s been in the vet hospital all night. Last night, I got a call at around 9 pm. The vet wanted to transfer him to Strathfield vet hospital for a second ultrasound, just to be sure. So last night, he was transferred.

I was in a tizzy lastnight, as he was still on fluids and, acording to the vet, lethargic and slow. He was, however, wagging his tail when he saw her. I laughed an cried so hard when i heard that… it’s so like him, to get excited when he sees people, even when he’s sick.

After a broken nights sleep, I got a phone call morning. It was the best possible news I could have hoped for!

No intussusception. No foreign body in his intestines. They will check his liver enzymes again today, as last night they were very elevated. They think he may have eaten something toxic that caused the vomiting and the liver to overwork, but whatever it was it has worked itself through, so he won’t need surgery! No vomiting today or last night, so they will start him on water and a bit of food today. The vet said, with a laugh in her voice, that’s he’s very perky. They want to keep him for just one more day and night, just to make sure he is really ok.

I can pick him up tomorrow morning! I can’t wait to see him and hold him, to tell him how much I love him, and have him follow me around all day with his cheeky little face smiling at me!

And thank all of you! I know, that without your prayers and good thoughts, he would have never pulled through this. And nor would have I. So thank you!

Oh, that’s wonderful news! I’m so glad! Spoil that beautiful baby extra for all of us!


Great news.:smiley:
And I second the notion that you should spoil. Nothing will be too good for Gizmo.