Project Runway finale. [Spoilers]

For me, one word comes to mind: RIPOFF!

Leanne’s designs throughout the competition were often beautiful and well constructed, but her runway show was the worst of the three to me.

Although I found much more in Kenley’s collection that I would personally wear, I thought Korto’s was the best and deserved to win. She did beautiful things with color and design that were cohesive, yet each piece was distinct.

I thought Leanne’s collection was hideous with those waves that made everyone look like they were either pregnant, fat, or wearing an air filter from an auto engine.

Boo Project Runway, I think they got it wrong. Of course, that’s one girl’s opinion.

I’m just glad Kenley didn’t win. I didn’t really care which of the other two won as long as it was not her.

I agree-- I liked Korto’s best, though there were a couple of misses (that extremely too-short green dress, for instance). If I had to choose one of the designers to make a dress for me, I’d choose her. Her clothes look fashionable, comfortable, colorful, and exotic. I know she wouldn’t make me look fat, even though I’m not a fashion model.

Not to knock Leanne, though. She’s got this architectural quality to her, like each garment is a piece of art. I think they’d look hideous on anyone over a size 6, though. And I really did not like her wedding dress at all. But I can see why she won, because she’s doing something innovative, for better or worse. I echo Nina’s concern that all she can do is her waves. We shall see.

Kenley, on the other hand, looked like she was designing for Dynasty By the Sea. I also cannot believe she doesn’t realize that she is so derivative: McQueen, Balenciaga, LaCroix. Come on! It’s not bullshit, babe, no matter how you want to think you’re the only person who ever hand-painted fabric, or had puffy sleeves on a sheath dress, or did a feather dress. I feel about her the way I hope to feel about Sarah Palin in 3 weeks: no matter what you may think of the winner, at least we no longer have to see this awful woman.

Overall, a pretty disappointing season, though. Auf wiedersehen to Project Runway! Who knows when it’ll be back?

Awww, I kind of like Kenley. I also like that her designs are rather girlie. More my style.

Out of all three of them, Leanne is the one I wouldn’t want to design for me. I mean, I appreciate her “hippielike” nature, but she always looks kind of smelly and unkempt.

Well, I have a differing opinion than the OP and since 50% of the people that text-voted picked LeeAnn to win I think many others share my opinion. I loved LeeAnn’s stuff. It was beautiful, it was creative and it was unique, unlike Kenley’s that apparently looks like other designer’s stuff even though she claims to never look at other designer’s stuff.* LeeAnn is also the designer that I liked pretty much consistently, except for the “Country Korto” look. I loved the way LeeAnn’s stuff moved. It was very good craftmanship. I think LeeAnn won because she was unique and “fashion forward”. She probably should have used some more outfits with more toned down petals but I still liked it all, the long aqua dress was, in my opinion, the best dress of all the collections.

Kenley’s did not look cohesive to me and the only thing I kind of liked was the black dress with the feather collar but that collar would probably drive one crazy. I liked some of Korto’s stuff but some of it I didn’t like the shape of at all. Something about the colors bugged me, too. I wondered why Korto didn’t make the long white gown her wedding dress. I liked that and I didn’t think it was overworked, liked the judge’s seemed to think. Korto will probably do fine and she did win the fan favorite.

*I find it hard to believe that someone who is passionate about fashion and moved to New York to be in the middle of fashion does not follow other designers. I think she’s lying.

Heh. That’s pretty much what I thought, as soon as they auf’d Kenley.

I actually liked Leanne’s collection better than Korto’s. Korto’s collection just seemed kind of alien to me (alien as in X-Files, not alien as in Balki on Perfect Strangers), although there were individual pieces that looked spectacular. Leanne’s collection, on the other hand, was cohesive, pretty, well-constructed, interesting, and wearable. (As each piece of Kenley’s came down the runway, I got the giggles trying to imagine those outfits out in the real world.)

How long do we have to wait for next season now?

Well, it was supposed to start in January, and is currently shooting, but there’s been litigation between Bravo and Lifetime over which channel should own it. There was an injunction issued against Lifetime, saying that Bravo has right of first refusal over PRW. Thus, the fate of the show is still not determined, and obviously it can’t be aired until this is cleared up. So, maybe we’ll see it in January, maybe not.

I didn’t like Kenley’s. I didn’t like the toned down evil stepmother dress or the rehash of her DVF dress or the return of the hip tumor. She copies. I don’t know if she copies from other designers, but she clearly copied from her earlier challenges, so it doesn’t surprise me.
Plus, I don’t like her.

Korto tended to throw everything and the kitchen sink in there - but, the beautiful ones were beautiful. She’s the one I’d most like to wear and the one who would most likely make clothes that would fit me.

I didn’t like Leanne’s palette. It wasn’t me. And her models were freaky (the one in the bridesmaid’s dress was flat out creepy looking on the runway). But beautiful construction and very cohesive.

Is it just me, or does she really need a makeover? She designs such beautiful clothes - and she wears…that… she needs What Not to Wear.

Still, the win made sense.

I thought Korto’s clothes were the most beautiful, but I think Leanne deserved the win because her collection was the most innovative. I do think the judges’ complaint that “we know she can can do waves, but what else can she do???” was clearly manufactured just so there could be a criticism. The waves pattern was introduced for Bryant Park - she’s done over a dozen other looks before this episode that were wave-free.

Kenley’s was fugtastic, as expected.

Personality issues aside, I was not a fan of Kenley’s collection. The painted patterns were interesting, but there was just too much in there that didn’t work as wearable, flattering clothing or as art – nothing that I’d like to wear myself or watch walk around on someone else. And the random rope trim…wtf, woman?

