Screw the Temptations and Gloria Allred

There’s a bit of a buzz going around in the tv news media bemoaning the fact the Tiger made no apology to his various alleged mistresses as well as one Gloria Allred (surprise, surprise) news conference to make that case for one of her clients.

Hey look you ugly manhating douchbag. Your hussy client and the other temptations played there part as well in the adulteries that threatened and compromised the quality of the lives of those in Tiger’s family .

They all knew that Tiger belonged to someone else. They all knew that Tiger had kids. They all kept discrete about it until the media broke the news.

Cry me a river girls.

If anything, they need to apologize to Elin and family as well.

I think the phrase is

It takes two to tango.

No, these people are not victims, they could have said no, they could have said bugger off, they could have refused. They chose not to. The only victims I see here are the Woods family, his wife and kids. Further, if all the rest are now running to attorneys and book publishers and TV interviewers, they are clearly in it for the money.

The press conference she and her client gave a couple of weeks ago (about the “mistress collection” golf balls) was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen in my life. I cannot fathom how both of them managed to keep a straight face while saying things so utterly ridiculous.

It’s a bit long for modern attention spans (9:40), but I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of unintended laughter.

Waitaminute. . .Tiger fooled around with David Ruffin also?

Holy fucking shit.

Now that’s just nasty! DR being dead and all.

What do you think killed him?

Let’s play Clue…

It was Mrs Woods, in the study, with a golf club :smiley:

What is the red haired alien puppet person in that video?

That good?

Allred is a glorified ambulance chaser. She goes after female political and celebrity clients for all they are worth.
What would Tiger owe her an apology for? Did she get aids or clap?

Gloria’s not my type, but her daughter is Lisa Bloom, whom I would screw bowlegged.

Allred isn’t claiming that Woods owes her an apology, she’s representing his porn star former girlfriend who claims that he owes her an apology. My guess is they’re angling for a payoff of some sort by claiming that he damaged her reputation. :rolleyes:

Ummmm, OK,

She fucks for money and now wants to ahem fuck him for more money. :rolleyes:

I should have said why does he owe her client an apology. Sorry. But he does not. How bad would you have to be to sully the reputation of a porn star?

Wow, that’s quite a press conference. And you’re right I did laugh out loud. Thanks!

I agree. In fact I would go further, and say all of his mistresses owe Elin an apology for fucking a married man.

It was a business decision. If they can take him away from Elin, they are on easy street. If not, they get a guy who will spend a ton of money taking care of her. It was not for love.

Apparently the product being complained of is a Ball of Confusion.

Unlike some pretenders, the Temps actually COULD dance just as good as they walked.