sex question for the guys

My husband won’t let me do anything to his butthole. He says it’s a “guy thing”. I’ve known other guys who were’nt crazy about the idea, but enjoyed it once they tried it. I’m not talking about strappin’ one on and rammin’ it home. Just licking and fingering.
I tried to sneak up on it once and my tongue was bruised for days.

So…my question is: How do you feel about having your backdoor played with?

Two words: Exit Only.

If he’s not comfortable with it, don’t do it.

That said, there are probably many guys who aren’t comfortable with it, but would like it if they tried it.

Me? I don’t think it would be my cup of tea, but I’d be willing to try it figure that out for sure.

It can be very good.

God I love this place…

:slight_smile: Just like to say that im a gay man and i think that ur husband dosnt know what he’s missing although im a top …but i know that i feels good and that i think he should try it, its not like ur going to hurt him …im sure u’ll be gentle with him. if it’s any help our bodys can handle almost anything and if we were ment to go one way then why does it feel so good … hope that helps and i guess i just opened a can of worms but im a big boy and can handle it … ttfn baltotop :cool: :wink:

Of course he’s not going to go for it if you call it his “butthole”. You gotta be creative. You can stick with old staples like “hershey highway” or “poop chute”, but for a definite success, refer to it with some cutesy nickname, like “Captain Sphinctercus” or “Lord Clenchy”.

There have been quite a few threads related to the prostate gland and the mind blowing sensation that comes with having it stimulated. I’m a heterosexual male and my SO, like you, likes to experiment. Suffice it to say that my backdoor now swings both ways.

I’m straight, and I love having it licked. Having your SO give you a handjob while tonguing your BH is awesome.
I also like having my prostate stimulated. It is the most mindblowing orgasm you will ever have. Did you see the movie “Road Trip” and remember the scene where the nurse gave him the finger treatment? Well, you really will make noises like that. It is too intense to do very often though.
One thing I have found is that girls try to do it too hard or too fast. Remember we aren’t used to being penetrated, so go easy and use lube. Just a little motion goes a long way.
Guys who think that if they get any pleasure from their butt they must be gay are sadly missing out on a lot of pleasure.
One thing you can tell him to get him to try it is when you rub his prostate his dick will get bigger than usual, i’d say about 25% bigger. Anything else you want to know?

Lord Clenchy? I like that one…
I dunno, for me that area is off limits. It’s gross. I see what comes out of it and the thought of anyone touching or licking it really turns my stomach. So if he says no, then believe him. Maybe it’s just the thought, and maybe there is some sort of pleasure center down there, but I can’t get past the imagery.

Heck, I’ll try anything once.

Well, almost anything.

I’ve never had anyone even try that with me but let me ask you something.
Does he play with yours?

If he won’t play with yours he may think that its really dirty (bad dirty not good dirty) and he really dosen’t want to get poop on you.

After all he probably says ‘Kiss my ass’ to people he does not like.

Once you get him over the mental hurdle, if that’s possible, you have to be very gentle and very well lubed. You might want to employ something like Astroglide (should be available at your local drug mart) instead of just licking your finger. The slightest friction or dryness is nothing but painful. You probably shouldn’t even go for the prostate the first time. Just a little in-out should indicate the future of this endeavour.

Psychologically, I associate the back door too much with digestion, spicy meals that were regreted later in the day, and vicious la du zi (Chinese for diarrhea). Any woman who has a desire to apply her tongue to this utility that has suffered so much and worked so hard to provide me relief in those trying of times from nature’s most bacterialy active moments, is out of her mind. I cannot fathom kissing her afterwards, nor doing anything involving her tongue or mine. And also, yelling the standard slang of “awww shit!” will just take on a whole nother meaning of which I have no desire to take on.

This is her saying: “I wanna lick your asshole you dirty boy!”
This is me saying: “Well, my dick just went limp, let’s pop in a movie.”

Yes, he does.

Well, I had a girlfriend a while back who wanted to try it. It was a condition of me getting to try anal sex, so how could I refuse? Turns out that it wasn’t half-bad, though it never became a staple in our bedroom.

I think your guy has some homophobia kicking there. Just tell him that it doesn’t make him gay and that you won’t ever, under any circumstances, tell his friends or yours.

–==the sax man==–

I’m a little shit-phobic, I admit it. Shit is gross, like the worst thing there is.

I recently started seeing this woman who told me she always wondered what it would be like to be rimmed. She’s very pro-cleanliness, but the idea is a little strange to me, even minus the possibility of shit being involved. She also asked me if I would like it done to me, to which I was like “Umm… I don’t know, I don’t think so…” in a real non-committal sort of way.

So some here would probably suggest I get over my shit-phobia and go wild, I guess. I am definitely curious about the prostate stimulation thing. Twenty-five percent bigger?!? You gotta be kidding me.

However, using the expressions “Hershey Highway”, “poop-chute”, or “Lord Clenchy” would definitely be a deal-breaker.

I guess that depends on whether I’ve had dinner or not. Before dinner, no, after dinner, what the hell.

I had sex with this one guy that was totally into me fingering his butt when I was giving him oral. He said that his orgasm reaches a whole new level. No pun intended. He even went to the extreme and broke out the butt plug. He obviously knew exactly what he liked no matter what others thought. The butt plug was a little over the top, but I went along with it.

If a guy wants me to do this, be it licking or a little finger action, it doesn’t gross me out. I usually hint that I like it, but when asking a guy if he likes his ass being played with, it’s just a little uncomfortable when they say “hell fucking no”. So I don’t ask. I do hint around alot. This is how I found out about the butt plug guy. I love it when guys are willing to try something new. If it doesn’t work, then hey, don’t do it again. At least keep an open mind.

I’m willing to do a lot of strange shit, but having my pooper played with isn’t one of them (get the pun?) I’m not homophobic, I’m just against playing with my refuse. It’s just gross to me. I don’t see anything wrong with anyone else doing it, but the thought makes Mr. Lov’n’play head south for the winter.