I found myself rooting for Leanne’s collection over Korto’s by just a tad because I thought her designs were more interesting, but I loved that last green grown that Korto brought out; the neckline and beading design floored me. Also, Korto bringing her daughter up to do the last leg of the runway walk with her was beyond adorable. I was glad she got fan-favorite and the 10K that goes with it, at least.

Leanne’s been my fave this season. I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl and don’t really care much for wearing anything more complex than a halter dress, so I can’t see myself in a million years wearing anything that she’d make, but I LOVE watching other people wear her designs, especially the more elegant frippery. I was really pleased that she took it all home.

Best moment of the night – Kenley realizing that Tim Gunn was going to be judging. Ha! Take that, you shrill maladjust!

I thought most of Kenley’s looks seemed to come straight from Dynasty. Really, I expected Alexis Carrington to come striding down the runway with her '80’s hair. The only dress of hers I liked was the simple white frock, and that’s because it looked like a plain retro party dress. That dress that Tim commented on in the work-room actually reminded me a lot of an ugly floral version of Leanne’s black vinyl dress from the cart parts challenge, with the things on the hips.

I liked more of Korto’s looks, but certainly not all of them. I, too, wondered why she didn’t use the white gown for the wedding dress challenge. That ultra-short green dress was way, way too short.

I thought Leanne’s collection was beautiful, but repetitive. I gave her the win on the individual looks. I think she used the wave thing for cohesiveness, but she didn’t need quite so much of the same old. And I thought the colours she used were beautiful, but I’d’ve liked to see more variation. However, the judges’ comments about whether she could do anything else were off the mark. I think her other garments throughout the season proved that she could think outside the wave, although she certainly likes her floppy add-ons.


The only look Kenley showed that I somewhat kind of liked and could picture a normal human wearing was this dress.

I loved individual looks from both Leann’s and Korto’s collections (that green halter dress was a stunner), but I thought that Leann’s was too repetetive, and Korto’s was too… ruched, or something.

It would have been nice to see a bit more expression from Leanne, but I think they made the best choice overall even though I didn’t like the clothes for me personally. I really wanted to like Korto’s collection, but so much of it was overdone for my taste. Kenley…was Kenley to the end. I can only imagine the way her stomach clenched when she saw Tim was going to be judging. Anyone else wonder if they did that just to mess with her head?

I think there’s a certain amount of double-standard going on. The win to LeAnn was clearly based NOT just on the final show, but on her performance throughout. For the final, LeAnn was the only one where we heard a slightly negative comment (whether she’d only do those waves/petals.)

On t’other hand, Jerell got booted for his one dress, even though he had been the most frequent weekly winner.

Seems inconsistent. If they’re going to judge a whole season’s performance, they should say so. In which case, once they’re done with immunity as a prize, why bother with a weekly winner?

I thought the painting on Kenley’s white dress looked too amateur and ruined the dress for me. The dress with the huge hips and the rope was the single most hideous thing on the runway. LeeAnn’s car parts dress was obvious those weren’t the model’s hips but Kenley’s made it look like the size 0 model had massive hips.

I also thought Korto’s short green dress was way too short, at first I thought it was short shorts. Both Kenley and Korto had extremely short dresses that looked like they could end up flashing coochie. LeeAnn’s seemed more tasteful, even the shorts. By the way, putting a white outfit on a very dark-skinned model really works.

This one has the flaps on the bottom, and a blue top… and this one has the flaps on the top, and a blue skirt. And this totally different one has blue flaps on the bottom. Ugh.

I am pleased Leanne took the top prize. I thought her collection was interesting.

The only part of the episode I didn’t like was the dog poop part. Do you really have to show shit on television? Wasn’t Kenley’s collection and whining and copycatting enough shit?

I really liked Leanne’s collection. I didn’t have a problem with the variations on a single theme at all. I do agree she could use a makeover though, her hair particularly.

I also liked Korto’s, but wasn’t wowed by any of it. While all of it was flattering, I didn’t see anything particularly innovative about it, nor did I particularly like any of the colors. The color thing is just a personal preference, however.

I didn’t like Kenley’s at all. She called it “her dream wardrobe”, which may or may not be true, but I cannot see a rational person wearing any of that collection in the real world (except three of them) except to a costume party.

Re: the dog poo… While I can understand bringing your dog (kind of. I’m not particularly a fan of the bring-the-dog-EVERYWHERE thing, but I can at least somewhat grasp why she brought it), why on earth would you take your dog to work with you when it has apparently not been properly house-trained? And then laugh like it preformed a trick? In that room is stuff that people have spent a whole lot of time working on, and could be easily ruined by muddy paws, poo, or pee, but the dog isn’t on a leash, etc. Seems very inconsiderate to me.

Ro Carter - I have five large dogs (all housebroken) and wouldn’t ever take one of them to someplace with breakables or anything else easily ruined. Even the most well-behaved dog (which that little rat certainly wasn’t) can have accidents or accidentally break something.


I thought Leanne deserved to win because hers was the most interesting, extremely well made, and wearable. Also, while folks say it was repetitive, in fact, I think she showed some of the most diversity in the sense, as Nina noted, she did pants, shorts, dresses, a jacket etc.

Korto’s final dress was fantastic, but some of the stuff was overworked, IMO.

Kendly, I didn’t like her personality, especially the fact that she was always so defensive. And while I think she can make nice clothes, I think she is just too much in her own world. That zebra striped dress with the rope and mess on the hip was absolutely one of the ugliest things I have ever seen.