Raleigh, NC Zettefest. Be there or be square

I broke this thread off of the original Raleigh thread so it wouldn’t get all confusing. From that thread, the following people seemed to express some interest in getting together in Raleigh on Saturday, Dec 14.

And for the “Welcome Zette Fest” on December 14th…

So far the tentative list looks like this:

Dr. J
Smooth Operator
Knowed Out
Mr and Mrs Carp (poly)
Here’s my deal- let me know what we can work around it. I will be in Raleigh in the morning- my friend Cindy has some sort of driving class she has to take (I think it’s from 8am-4:30 or something). I want to go see Star Wars Attack of the Clones in the Imax theater, so that’s a good afternoon activity if anyone wants to join me. If not, dinner would be great (an earlyish one, as my friend will probably be beat from class all day).

Ideas? Locations? Movie pal? Anyone?

Well my friend, I can’t make the movie, I’ll be working. But I’d love to meet you for dinner. No doubt about that. I’ll leave it to the people in Raleigh to pick the place as I live about 45 minutes south of there. I can’t wait!!

I’ll be post-call that day (that is, I’m on call overnight the night before), so I can’t make any promises. If I can either get some sleep at the hospital or get out relatively early (or, preferably, both), then I’m sure I’d be up for dinner.

Dr. J

Bumpity, bumpity, bump!

I hope I get a few people, or my Cindy will think I have all imaginary friends :slight_smile:


I can’t be there…too far away… :frowning:

The IMAX movie? Sounds perfect!

What better way to meet someone than to spend 2 hours in a darkened room together! And my wife WANTS to be there, too!

:smiley: [sup]–Kidding![/sup]

Seriously, we’ve been wanting to go since it opened t’other week - figger there’s nothin better for your first IMAX experience than a Star Wars film. My brother-in-law typically does the baby-sitting, but we’re sure he’ll want to join us, so we’ll have to think of something to do with the Cub. (Maybe tie her leash to a parking meter…)

jkayla & I will discuss it some more to get the logistics ironed out, so watch this space for further developments!

[sub]Actually, watch the space further down the page. 'Cos that’s where I’ll wind up posting.[/sub]

Awwww YEAH! I"m glad I’ll have company to the flick! And there will probably be a dinner deal afterwards. Whoopadedoo! Zettefest! Zettefest! Zettefest!

Shoot! If you’d come down six months earlier, I’d definitely be there. But I live in Asheville now, a good four hours away. Have a blast!

Never fear, burundi- I’m heading in that direction soon to meet up with some other dopers. Woo!

I don’t know if I can make the movie, but I can definitely make the dinner afterward. I will hopefully make both and maybe bring along the daughter too. Just have to make sure she’s not working that day.

Can’t wait to meet more dopers and of course Zette! Have we decided where we are meeting? At the Imax before the movie if we are going? Where are we dining? Does anyone have the times?


We’d love to meet you for dinner. Mr. romansperson and I are free that evening. I’ll leave the location suggestions up to others, though, since we live about 45 min. west of Raleigh and don’t get to dinner in that area of town very much. We do like George’s Garage in Durham, though. It’s got a little of everything:


I work December 14th, but I should be able to make dinner. As for restaurants, let’s think of something else besides one of the chain restaurants, if that’s OK.

Like say, Amedio’s on Western Blvd, Greenshields on Moore Square, or Angus Barn (lol). Vertigo Diner is cool, but probably too small if we’re having 10+ ppl.

I saw the IMAX version of AotC, and you will be shook out of your chair! The explosions are not just loud, they’re full bodied. The resolution is really keen for that size of screen too. IMAX technology can only hold 2 hrs worth of film, so they had to shave off 20 minutes.

I can’t make the movie,but I’ll be there for dinner(assuming my assistant manager doesn’t go into labor before then :eek: )

Any decisions on where and when we are eating?

I’d suggest City Market – it’s just across the park from Exploris where the IMAX theater is and there are a number of good restaurants there. (Barb and I like Peppercorns.)

Never been to Exploris. I’ll need to find directions and maybe get there before dark. How’s the parking? hope I don’t get lost again

Poly, are you and Barb going to go to the movie?

Hello all! I made it to NC and am alive and kicking. Things are still on for me for the movie/dinner, and I’m looking forward to shoring up some plans. I think my friend Cindy and I are going to come Friday night and stay over at a hotel so we don’t have to drive all that way Saturday morning. She has a meeting she needs to go to from 8-4:30, so she’ll just be up for dinner, but I’m definately into the movie. I shall look up the times and report back accordingly.

We probably won’t go to the movie – discretionary funds are a little short right now. But we will be going to dinner.

Regarding which, does anyone have suggestions? There are a lot of nice restaurants available, with a wide range of pricing, within a short distance of Exploris.

Since I live an hour west of Raleigh, I don’t get out there much so I can’t really say what restaurants are good in that area. However, I did look up City Market, which Polycarp mentioned, and here’s a link to some information about it (includes a list of restaurants and shops there, directions, parking, etc.)


One restaurant there that I know has a good reputation is Greenshields:


But since I haven’t been there I can’t speak for how it really is.

I won’t be able to make the movie, but I can make the dinner as long as I know when and where to show up :slight_smile:

Oh, and Zette, we conjured up this crappy weather today just so you’d feel at home :wink: