Sarah Michelle Gellar is a TOOL

I was looking for a thread to state that Sarah Michelle Gellar is a TOOL. I didn’t want to start a new thread, but here we are.

I’ve never seen “Buffy”, and I might like it… I LOVED “Cruel Intentions” but she’s a damn prissy, pretentious shithead. She’s sexist, (IMHO, I wont get into it) and she thinks she’s hot shit.

Now I know people think with their… “eyes” instead of their brains when it comes to judging peoples attractiveness, But to me she’s butt-ugly. I really take personality seriously, and she really makes herself look disgusting.

Saw her on Conan. She was talking about women being able to comment on other women’s body. When Conan said, “guys can’t comment on other men” she said “well I should hope not.”

Male/male homophobia is so much more present in the media than female/female.

** “Sarah Michelle Gellar is a TOOL”
But she’s purdy…:stuck_out_tongue:

Even if you took away her breing a dick, I still wouldn’t think she’s pretty. Her Co-star in that new Scooby Doo movie is cute though. Too bad Gellar is a DICK!

Errr, you DO know that genuine rants belong in the Pit, right?

So, having established that, please tell me why this should remain in Cafe Society.

Um, fine… put it in the pit. If it’s not too much work. If it’s easier for you, you can erase it.

no prob.

I just thought due to it being an actress, it may belong here. I mean, people talk about the movies they hate… but then again the subject’s mostly “What movies do you hate” not, “E.T. was bad”… Oh wait, there was a thread like that. Well, I know what you mean… I didn’t mean to put it in the wrong category. :slight_smile:

Nah, it can stay here. If you promise to be nice. :wink:

You’re one of the good ones Coldfire.

So you want to tell us that Gellar is a tool, and then don’t want us to ask about why you feel that way, and that she thinks she’s hot shit.


As a big Buffy fan, i would really appreciate some articles I could read or interviews I could read that would help me understand that conclusion. Understand I say that not doubting you (I imagine many actresses and actors are tools), but that I would just like to see it.

FTR, she was way hot in Cruel Intentions. But I agree she isn’t strikingly beautiful.

I read an article where she made a fuss on a plane cuz they weren’t serving her the cookies she liked. So she went into the other classes and sampled their goodies. prima donna.
I love Buffy, but I don’t like Sarah. She’s a twit and her lip looked funny in the ‘Revealed’ show about her.

Well, let’s see. SMG is a pretty good actress and I enjoy watching her on BTVS. My odds of actually meeting and interacting with her in real life are effectively zero. So I’d have to say that even I were to rely on Diff T’s assessment of her personality (with no citation and no evidence that Diff T himself is not a tool), well, who cares?

Diff T will be a much happier person once he learns to distinguish between a TV/Movie role and the actor/actress that plays that role.

OK, first off:
erislover you’re absolutely right. I totally understand what you’re saying. Right now I have no transcripts or evidence than what I claim is true. I will later search for examples. Maybe I wont find enough to convince you and that’s fine. All I know is that when I see in her in interviews, I think to myself how arrogant she seems. I have been told by three separate people, two of which brought it up on their own the day after she may have been on Leno or something.

Like I said, I liked her on “Cruel Intentions” and I never saw “Buffy”, but I could very well have gotten into it.

That brings me to Finagle:
“The X-Files” was one of my favorite shows, and David Duchovny was constantly ripped on on Bulletin Boards I used to be a part of. I didn’t know why, I was never given a specific example; some would just say they saw him in an intervew and didn’t like the way he spoke or what he said. I didn’t let it get to me, nor did I question if the insulters took on any of the bad qualities he or she threw at the actor.

I know that “I” have a right not to like this woman. I actually posted this thread to see if anyone else saw the same in her, not really to convince others, (maybe ask others that they watch for it next time they see her). Evedently I’m not the only one who’s commented negitivly, (not that there are that many). You see Finagle, it DOES matter what the person is like in real life. If they’re a jerk, then why would I want to help pay for their new place in the Hamptons. I think you’re mad because I dissed your Vampire Slayer, (maybe I’m wrong, but there are many people on these boards doing the same thing). I’m quite sure you’ve complained in SOME way about SOMEONE the same way as I have at least once or twice in you life.

