Right, so where are we with that then?

Monique said she’s got the cramps so I’ll have to sell that ticket after all. Know a good scalper?

Where are we with what? Oh, that? That was finished *weeks *ago.

Didn’t you get my email?

Soon! Really really soon! Okay?

Geez! Get off my flippin’ case already… grumblegrumble

Not my department. Ask Phil.

Darn Courriers.

It’s never going to happen if those guys don’t quit messing with the blinds!! Would somebody please tell them to knock it off!!!

It’s Tox’ fault. We’re waiting on the toxicology department.

(anyway, that’s my excuse)

I haven’t heard anything about it. Haven’t I told you to keep me in the loop when things like this arise?

It can’t be finalized until after the production meeting on Monday.

We can’t have the production meeting on Monday.

We can have a meeting on Monday to plan the production meeting, if you reserved a meeting room.

Well, I’m heading out in about 10 minutes. I gave your secretary my invoice. Oh, and I checked with Central and they said some loser named “Indigo Mahoya” was who you want to talk to.

That’s locked, and you’re going to have to bump it up to management so they can make the call.

Is this where the focus group meets? It says Conference Room A-21 and the sign on the door says Con Room A-21. Is that the same thing? Where is the restroom? Can I get a drink there? I mean some water, of course, unless you can offer a gal a real drink. How much is this gonna pay? What’s that cartoon on your desk? Hmmm. I don’t get it. That’s a funny lookin’ kid you got there! Is that your wife in the picture? How long you been married?..

Well, look, if you don’t upgrade the server pretty soon, it’ll crash for good. I’m a tech, not a miracle worker.

The concept plan is right on my desk. It looks good, just like we finally worked out. Now I’m waiting on IT to get me the mailing labels so we can set up the public meeting. Assuming that the public meeting goes well, no major objections, it’ll only take another month or so to get final design. Then, say, another month for final corrections, then a month for bidding, then we’ll get on the board meeting schedule for award of contract. Shouldn’t be any problem with environmental approvals, the project looks to be categorically exempt. Probably. After award, we’ll get the attorney to draft up the contract, then send it to the contractor. Give it another few weeks and the contractor will return it, hopefully with the proper bonds, signatures, and insurance documents. If not, damn. But if so, it’ll go to back to the attorney for approval as to form, to Risk Management for a check of the insurance, then to the CEO for signature. We’ll then schedule the preconstruction conference and hash out when the contractor can actually start.

It’s coming right along.

Phil’s out sick, and his sup says you had the specs for it last week.

Hey, I already sent out the memo saying that I would be doing this, not that, if no one raised objections by the end of the day…

Yes, I sent it out at 4:50 PM on a Friday. So what?

Yeah, yeah. Whatever, talk to Nick. I’m busy here.

I’m sorry, we cannot provide a network connection to your equipment today. Why? Well, for one thing, you need to install your equipment first…

It’s still gonna be awhile. If you ask me, it’s all because garygnu didn’t put a cover sheet on his TPS report.

If you don’t stop submitting changes it’s never going to get done. Are you willing to pay overtime for weekend work? I thought not.