SDMB Photo Thread - Show us a photo!

@Treppenwitz @panache45 @SenorBeef Those are all awesome! I love fireworks.

This is my favorite place in the whole world; I don’t know that I will ever see it again.

Where is that place?

It’s got to be Havasu Falls…

Here’s a polar bear at the Bronx Zoo:



Rock Bear.

I took this picture at American Soil and Stone in Richmond, CA.

Ha! I label my photos randomly just to confound people!


Indeed, that is Havasu Falls which is located within the Havasupai Reservation. Havasu Canyon is the most beautiful place on the planet. I am privileged beyond words to have spent roughly 50 days of my life there.

Damn! I spent five days in the Grand Canyon, but never made it to Havasu Canyon.

From today, another one of my point-and-shoots:

Google Photos


ETA - just editing to see if less is cut off the bottom when I repost.

Nope, it ain’t working. click to see more.

The squirrels have Netflix

The Gate to Valhalla has a postal box.

Then how come Thor hasn’t answered a single one of my petters?

I notice the tree next to it is a big ‘V’ as well.

Cool pic.

I took this in west Oakland, CA.

This grackle wants to speak to the manager.


That’s not a tree. That is the fingers of a buried dead Finnish troll extended up out of the ground and made into a peace sign.

That’s excellent!

The two pics together make me wanna either write a ludicrous fantasy novel or simply find more cool examples of similar entrances to make a ludicrous coffee table book.

Today I saw this:

I stand corrected. Great image.