Right, so where are we with that then?

I assume we’ve had plenty of time to hash this out? So then–how are things looking? When can we expect it?

I don’t see anything happening on this end until you take care of yours.

I bought my ticket but it looks like I’ll be sitting way in the back,

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to resubmit the paperwork. It seems to have been misplaced.

We’re still waiting to hear back from Ops.

Oh, they did? Well, then…we’re still waiting to hear back from Tech.

If you hadn’t submitted so many changes it would be done by now.

I need to speak with the test marketers before I can give you an answer.

Well? I’m waiting. Which is running you about $117 an hour.

Where are who with what when?

The whole thing is being reviewed by the lawyers right now.

You did submit all the changes to the lawyers, didn’t you?

I saw them in rehearsal and they looked pretty good. It will start on time, right?

I already gave it to you.

Yes I did.

Yes I did.

Oh, here it is on my desk.

Don’t forget. Gerald is going to need a ride home and somebody had better order that keg.

It’s fine with me. I get paid whether you use me or I sit here listening to the White Stripes on my iPod.

Oh, see, here’s the problem. You didn’t give me the P.O. I can’t do anything without a P.O.

By the way, our fiscal period is up at the end of the month, better hurry before there’s nothing left in the budget for that.

If it hasn’t poked through the skin yet it has probably died. You are going to have to do the high colonic all over again.

The prototype arrived in my office this morning, but I think there’s a problem with the AI chip. Every time I gave it an order it bent over and tried to light its own farts.

And who the hell requested a sphinchter, anyway?

I know everyone got the email - it’s not my fault if they aren’t checking their inboxes. And I still haven’t been given the eggplant and the case of scouring powder. But the napkin rings have been sent to Assembly.

They called back. The public didn’t like. Now we’re having to go back to the drawing board.

I’ve got the memo right here. I just forgot. It won’t happen again.