Shame on those that refuse the vaccine

This is bullshit and you know it.

Yes there are. Died in an accident and within 30 days of covid so they died of covid. My friend who deals with estates of dead people for familes has literally seen one certificate which said this.

What about the thousands of people who died while they technically ’ had covid’ but not because of it. Did they die of covid?! No.

How is this a response to what I asked you?

Based on what professional and/or academic capacity do you dismiss what myriad medical scientists and health professionals are recommending with regards to the best way to address this global pandemic?

Explain it to me like I’m “an ignorant 10 year old” why I should accept your word and ignore those who’ve made it their life’s work to understand and prevent spread of viral disease.

No, it isn’t. Just because you don’t know. You died within 30 days of eating a bad tasting sandwich you must have died of food poisoning?

Anecdotes do not equal data, particular when it’s one anecdote related thirdhand.

Not sure which is the more unbelievable statement: that people who die in car accidents are being listed as dying of Covid, or the idea that you have friends.

Is your friend a medical professional with access to this person’s medical file?

Well, then, I look forward to reading your richly deserved angry denunciations of the MAGAtroid propaganda mills that have been sabotaging efforts to contain the pandemic and thereby prolonging the overloading of the nation’s medical infrastructure.

I keep seeing posts bashing people who don’t want to take the vaccine on here. They’re ignorant according to you all.
The thing is ‘anti vaccers’ can see where you are coming from, and don’t care if you want the vaccine or your reason to take it.
You all don’t understand why people don’t want to take the vaccine, so by definition you are ignorant, not vice versa.

Maybe don’t spout bullshit posts bashing people because they don’t necessarily agree with you.

You have no idea what reasons people have for not wanting the vaccine. Get your vaccine and be happy there is an option, be grateful to everyone who has attempted to keep the world running while you’ve been at home isolating and getting paid.

He just told me they died through an accident and covid was put down as the cause of death according to the family.

It’s a fact that thousands of people have died for unrelated reasons and their deaths have been atrrivuted to covid, because 30 days. This skews the numbers all over the place. How can you trust any statistics when this is the case.

Let me perfectly clear:

WE have explained why people should get a vaccine.

YOU have failed to explain why it’s reasonable for people to refuse to get a vaccine.

No. Read.
I already said that for younger people the vaccine side effects are more of a risk than a very probably symptomless bout of covid.

So there’s one reason.

Anyone with any intelligence and without tunnel vision is going to have a general mistrust of the government and how covid has been handled, this just extends to the vaccine. This is why most people don’t want It I suspect.

You can keep arguing but actually you can’t state any good reason for everyone to get the vaccine, it’s just your opinion but you see it is a fact.

That’s pretty easy refuted. For example in Alaska:

So he doesn’t know and neither do you.

What is this 30 days thing you keep talking about? Can you provide any evidence to support your claim that people who were reported as having died of COVID related complications did not die of COVID related complications?

Sure we do. They’re ignorant suckers who believe transparent lies like, “People who die in auto accidents are being listed as covid fatalities.” They’re low status losers who don’t have much going for them except an unearned feeling of superiority to people who are actually accomplished. They’re selfish assholes who don’t care how their actions impact anyone else so long as they aren’t personally inconvenienced.

It’s not hard to sus you people out. You’re about as deep as a cookie sheet.

According to this article:

During June, every person who died of COVID-19 in Maryland was unvaccinated, according to a spokesperson for the governor’s office.

Is that a good reason?

Or a stream of unconsciousness.

That’s wonderful.
You haven’t addressed what I said in that post about the people who have passed away while having covid, I’m not talking about the car accidents. Just people who died in hospital within 30 dags of getting covid. Thousands of people with covid on the certificate.

A new wave of infections caused by the Delta variant has caused COVID-19 case counts to climb again in the US after months of steady decline. Demand for vaccines has waned with just 48% of the population fully vaccinated, and health officials are now going door-to-door in some areas to increase coverage. Exhausted hospital workers are bracing for another surge of patients. The majority of cases are now in young adults, a group that’s been less likely to be vaccinated. Health officials are keeping a close eye on breakthrough infections and transmission in people who are fully vaccinated. Most serious cases of COVID-19 now are in people who have declined to be vaccinated.

Of the 61 patients between the ages of 16 and 30 who had only been mildly ill, 32 (52%) continued to have symptoms at six months, including loss of taste and smell (28%), fatigue (21%), trouble breathing (13%), impaired cognition (13%) and memory problems (11%).

In a small study of ECGs on National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II athletes, those who had been infected with COVID-19 had a prolonged PR interval compared with matched athletes who had not been infected.

What does it have to do with you or society as a whole?
Most people die of lung cancer are smokers, too.

The issue with ‘anti vaccer’ bashing I thought was because it floods the health care system if selfish unvaccinated people take up hospital beds. NHS is not overrun, and won’t be now with all the people vaccinated. It will only get easier from now. Same with other health care.

If any time was logical for a mandatory vaccine it was last year, when there wasn’t a vaccine.

So why are you trying to say everyone should get the vaccine?