I DO know the difference between actors and their characters. Ironically, I’m willing to give a person many chances if I don’t happen to like a few movie or TV shows they are in. Take Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler for instance. Many people on these board HATE them for their previous work. I might hate their previous work, but recognize that SOME people MUST like what they are doing. They are doing their jobs as entertainers. If they happen to make a slight career change and did more “serious” work, or even work more oriented to my tastes, I am MORE than willing to give them a chance. However, a lot of people on these boards don’t do that. But if I think an actor’s an ASS in real life, like a snooty employ at a department store, it effects where I go to get what I want. But her acting like a jerk, (IMHO), aside… I STILL admitted to liking a film she was in, and just MIGHT see another movie with her in it.

People come here and complain all the time. You may hear arguments to the contrary… that’s fine. But I AM a happy person, I don’t judge people who judge people I happen to be a fan of. I may judge their judgment, but I wouldn’t make such a bold statement like “I think so-in-so would be a much happier person if…”. I get upset at people like everyone else, especially people who have the power to influence, and say things I REALLY don’t really agree with. These boards are great, because they give everyone the power to speak their mind. If you think I’m a tool, fine, I’m not selling you anything.

I really didn’t want to convince people she was a jerk. Like I said, maybe make them aware that someone does so they can watch and see what they think. This is my opinion, if you don’t share it or don’t care, fine. I really wanted to see if others ever thought the same, maybe even have people try to convince me otherwise.

Sorry for spelling and such. I had to type quickly.

I think this is an excellent argument for throwing this into the Pit. If you’re not willing to defend your position, if you’re more interested in letting us know your feelings than engaging in discourse, if you’re putting the burden of proof on others to provide evidence to the contrary, than, IMHO, this has no business being in Cafe Society.

that’s fine

Why did the last post I wrote go in 3 times for me?

I would try to prove the legitimacy of it, but I have a bunch of hearsay from a source, (that twice met her), “I” know I can trust, but no one here does. I know she has said some things I would consider sexist, but I can’t quote her exactly, (It’s along the lines of what MyFootZZZ said, he or she may be referring to exactly what I had a problem with). It’s not just what she says either, just the way she says them…

But tonight I will look for things to back me up

how do I move it?

E-mail a mod and ask them to do it.

Ya know, I really don’t care if SMG is a nice person. Never seen or read an interview, don’t care about her personal life. I like watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it’s a really great show, she’s a wonderful actress and James Marsters has those washboard abs…

I say, fling this thread into the Pit posthaste.

Off to the Pit.

Two question for the OP:

  1. Would you please provide some examples?

  2. Why on Earth do you care?

I think I see a little of what Diff T sees in Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I interpret it differently. I don’t have an online cite, but I remember an interview she did with TV Guide about 2 years ago. She was on the cover of this issue, in front of a white background. Some of her fans may remember or have this issue.

Anyway, in this interview, SMG was very stand-offish and closed up – she didn’t want to discuss various topics, such as her father or her boyfriend (Freddie Prinze, Jr.?). My impression is that she was uber-private about herself, unusually so for a celebrity – which is fine and is her right. It looked to me that she (at the time) was riddled with many unhealed emotional wounds.

I don’t see her in interviews on TV very much – a snippet on E! or on “Entertainment Tonight”, but little more. Still, she seems to have come out of her shell a bit over the past two years. Her lovelife is now well-known – and it looks like Freddie Prinze is doing her some emotonial good. She hosted the MTV Movie Awards recently, as well – something that seemed unlikely after reading about her two years ago.

I’d say, from this horribly distant vantage point, that her default surface personality is stand-offish and distant, and fairly introverted. Considering her past hurts, SMG might have a hard time opening up to people, and it probably takes her a long time to “get used to” a given person upon meeting them. But after the defensive mechanisms are turned off, she doesn’t seem to be a particularly objectionable person after all.