Serious Doper Crush Question

Which Doper could you see yourself not just flirting with (and engaging in typical DopeFest debauchery with), but you could seriously see you and the other Doper really dating in real life? I mean, if their spouse (or SO) didn’t exist, there was no long-distance relationship danger. Assuming you lived in the same town, and were both single, what Dope would you actually want to be involved with?



quietgirldown… er, wait. Already am. :wink:

No question, MrC, or Manservant Hecubus, whatever you want to call him.

If I wasn’t married and he didn’t live so far away…well… :wink:
I bet we’re a rocking couple in another dimension :slight_smile:

he hasn’t posted here for awhile, but


maybe pezpunk

Well, as much as I hate bandwagon-jumping, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that, after meeting her IRL at two different Dopefests, I could see jarbabyj and I as an item.

iampunha too

No one would put up with me for that long, man.

Oh… I get it! Good enough to flirt with, but not good enough to date, HUH? :mad:

::scribbling Superdude off list::

Ahem In no particular order (whoever snapped me up first):


and of course the ever-lovely Nocturne

Though, now that I’m thinking about it, I wouldn’t mind giving Punha or TheNerd a go… :smiley:


I haven’t met a female doper I WOULDN’T date. Too bad so many of them are married or otherwise engaged. It’s looking like I may make the Mega-Dopefest in January (here in NYC). I’m guessing much debauchery will be had by all . . .but, I’ve given up on long term relationships for a while. I recently ended a three year relationship and I’m just looking for fun without serious commitment these days.

I don’t want to go through any more “How come you won’t marry me and have kids?” coversations any time in the next decade. I’m just not ready, and those topics always end up coming up after you date someone seriously for a while.

DaLovin’ Dj

The reason (and the ONLY reason. Believe me) that I didn’t mention you, love, is because you and I have never met face to face. That was one of the standards by which I was making my decision. That’s not to say that I couldn’t see you and I.

As much as I like jarbabyj[sub]and who doesn’t?[/sub], it would have to be gaudere.
I could say more but…c’est la vie eh?

This thread gives me the opportunity to say that this site provides proof positive that there are witty, kind women out there besides my gf. God forbid I should meet any in real life. :frowning: I swear, besides my gf where am I gonna get the opportunity to talk with such intelligent, charming, witty girls as those who collectively make up the “better half” of the SDMB?

Gotta be Uncle Rue because he makes me laugh till I’m in tears and because he gave me a special nickname… But even if all the family and distance impediments were removed, he’s so much younger than I - poor dear just couldn’t keep up, I fear!


I have my Special Friends:
Snickers (I could lie about my age!)
scout (who just doesn’t e-mail me anymore. I guess she’s over me.)

Ellen (The Brown Eyed Girl)
Ice Wolf
Bad News Babboon
The ever-lovely Ginger (of the Spaceways)…

This isn’t a complete list. It’s just getting too long and makes me look cheap. Or tawdry. I think I’m interested in any Dopette interested in boys. At least part-time.
-Rue. (who just may be easy)

awww shucks, I am flattered. Very flattered. I agree Vanilla seems like someone I could see getting to know. Though I really agree with Hamadryad as well. I am a pain in the ass. Perhaps thats why you gave me a ‘maybe pezpunk’?

I would also add as possibilities Bad News Baboon because she has the same twisted sense of humor as myself, and Nacho4sara because she is such a sweet girl. Great taste in music too.

Well, my dear Superdude. <who apparently doesn’t want to flirt with me anyway pout> How in the world do I answer this? If you’re truly asking seriously, then my serious answer would have to be yes. There are one or two I would most definitely like to get with, if I were free to do so. Naming them? Nope. Can’t do that. Not on my life. Hubby lurks a lot more than he posts, and I would never even consider hurting his feelings that way. Mute point anyway, since I will never leave him.

Not even for the major dreamboats on this board. drool

Now, in a lighthearted way, as an ‘I’d really love to hang out and get to know you better and flirt like crazy too’ kind of way I offer up these names in no particular order:

Tygr<anyone who loves ‘linguistic exercises’ that much…Mmmmm…>
Rue<not tellin’>
VB<well, ok, I already know him IRL, still, he’s cool to hang out with, with a killer smile and wicked eyes>
SuperDude<still a cutie>
pipefitter<miss you, pal>
Ogre<gives great hugs>
JimB<any guy willing to stay up all night to keep the nightmares away and gives great hugs too, well, whoo!>
OK, ok, this list will get too long very quickly. I’d better stop before I shock some dopers. [sub]like Paddy and…[/sub] :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Aw, thanks, purplebear. The reason I’ve never properly flirted with you, my dear, is that I knew you were happily attached, and would never dream of disturbing that. However, now that I know you want me to, I shall. ;p