Shame on those that refuse the vaccine

I know it’s too alien a concept to be a healthy person relying on your immune system…

He knows more than you, from what the family told him. I can ask him now but it won’t change your mind on anything will it.
Look at how the numbers have been wrong from the beginning because of dodgy statistics. Or don’t.

Accomplished like an Internet mod. You don’t even know me you ignorant American prick

Nah, it’s because they kill other people.

I know that you’re either deliberately lying about covid, or too stupid to tell when someone is lying to you about it.

In my county alone, several children under the age of 2 died from COVID, along with a number of older children, teenagers, and previously perfectly healthy adults. Multiply that by however many counties there are in the country with a similar population density.

Since you claim to care about people with cancer:

I know you’re not going to believe me, but the last time I got a flu shot it gave me the flu. Why should I take the risk of getting covid just to make you feel better?
Another thing, over 35% of people who got the covid shot are getting the delta variant, so what’s the point of getting vaccinated at all?

This is a good example of the lack of reasoning among the anti-vax crowd.

You didn’t get the flu from the shot. You already had the flu when you got the shot, but hadn’t had it long enough to develop symptoms yet.

Because 99% of the people dying of delta are unvaccinated.

Are you sure it’s not “35% of people who get the Delta variant are already vaccinated”?

Because the pandemic is not any better this year than it was last year. The only reason we’re seeing less deaths and infections is because we have a vaccine this year. In countries where they don’t have a vaccine available, the infection rates and death rates continue to grow.

What is wrong with your thinking? You’re not even making any sense.

So they told him, and he told you. That’s your “evidence”? Somebody told somebody told somebody told you…

What fucking numbers? What are you talking about?

You would think so. I, personally, relied on my immune system, by getting the vaccine. But over half of the country doesn’t trust their immune systems enough to take that simple, basic, and obvious measure.

I think of myself as young (although I’m really not) and invincible (although I’m really not). I don’t get sick often, and when I do, it hits others in the household much harder than it hits me. I trust my immune system for me.

I also realize that I’m not the only person living in my house, my neighborhood, my town, my state, my country, my world. I actually did NOT get the vaccine as early as possible because I am able to work from home and was able to socially distance well at other times. I DID get the vaccine - not because I am worried about the effects of COVID-19, but because the more people that get vaccinated, the less the virus can spread; the fewer people in my world, my country, my state, my town, my neighborhood, my house that would contract the virus and possibly die.

People who are not vaccinated but have the opportunity are selfish.

Well, let’s suppose you’re right. How do you explain the large increase in deaths for 2020? Surge of car accidents?

In 2015, we had 2,712,630 deaths; 2016 we had 2,744,248 deaths; 2017 we had 2,813,503 deaths; 2018, we had 2,839,205 deaths; in 2019, we had 2,854, 838 deaths.

What do you suppose, in a normal year, we’d expect for 2020? Somewhere around 2,900,000, right?

The provisional number for 2020 is 3,358,814.

That’s a mightylot of extra dead people to account for, if COVID ain’t to blame. Real unlucky we were, I guess. Lots of car accidents. Or are you just gonna say the books were cooked and those numbers are fake? I suppose the latter, because the CDC figures don’t align with your version or reality.

Whatever. I ain’t changing your mind. I don’t care.

The flu is a virus. Flu vaccines are usually inactivated virus. You can’t get the flu from an inactivated virus. The most you can get is a reaction from your immune system being stimulated. The covid vaccines available in the US and UK are not even the whole virus. It’s impossible to get covid from those vaccines.

This is patently false. The estimates of infected people in the US during the whole pandemic is not even that high. Where did you get that number?

Anyhow, this is the conversation I’m actually interested in.

I really don’t think there’s much you can do other than perhaps extend some kind of “carrots” to get her vaccinated. I’m not sure what they would be in your case. I don’t think begging, pleading, or informing more is going to do much at this point; as you noticed, if you do counter her, she digs her heels in, and, like you said, it does no good. So I’d say, you acknowledge her fear, and you don’t come at her in any manner than can be construed as aggressive, as it’ll just get her on the defensive. People don’t listen when they’re on the defensive.

My parents are in the same boat, and they’re in their late 60s and early 70s. I’ve accepted there’s nothing I can do. They have the info. They know how I feel. They have freaking medical professionals in the family who are all vaxxed and extol the virtues of vaxxing; they have had relatives come down with COVID; they know a good friend of mine’s mom died of COVID and my daycare caregivers were hospitalized with it, including one who was intubated for two weeks (she was in her 30s). They take all the precautions. They just don’t want to get the vaccine. What can I possibly do? The best I can do is sit back, be non-judgmental of them, be here for them if they come to me with actual questions and not a right wing scare story of the week, and hope for the best. There’s not much more I can do, and pushing back more will make them even less likely to come around. They have to do it themselves. It sucks, but I can’t control them and I have to mind my own physical and mental health.

Some years the have a nasal one, which is usually a live, weakened virus. (It shouldn’t cause flu, anyway). But for the regular shot? It’s inactivated. If you got the actual flu, it most likely means you just would have gotten the flu anyway, as you were exposed to it just before or around the time you got your shot, and the vaccine was ineffective, or the flu had already taken hold. Statistically, that’s going to happen to a good number of people, anyway. It’s coincidence that it happened around the time you got the vaccine. Like I said, purely by chance, it is expected to happen to some people.

There is plenty of shame to go round. IMO the real fuck you goes to those who made the conscious decision to make basic health science (vaccines, masks, social distancing, etc.) a party-political issue, knowing full well it would kill people.

There was always going to be a solid minority who refused to get vaccinated but this kind of thing, was the result of a conscious decision by the GOP to politicize Covid. And if there was any justice, at very least those responsible would never see any elected office from a dog-catcher on up because of it (of course they will, but they shouldn’t):

I truly feel for you. It would break my heart if my husband refused to get vaccinated and then I lost him to Covid. I sure do hope you end up convincing her.