Rap song consisting of almost nothing but the n-word

Yesterday afternoon, a construction crew working on the vacant house next to mine fired up a loud car stereo, and started blasting hardcore rap music for the entire neighborhood to hear.

I know I might be sounding like an old man when I say this, but one song seemed to contain almost nothing by the n-word recited over and over again. Something like …

(Something) nr
(Something) n
(Something) nr
(Something) n
(Something) nr
Motherfucker n
Nr nr nr nr nr nr nr nr nr nr nr nr nr nr nr nr n**r …

You get the idea. My question: what song is this? Was this just a case of “selective hearing”, or is there really a rap song with lyrics that consist of what is pretty much just the n-word on a loop?

Their music got on your lawn!

I know I might sound like an old man saying this. Still, it was quite disrespectful, IMHO. I live in a racially integrated neighborhood, and many of the black families on my street moved here to avoid the worst aspects of 'da hood.

I’ve heard a lot of rap, of course, but never one song that had such a concentration of the N-word; pretty much, about 80% to 90% of the lyrics.

Definitely not a rap song, but the OP certainly sounds a little like a kick-ass Patti Smith* song.

Although even that’s not a song I’d be blaring out my window (I live in Oakland, CA)

*link leads to song w/some offensive language

Was it Snoop Dogg’s Vato? Warning: Youtube link contains a lot of expletives and excessive use of ‘nigger’. Turn off speakers if at work.

I don’t think this violates the one click rule, but if i’m wrong, I’m sorry.

Here’s one for you. It’s a pretty old song though.

And yeah, I’m only 27 but I get annoyed by that crap. There’s nothing I’d like more than to pull up to the gas station where someone is blasting that crap, pull out a rifle, and start shooting up their car. Should I get counseling?

No, you should get a rifle.

And a lawyer.

I’m guessing it was the new Nas song, Be a Nigger Too. The chorus is mainly how you’re describing.

Wasn’t Vato or Be a N****r Too. The song had tropical overtones that are hard to describe, but it was definitely West Coast. Also, those other songs didn’t use the n-word as much as the one I heard.

high five

Great comeback.

Anyone want to explain such a song?

Well, first we need to figure out which it is. You’ll find that the Nas song and the Snoop Dog song both use “the n-word” heavily but have vastly different meanings to them.

Actually, it sounds to me like it might be The Michael Richards Polka.

Hmmm, lets see. Any chance it was the beginning minute and a half of Milkshake Remix (NSFW song)? I will try to think of other legit songs that sound that way but thats the first one that popped into my head.

Are we supposed to one-click music too?

Actually, it sounds to me like Public Enemy’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Called Yo Nigga” from the Apocalypse '91 album. Couldn’t quickly find any lyrics on the web that had been done properly, but suffice to say that the word is repeated ad naseum for effect.

But I’m not up on most of the new rap, so it could certainly be something else.

It had the same type of drum, and the refrain sounded familiar, but definitely no milkshake references. More like the 0:25 to 1:12 part, only with more “n****r”.

Was it “My Niggas” by DMX?

(Sorry no linky. Can’t hit You Tube at work).

That was the first one that jumped to my mind, but Ice-T’s Straight Up Nigga is a good candidate as well.

Hmmm…after rereading the OP, I’m not sure if it’d really fit the flow. Wasn’t there a song on Tupac’s first or second album that fit that style?

I have no idea, but I can’t help but think of Nigga Stole My Bike. (Warning: sound, racial epithets, Punch-Out cutscene misinterpretations, niggas stealing bikes)